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Poems On / About TRUST  11/23/2014 8:16:48 AM
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I can trust you

At first
I thought
I was alone

At first
I thought
that I couldn't trust anyone

At first
my depression hung heavily
over my head

At first
I thought
nobody cared

At first
I thought
I would never tell anybody

I know
you're a friend

I know
that I can trust you

I can
let it all out

let it all out

the depression
is lifting

All because
I can trust you

Thank you ZES
Annie Janine

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dose it matter

i sit, wait, and wonder
why dose a the seed not grow
i water and water it all day long
i care and love it
but it dose not grow

dose it matter

i really wish it would take the water
wish it would take my care and water
but no it will not
it will not grow
it will lay, wait and wonder
why i am around
why i am here

trusting someone can be hard and hurtful
but when you trust someone and they dont trust you
the pain in worse
Thai Hood

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Here You Go

a holiday for you
a break from insanity
a path away from lies
but it's only a holiday on your end
'cause i have thoughts that give me goosebumps
and dreams that aren't worthy of being called dreams
i wish for pain from a razorblade
i cry invisable tears
i'm keeping a relationship together
with pieces of paper and pen
i've decided to trust no one
yet still say what is on my mind
only one person can trust and believe me
and them, i try to trust
so everyday i will go on
with goosebumps
dreaming those 'dreams'
wanting the pain from a razorblade
and i will most likely
keep crying
these invisable tears
Lauren Phillips

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Trust Me

I knew the truth about me
Without any facts
I knew things would turn
Bad luck always comes back
I fell for the lies
Thinking someone could care about me
Still I didn't feel right
Until things become clear
Before you, I was sad and dejected
With you, I almost started to smile
Because of you, broken by picture
Trust me, I've been here
I let myself fall
Trust me
Nobody loves me at all
The worst is over now
I make myself bleed
My mood doesn't let me feel pain
But blood is everywhere, just like rain
I'm going away now
Trust me, it's for the best.
Victor Osorio

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