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You Don'T Know Me

You don’t know me, and don’t understand the things I feel. You don’t know what I need and see. You don’t know the pain I feel, you don’t know what my hearts song sings. You don’t know if I’m happy or if I’m normal. You don’t know if I love, trust, or even care. No one knows or know how to understand a girl that seems fine, but not know it’s only a mask. No one understands that I need comfort, or that I see a shattering darkness that holds me from the light. No one knows that I hurt so bad I want to die and disappear.
No one knows that my heart sings the lowest and darkest tune, that it’s the darkest black. No one knows I pretend to smile and show that I’m nowhere close to being normal. No one knows that I madly love my family, . friends, and animals. No one knows I trust more than I should. No one will ever know what I am and wanted to be, not even when I’m dead and gone. By: Samantha Willison
samantha willison

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Trevor Keep Your Head Up...

Trevor i wouldn't never thought that me and you would be come bestfriends.. Trevor when i am down you bring me up..you put a smile on my face..why do life have to be like this...why it feel like everybody want me to be something i'm not...Trevor why do it seem like i knew you my whole life..Trevor tell me why do you trust me so much...Trevor I'm sorry that you told me to keep my head up but i gave up...Trevor why do people do the ones that always been there them wrong like you and me why do they do us so wrong...Trevor why do it feel like i am giving up on everything...why do it feel nobody cares about me...Trevor i pray for you and me but sometimes it seems like GOD not answering...why do people try to tell me that my life is not hard...well they need to wlk 5 miles in my shoes than tell me that my life is not hard..Trevor why when i told you to keep your head up you did but when you told me i gave up..Trevor why every night i pray to GOD and tell him i wish you was my real brother...Why do i trust you so much...why do ho3z have to hate on us...why do these lil azz boys have to hate on us...But all i have to say is keep your head up and stay strong i am always going to be there for you.....love you always
Angel Wade

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Sins Heinous

I had posted a poem with a very personal event touching upon my thoughts explained below. I have now removed the words of the poem on request, but, I want to convey the message.
Please, think much, before holding back your smile, hug, love, trust, word of comfort, support, care or anything from any person, he or she may be in such dire need and may even be on the brink of death, our harsh word, thoughtless action or careless deed may become a reason for their wrong decisions in life - be it a rebellious act, a criminal act, taking to addictions or even ending life! So, beware of words said and unsaid, too!

[our inactions, the support, care & love which we fail to give, the smile, the trust which we fail to share leads to the destruction, devastation or sometimes even to the extreme of death of some lives – some we may know and realize our fault and many unknown, obscure merge with the darkness in our mind, we forget and we live. Let us try to do our little bit in making someone’s life happy, purposeful and alive! ]
Angelina Pandian

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Have you ever had so much pain and suffering that you just wanted to fly away?
or ever had so much hurt that you just couldn't breath even if you tried. Have you ever caused destruction cause you didn't know how to reacted to you suffering. have you ever had been pushed to a breaking point and thought a blade was the answer. trust me your not week you just don't know how to forget it and leave it behind. you think I don't know but I do, just trust me. breath in close your eyes breath out and forget it all. just fly away, punch a pillow, go to a forest away from any civilization and scream.

cause forgetting is a hole lot better then living in the moment
Melissa Schreuder

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