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Poems On / About TRUST  7/30/2014 2:01:21 AM
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I can trust you

At first
I thought
I was alone

At first
I thought
that I couldn't trust anyone

At first
my depression hung heavily
over my head

At first
I thought
nobody cared

At first
I thought
I would never tell anybody

I know
you're a friend

I know
that I can trust you

I can
let it all out

let it all out

the depression
is lifting

All because
I can trust you

Thank you ZES
Annie Janine

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Love's Benefits & Consequences

Love can be heaven,
Love can be hell,
Just don't let your love,
Get put in a cell,
Share It with Mom,
Share it with Dad,
Share it with a woman
Who won't make you sad,
But when you give that love,
Trust who you give it to,
You never know what that person
is going to put you through,
She'll give you the best days of your life,
Or she'll make you miserable for ever,
So trust me when I say
Love is something you should treasure,
So trust the one you love,
He or She may do two things,
Make your life full of sorrow,
Or make your heart sing!
DeAndre Parker

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I've been betrayed
I'm ill, ill of trust
I can't trust no one nomore
I can't trust myself

Doors slam
Slam back into my face

Friends aren't friends that betray you
They don't love me
They'd rather slave me
Slave me to another world

So lonely in this shatterd soul of mine
Give me the strength
I need to survive
claire miles

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The mistrust spread over the world
Where does it first unfurl
From what cocoon does it uncurl
Do fathers mistrust mothers
Do mothers mistrust fathers
Do fathers mistrust sons
Do mothers mistrust daughters
Do we trust our own selves
If trust is not found at home
If mistrust is the legacy of home
Then what hope have we
That trust will be
Born into this place
Love of self and self alone
Brings to us this bone of mistrust
And enfleshes to its birth.

Claude H Oliver II

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Poems On / About TRUST