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Teacher’s Day

Obey your teachers, everyone;
Respect your teachers, everyone;
Remember your teachers, everyone.
Heed to what they teach in class.

Like/ love your teachers, if superb;
Emulate your teachers exemplary;
Reward them for their excellence;
Be humble to them all through your life;
Thank your teachers for good things done;
Forgive your teachers, if they’ve wronged;
Pray to God to bless their lives on earth always.

Never mock;
Never hate;
Never anger;
Never belittle;
Never ridicule;
Never humiliate:
Your teachers anytime.

Be proud of all your teachers
Of your school and college;
Help them if they should ask;
Assist them in each task;
A teacher is a gift from God;
Thank God for your part!
Dr John Celes

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A notorious kids

“Put up brave front and go ahead”
“Provide good leadership and lead”
“Pick up fast from books you read”
”This is an advise and you must heed”

These are set words coming from the very good teacher
He may be occupying honorable status as good preacher
He may witness overall performance of students and teach
He may supervise and definitely prefer no breach

The children my make hell let loose
They have enough sense for the time to choose
They will find room to create noise
They will shout in class room with one voice

They will notice teacher’s absence
Ugly scene may also take place that was not possible in his presence
The teacher has to rush to tackle the issue
He may have to take stock of situation and review

They are all funniest of all and equipped for show
They may whistle slowly and secretly blow
Teacher may be distracted and focus elsewhere
They may laugh at everybody and stay calm there

They are good dramatists and stand one by one
They may concentrate on permission and listen to none
Some one may get up and show little finger
The teacher may have to grant out of anger

They will not stop at this and go little further
It may add to tension and teacher has to bother
Teacher may ask: ” are you feeling any hunger”
He may reply with pain and say” I can’t hold further”

If you don’t permit me, I will simply fall
It is troubling me a lot and is nature’s call
He may act further to show on his stomach
He may bend further as if suffering from ache

Teacher may think about next move of children
So many excuses may be in store waiting in turn
Some one may pretend to fall as if down with fever
Teacher may know it well but allow it however

such type of naughty gestures is to be tackled daily
It is still his noble task to make them feel happily
it is easier said than done but here it is different
Their innocence is reflected and liked by parents

So much joy is there and there is no room to complain
they may come with lots of reasons but all may go in vain
The teacher may not grant for whatever they may ask or come
They are still liked by all and always feel welcome

if we are not in position to deliver basic knowledge
they may fail to cover ground and score mileage
it has to be our Endeavour to prepare them for challenge or worst
how will they prepare for tests and to compete for coming first?
hasmukh amathalal

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Teacher’s Day in India

Teacher’s Day in India is today-
Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday;
A great educationist, Indian;
A former President of our nation;
A teacher par excellence;
An exemplary role-model to all.

Let’s celebrate this day
In a special way,
By remembering our teachers,
Who’d taught us all these years.

A teacher is a tutor;
A teacher is a scholar;
A teacher is a special friend;
A guide and philosopher
In students’ lives- a Godsend!

Our teachers are great minds;
Our teachers are rare finds;
Their love and precept binds
As students’ life-years winds!

God bless our teachers (dears):
God give them healthy years;
God meet their wants sans fears,
And make them mighty seers.

Like parents, he/she rears;
God rank them as great peers;
But keep them free from tears,
When their life’s end nears.

Dedicated most respectfully to
all our beloved teachers
on 5th September,2006
Copyright by Dr John Celes, India
Dr John Celes

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The Teacher is the Teachers Teacher xx xxx xx Improvisation 05 31 2013

The Teacher Is The Teacher's Teacher:
Original 10 20 2010

Some drown in hydrolyzed clouds
Some fall with the rains'
Wiping away all progress made
Let fade into top soils
Wet bloody mud from trampling
Up the King's vaunted highway
To that end where order of tables
Care for regeneration in my
Grandson's blood - all school
Seats taken are seats of despair
That I am here and you are there
Despite rules of passion roads
Taken from unenlightened homes
End where fair made immunities
Taken by the vaccine of rest
Proves the comfort of our beds
My boy classified as one of the
Little People - an adorable youth
Observer at the recesses - his
Light is an observable new Advanced
Placement reflection on theaters
Of our roles and comedy stage sets
Portrayed in crowded rooms full of
Achievers and audience participants
Some swim the firmament's waters
To the ending catholic marathons.

Lee Mack copyright 2009. ISBN # 0615318347. Do not reproduce without permission.
Lee Mack

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