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Poems On / About TIME  3/28/2015 10:58:12 AM
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Time it waits for no man
Time flies when you having fun
Time it drags sometimes
Time, in time, will we find
In time, will it ease our minds
Tia Maria

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A time to be born, a time to expire.
A time in between to set the world on fire.
A time to imagine, a time to mature.
A time to bring your love to the fore.
A time to cry for a love unreturned.
A time for a lesson sadly learned.
A time to move on and realize your dream.
A time to reflect on what might have been.
A time when you gave your offspring the best.
A time full of memories when they first flew the nest
A time to accept that youth's on the wane.
A time to slow down in accord with your brain.
A time to admit there had always been time.
A time when your time simply ran out out of time.
hugh everard

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It's About Time

Yesterday I was thinking about tomorrow,
and now tomorrow is today.
Today I need to save time to make time
'cause I don't have time to waste time.
I try to go back in time
searching for Aristotle, Isaac, Einstein,
and H.G. Wells with his timeless Time Machine.
Time is of the essence, they say, so I take a brief time out,
not knowing how much time I have
I fast forward to the future
wishing I could speak with Stephen
about how time changes things
and the time for every purpose.
If time stood still, perhaps it is the end of time,
or maybe it'd be the beginning of time, just what is time?

I only know time flies and now I'm out of time,
so, until next time,
Remember, time will tell.
Cindy Thacher

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A time to bury sorrow

A time for you and a time for me,
to be whatever, we choose to be;
to set our sights, to reach the peak,
to realize goals, we truly seek.

A time to dwell. on things long past,
a time to think, on things that last;
on family, friends and things that matter,
on things that endure and do not scattter.

A time to laugh and a time to weep,
a time for treasured things to keep;
a time for reflection on how we feel,
a time to mend and a time to heal.

A time to live and a time to die,
a time for joy and a time to cry;
a time to smile and a time for tears,
a time for God to calm our fears.

A time to despose of loved ones dead,
A time to get on with the day ahead;
To blot out death and face the 'morrow,
To clear the mind and bury sorrow.
david lessard

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