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Poems On / About SOLDIER  2/14/2016 4:00:39 AM
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I Gave The Flag To The Widow Of A Young Soldier

I gave the flag
To the widow of a young soldier
Who had died in the
Because I wanted to honour this young soldier's life
And also for the sacrifices that he made
Aldo Kraas

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Soldier Of The Dance

The soldier of the dance
Will dance now for my God
Because God had blessed him
Once more
And I worship my God also
While the soldier of the dance
Is dancing for my God
Aldo Kraas

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My Friend Alvarez

Hard to contemplate the news of your pain
A soldier you, one more battle God laid
We shared a great many laughter on base
But you and I know the soldiers love brawls
Fight you shall the cancer, thy curse be gone
The Guard stands by you, be proud standing tall.

Copyright 2010 Lee Anthony Nieves
All Rights Reserved.
Lee Anthony Nieves

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Worlds Away

When you think things are so low and life is just a passing time, and you're filled with hate and pain. You just want to unload on someone. It makes me think, what can be so bad here in our world compared to worlds far away? Have you ever stopped to think that your problems may be self pity? But how can you feel so sorry for yourself when worlds away right now, there is a ten year old little girl who is crying and wondering and looking for her parents. She is hungry and tired and if that isnt enough, she has now run into bad rebel soldiers, and the bombs are going off. Her world is being taken over by another world and these men are looking at her. she tries to run but she is caught, raped, and left to die. She lies dying in the streets worlds away. She lives ten years and she lived worlds away.
In another world away there is a woman waiting for her husband to return. She is left with her six children and nine months pregnant. Her husband left to get food during a war raid and it has been two days. She cant wait any longer. She needs to feed her children. So she hides them and tells them dont come out until I return. She goes to the first merchant she sees and begs for some bread, and they just push her away. She tried all day, tired and exhausted. She returns home and the children come out of hiding. She says, ' My children. I have nothing again today.' And with a crashing of the door flying open and the rebel soldiers come running in and begin to shoot her children one by one. They make her watch going as far as to let the last thought in her mind be that they rip her baby from her womb and throw it across the room. She watches it fall to the floor as they all proceed to rape her until she dies worlds away. Well, are you starting to feel a little better and things arent so bad here in our world. Worlds away. All people of all nationalities live their lives different. But it doesnt have to be so inhuman and fearful. Thats what we the people of the United States stand for. Different people living together and unite as proud and proper americans. We need to be examples and not a threat. Worlds away we have loved ones dying and trying to show the world how we live worlds away. You know John Lennon was way ahead of our times when he wrote the song ' Imagine All The People Living Life In Peace! Think about what is happening in this world and stop before we become one of those worlds far away.
Autumn Dunkelberger

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