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Poems On / About TIME  2/11/2016 2:59:06 PM
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Best Poems About / On TIME
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Time to celebrate
Time to mourn
Time to live
Time to die
Time to reflect
Time to carry on
Time to cry
Time to smile
Time is all I've got
Time is passing by
Time was young and foolish
Time has turned old and wise
Time caught in messy spiderwebs
Time struggled to fly away
Time buried in some nameless grave
Time shot down to cold ocean floor
Time before time
Time after time
Richard Lam

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Varied and not unique is nature of time, like Divinity;
Time and Divinity are equally incomprehensible but understandable too;

Time is the flow of events minding its own business
It does not wait or care for us

Movement is time; revolution of earth round the sun is time
The rise and set of The Sun and The Moon is time
The series of happenings in the universe and cosmos is time;

Change is time; water changing to steam is time
Liquid solidifying is time
Energy at rest is time; energy in motion is time
Change relating to energy is time;

Becoming is time
Plant becoming tree is time
Greenwood tree becoming dead-wood is time
Flowering becoming vegetable is time
Vegetable becoming fruit is time
Ripe fruits falling on the ground, is time
The onset and change of seasons is time

The infant becoming little girl is time
Girl becoming youthful is time
Youthful woman becoming mother is time
Mother becoming grand-mother is time

Onset of puberty and cessation of ovum release is time;

Learning knowledge and gaining experience and insight is time
Recollecting, aching and forgetting is time
Things happening and their cessation is time
Becoming indebted, achieving laurels and getting fruits of action is time
Judging is time, judge is time;

The phases of moon is time the exhilaration and pains of heart is time
Memories, awareness, fears, anxieties
Forming past, present and future is time
The noise of actions is time
The poison of mental torture is time;

Is time’s passage a Straight Line? A Circle?

The cosmic dance of Lord Nataraja with Parvathi is time
The recline of Maha Vishnu at the end of creation is time
The creation by Chaturmukha Brahma, its sustenance and dissolution is time
The transformations of Goddess Sakti are time
Her volitions, urges, desire and Her Divine-Play is time

Just as Divinity is comprehended and experienced
Through plain and pure heart so is time experienced
And comprehended through pleasant and calm mind
Else time is half-understood incomprehension;

Personification of Peace, Silence and Bliss
And their nature is time
Intelligent Awareness is Divinity
Divine Observation is Time

Any process, activity or awareness
And their observation is time
Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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It΄s About Time

Time does come, ne'er to and fro
But no one knows where time doth go

Too often lost, but when sought can be found
Some claim that time makes the world go round

Time is an illusion, too often wasted
Time can be made, alas, not created

Time is money but can not be lent
Can not be brought, but can be spent

Time can comfort, Time can heal,
Not enough time, Is time real?

Man has searched throughout history
Just where time goes, still a mystery

Belongs to us all, and can be shared
Time has a value under endeared

Time on our hands, time to kill
Time is a teacher, you the pupil

There is a right time for everything
No time left, goes by, do something

Time changes things, time can tell
Time has no feelings, has no smell

There’s no time like time the present
Have the time of your life, cconsent

It’s a matter of time, before you realize
Time waits for no one, oh, how time flies
patricia dashwood

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Time, Baby... Just Time!

jail time, heroin time,
back alley shuffle time,
standing in the soup line time....
sleeping in old cars time,
day work, selling blood time,
lost your job, no work time,
lost your house, nowhere time....
get your school in prison time,
radical free thought time,
fighting against the man time...
bum a smoke, a cup of coffee time.
woman done gone, aint coming back time.
food stamps and unemployment time...
kick off your damn chains time.
forgive, and forgiven time...
stand up and fight time,
hands joining hands time...

time, baby... just time!
Eric Cockrell

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