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Poems On / About TRUST  7/12/2014 6:16:28 PM
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Love, Hope And Trust

The World Was Amazing
Now It All Turns To Dust,
For What I Have Is Nothing
No Love Hope Or Trust!

You Where The One
So I Seem To Think,
Now Its All Gone
All Within A Wink

No Rest for The Wicked
No Hope For The Good,
No Love for The Lovers
Nothing Ever Good

The Day People Get My Trust
Is The Day Everything Goes Good,
The World Will Be A Better Place
With Love Hope And trust!
Steven M A Reynolds

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Friendship mean everything
To girl
Friendship are trun
Friendship mean everything
to me
I have friendship with my
friend that i trust
Friendship are imporant
to me that i trust in
the world
Friendship and friendship
trust each other in the world
and be nice
tenneh passawe

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The taste of someone that never fades
Like a million exotic shades
of red
But with love comes lust
And with lust comes hate
And with hate comes a million shades
of red
And after all that envy and distrust
Comes a new love
A love almost too pure to trust
A love that is greater than love
A love for ourselves, us
And with this love comes understanding
And with understanding comes trust
And with trust comes freedom
And with freedom comes a mind never to be mislead
And with that comes peace
Like a million exotic shades
of red
Chey King

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one thing in a friendship that is a must
is a strong bonding of faith and trust
once if you be truthful
i will be grateful
i will respect you forever my friend
whatever happens till the end
don't get me wrong
it is not that i don't trust you
but this trust in my life is something very new
i need time to make this emotion strong and just
until then my friend
judge me and my personality
and mark me if i have a cheap mentality
if you are right
o my dear friend
whatever the judgment is
i will respect you till the end..
Kriti jalan

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Poems On / About TRUST