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Best Poems About / On TRUST
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Words Of Trust - Bo-Edward Lawrence

Some people can say many words.
to hide the truth, but it only takes a few words to tell the truth..
lies can be mistaken, but the truth will never be. You can hold on to love and hold onto trust, but trust is as simple as a mirror. once it’s broken, it can never be put back together as perfect as it once was..' -Bo-Edward Lawrence
Bo Edward Lawrence

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Love Is...

Love is emotional, to those who care. Love is a dream, to those who are willing to dream. Love is wild, you can't tame it. Love is a journey, as long as your willing to climb you will get there. Love is found, as long as your looking. Love is needed, by those who are willing to hold on to it. Love is tireind, because you have to workhard for it. Love is magical, you just have to believe its there. Love is trust, because you have to trust yourself to love. Love is fustrating, because it takes patients to deal with it. Love is a musical, because its the music of your life. Love is feeling alive, because when you find it you feel alive. Love is stars, because when your in love thats what you see. Love is invisable, to those who aren't looking for it. Love is enchanting, because once you have found that love in that one special person; who captures your love and you his then its enchating to be loved. Love is immortal, because it last forever. Love is never giving up, because you work and work at it. Love is home, because you can always follow it home. Love is a chance, because you don't get to many of them. Love is fighting, because you fight for what you want and for that love you have and share. ALL IN ALL WHAT IS LOVE, LOVE IS AL THE ABOVE AND MORE WHEN YOU CHERISH THOSE TIMES; THOSE MOMENTS YOUR LIFE AND YOUR MEMORIES THATS LOVE TO ME...
Charmaine Taylor

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My Soul And Its Different Worlds

Your love is what kept me your faith is what set me free your trust I earned and lost we were friends and now we are enemies one day you said I would end up as your wife you trusted me with you love and with your life but we have drifted and are now in separate worlds we aren’t friends we aren’t lovers we are just people who once loved and lost.

We can never be friends we can never be what we once were. We are just people who have lost what we tried to gain and have lost too much. Now as we go our separate ways let us always remember when. For you it may be best to just never look back, or it may be you way of letting go.

You were more of a bodyguard than friend. You never let me defend my self or stand up for what I though was right you treated me like a delicate flower that bruised easily but I’m not I was strong from the start and I started growing weaker by the day. You will always be in my heart but you can never win it back.
Liz Bolton

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Who Are All My Love?

I love the one whom I trust.
I love the one whom I lust.
I love the one I can sway
And the one who trusts me.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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