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Poems On / About TRUST  8/29/2014 3:06:04 PM
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More than in the middle
so many I see
endless flecks
the sand at the sea.

Do this that the few
that are wise by the
time all is done
I am more than

I in my nativity thought
friends to trust
family to trust
learned others
to trust.

Yet all cannot be right for
the advise from all is

How does one so discern
when some of there motives
not all but some
border on an evil
than eve's garden
the snake did so ask.
Uloia Norris Moore

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Nine Months

It has been nine months
the time of my new life
born into world
not knowing
just trusting for love

I feel born again
a new life given to me
a new chance
in this unforgiving world
trusting you for love

I need to live this life
trusted upon me
by your love
not knowing what it will hold
embracing this love that fills me with
Pablo Loves Life

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I've been betrayed
I'm ill, ill of trust
I can't trust no one nomore
I can't trust myself

Doors slam
Slam back into my face

Friends aren't friends that betray you
They don't love me
They'd rather slave me
Slave me to another world

So lonely in this shatterd soul of mine
Give me the strength
I need to survive
claire miles

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Never Will It Happen to Me NEVER

I will no longer be let down
or broke by any
for I have learned
the only one you can depend on
the only one you can trust is yourself
it is sad
but for me it is true
sure I would love to have a select few in my life
that I would not have to be cautious around
but if I show a weakness
they will use it against me
they will use it to make me break
and I have vowed to myself
never to be broken again
so therefore
I will not trust those around me with my weaknesses
for they shall never see
I will only trust me
Scarlet .....

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Poems On / About TRUST