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Poems On / About TRUST  10/31/2014 5:25:08 AM
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break down on her way

i sleep at night and dream of you coming back to me i love you
i wish i could help you some how im not sure how
it is my fault
all i know is that your gone to place ill never be i love you your the best i hope you return to my arms again soon love Lisa bray and Kristina Knapp

its not u i dont even trust my family bc the one i did trust the most let me down big time she was my hero but she turnd out to be what i look in the mirror and hate what i see that makes me not trust
Lisa Bray

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Betrayed I'll tell you what it is
Trusting you
You turning on me

I trusted you
I told you everything
Nothing is what it seemed

You fooled me
You used me
You mocked me
You suffocated me
You betrayed me

How dare you
How dare I trust you?
Despite what everyone had to say
I should have known it would end this way

This is all I have to say

Best friend

Trinidad Villafranca

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We didnt use the word 'trust'
No it was too mature,
for me and you,
You couldnt ever 'trust' me,
but it didnt matter,
we stuck it out & made it,
last 'forever' it seemed,
Then one day i acted out,
Our lack of trust,
Thats when it came crashing down,
We fell together, tears
Forever no more,
No no forever was just a word,
Forever didnt include us,
We'd got everything else,
Again it ended,
Forever, Forever,
Memories stay,
pilar killeen

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What is love? 2

What is love
Love is the gentle touch with a hint of passion and a soft sprinkle of lust
Love is trust

Love is holding hands ever so gently under the moonlight
Love is trust

Love is staring so intently into your lovers eyes with the feeling that,
this is so right
Love is a sweet walk in the park with that special someone
Love is pain, pleasure and everything nice
Love is trust

Love is loving and caring for you in a very special way
Love is remembering the simple and special things we do and say
Love is remembering how sweet you are and wishing you
a happy valentine's day
Hayley Foster

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Poems On / About TRUST