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Poems On / About TRUST  8/29/2015 6:28:26 PM
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Our lust was the only trust we ever had.
That look in your eyes wasn't love.
It was only the death of another lie.
Trust being the lie of a truth we'll never understand
matt hartwell

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Sijo: Weighing In

I know my friend well enough to trust him with other hearts.
Albeit, I have misgivings about trusting him with my own.
Time is my best friend. I’ll take time measuring his wisdom.
Caryl Ramsdale

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She Said He Said

She told him she was scared, and nothing but unprepared. He told her he didn’t care, that all he wanted to do was love her. She told him it wasn’t the time, he pulled her close and whispered in her ear “I want you to be mine”. She told him your being a fool why can’t you just follow the rules? He told her rules were meant to be broken, promises were made just to try to believe. “I’m the boy who’ll keep you guessing, the one who only wants to love you no strings attached”. She pondered, as he waited for a response to come, there was something about this girl that drove him crazy. “Oh baby please just trust me, I could be your fantasy, everything you could ever need please don’t walk away, just stay” he said. She said you don’t get it I’m scared your words won’t be true that its nothing but a allusion, I don’t want to be a fool, a fool to fall for you. He said “it’s too late I’ve already fallen for you”, he told her “baby I can’t guarantee that everything I say will get you to trust me but I’m glad your skeptical about me, it means you care about yourself and not just me.” “But don’t you ever want to just jump just to feel the danger”
Alyssa Lynn

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You Don'T Know Me

You don’t know me, and don’t understand the things I feel. You don’t know what I need and see. You don’t know the pain I feel, you don’t know what my hearts song sings. You don’t know if I’m happy or if I’m normal. You don’t know if I love, trust, or even care. No one knows or know how to understand a girl that seems fine, but not know it’s only a mask. No one understands that I need comfort, or that I see a shattering darkness that holds me from the light. No one knows that I hurt so bad I want to die and disappear.
No one knows that my heart sings the lowest and darkest tune, that it’s the darkest black. No one knows I pretend to smile and show that I’m nowhere close to being normal. No one knows that I madly love my family, . friends, and animals. No one knows I trust more than I should. No one will ever know what I am and wanted to be, not even when I’m dead and gone. By: Samantha Willison
samantha willison

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