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Poems On / About TEACHER  11/30/2015 9:08:33 AM
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The Inspiration.

The mutual respect and love
Between the teacher and student
The great remembrance of the past
Is it eroding that I feel
Great ones are the teachers ever
They teaches the little one the life
Great ones are the teachers
They acts as life guides through teaching
Their service and friendship is highlighted
Through an inspiring teacher world prospers.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Little Sally Tue

Little Sally Tue while on her way to school
Ate the apple mother gave her for the teacher

Now Sally realized she might make her teacher cry
So she made a chocolate pie to appease her

With just a little mud- formed by giving it a hug
Chocolate pies are easy finds and quite a pleaser

In the school with boasting pride Sally gave the chocolate pie
On the desk, she set it down beside her teacher

Then, with fully open eyes the teacher looked to be surprised
As the children in the class began to tease her

Educators, they are wise- and their young mouths opened wide
When Sally got an 'A' for creative art from her teacher

Donald R Wolff JR

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A Day Away From School

Everyone hates school. From the little, minute kids to the huge bullies of the school. Oh how I would wish to just run away and never see the sight of the huge prison where children are hit and scared stiff.
I sat thinking in the ugly, uncomfortable chair the 'school' provided. What would I do first if I ever DID run away?
Well, that was obvious. I would do eveything which the monsters told me was bad for us. Ice-cream! I would go to the ice-cream van and buy the biggest cone of Freedom. Then I would tear all of my test and exam papers and throw them where they belonged. In the dustbin. Now, for the worst trick of all called 'The Student Speciality.'
I would take my pet mice from my room and put them in a box wrapped beautifully with a cute ribbon on top. Teachers are literally in love with beautiful boxes. I would then send it to the school headmistress. And then then the cruel woman would open it and what would she find? Mice. Mice all over her. Haha. That would teach her a lesson.
I would get all of my friends to join. I imagined all of us wearing our helmets and swords and our shield. I imagined all of us running towards the school like in a war. And CLUCK. There goes the Maths teacher's head. And now for the English teacher. The horrible, mean, rotten egg who has no mercy at all. I would find her and make her pay for the horrible time she gave us. Oh, how bliss life would be!
'Pay attention.' I jumped into the air. My rotten english teacher was on my head. Trouble. But I knew a day would come when I would have revenge. But for the time being I had no intention of getting detention. So I smiled and said in my sweetest voice, 'I'm sorry, miss. You look very pretty today.' The magic line. The typical line which makes teachers happy and smile. But not this one. She narrowed her eyes and looked at me like a piercing knife. But thankfully she thought I was telling the truth. She walked away with her big feet and I was left sniggering behind her.
No point in telling her that my friend had pinned a sign on her back which said, 'I'm a bully. A cruel mean gruesome monster.' Lets hope she goes like that during break time so that everyone could see the sign. My friend and I exchanged a malicious and cruel smile. I had the perfect plan as to what to do next to her. Put cockroaches on her table!
Bushra Shahid

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Back To School

Back to school is great and wonderful Simply because it's the movement from One's first house into one's second House greatly and wonderfully when any School opens its pretty gates to all Newcomers and to all who will resume, It's bringing one's schoolbag anytime With a great and lovely desire to be A pretty student, a pretty teacher, A pretty principal, and all other pretty Employees anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, Back to school always brings back love And all other kinds of co-operation and All other kinds of co-ordination among All students, all teachers, all employees, All parents, all friends, and all other Concerned people when the school opens Its pretty chest to receive all people, Back to school means that any school Opens its first and pretty page towards A happy, wonderful, and great year for All those who share school's pretty life. ______________________________________________________________________

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