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Poems On / About TEACHER  7/24/2016 11:17:49 PM
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The Teachers

The prophetic eyes of your Teacher
Could see your success in your life
Could guarantee your shining future
Could open the vistas in your life

Respect is the only thing They deserve
With witness, He is your well wisher
Your regards could make your future preserve
Aa! lead your dawns to the shinning noons through your Teachers

The things you do in life, could be more better
If you have a proper Teacher as your supporter
In front of your Teacher, for every moment,
To feather your nest, you have to ponder
God had given your future into the hands of your Teacher
You can serve Him to pick down your stars from the Heaven
amir khan

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For A Teacher

teacher o so wise all do cry of the
bounty sweet words flowing ever
from your lips.
teacher of the bright lights in Brazil
such students are thrilled by
your love of them.
teacher so skilled wayward the
path you haven chosen
to share.
teacher high in canopy tops from
the winds your hand does hold
the keys for tomorrow.
Teacher, its me now, I am full of you,
still you must teach me more, I wait..
Is It Poetry

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My Teacher

I hate my teacher
They give to much
They talk to much
When I get busted
I'm so mad
I'll talk back
They sent me to the principal
I'm so sad
My teachers so boring
I'm going to die
They bother me
I wish there were gone
But who will teach me?
Who'S going to make me reach my goal?
stephany mejia

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My Life

my name is cody almond an im 17 yrs old and mmy childhood was great until i met my stepdad rick he was ok until he became a cop and then it all started well its like this everytime i would get into trouble he would would take me in the garage and wep me with anything he could find and sometimes he would make me fight him and he has also killed me three or four times now i have a good my mom and aunt found my real dad and now i talk to him as often as i can im really glad i recently spent the summer up there i had so much fun wellb4 i went up there i transfered schools and ater a week i got expelled for flipping the teacher of but iinstead of the teacher seeing it the vice principal was in there observing and he seen it and said you are suspended until ur hearing then at the hearing they expelled me then i tried gettin my ged that didnt work so now im tryin to get back into regular school sometime next month now a adays i just stay home and thats what i hate about my life i think im just wasting my life a way sitting at home everyday and cleaning up behind everybody when they can clean up behind themselves so my life sucks really bad and what about yours
cody almond

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