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Father John Visited The Wounded

Father John visited the wounded.
One soldier was without a leg.
Refuses he to learn to read and write! ' -
So passionately doctor said.

But after all, he knows already everything.
He had to suffer so much! '-
Said father John to soldier tenderly
'He doesn't have to study ' - doctor sat.
Liza Sud

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when the bullet
enters the soldier's heart
it pierces the mother's love;
while the soldier lies motionless
the mother cries ceaselessly,

the pang of separation
surely a pain kills the living.
cyclopseven Ram

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Man down, but there’s no one around far away from home, my little town. Sounds of explosions echo through the air. Do I peek over this foxhole, no I don’t dare. Care to tell me, someone please express, why I’m laying hear frigid my best friends body adorning my chest; well at least his flesh. I caress his head in my mind he’s still alive all others knowing he’s since long ago died. Why? A strapping lad had to go was it for freedom, hell no! Was it for revolution that our ancestor once fought, nah more like for oil and some weapons Saddam had bought? Or we thought! The reason we fought was for 9/11 now an after thought. Halt, halt, who goes there I say, I remember when I first learned the soldiering way. Attention! About face, welcome to Fort Death you’re a new face to replace the one that just left. See that puddle of water, that’s were his mother stood and cried. And I, well I’m Drill Sergeant Redetodie, two wars under my belt that look still in my eye. Now dropp and give me your life ready to die? Surprise “an army of one” they say, yelp that’s about the amount of your daily wage, to place your life on the line each and every day. On your left on your left on your left right death, stay in step give your life for a casket with stripes. BOOM, was all I heard as I awoke, captured by the Tali who? blade to my throat. Choking back tears trying to hide my fears, why do they fight so hard? I guess they didn’t hear. Operation Iraqi Free Dumb or Weapons of mass chaos what was the reason we came to the desert to get our ass tore off. Oh the big boss, I mean the shrub. Remind me again why he sent us? Gas was to high but it’s steady getting higher GM is going under and there’s only foreign buyers. Obama and Clinton are fighting the same fight, even the same political stance, anyone notice he’s black and she’s white. Right, the American way always fair play. That’s the same thing this Iraqi said as they carried me away. Lights camera action, what the hell is happening. This suppose to be war and they sitting around napping. With American soldiers walking around outside, why NATO didn’t aid us in this senseless war we fight. To busy enjoying economies with leaders that are forth right. I guess I should fight back with all of my might. Left right upper cut a kick now let me stop day dreaming and handle this shit. Like MacGyver I transpired to make an amazing escape. Until I realized that was my face on that tape. Held tight bent over with my head on a sacrificial plate, wait hold up what is this all about. That’s when I saw them put some tape over my mouth. Yelled out some gibberish and pulled out a blade, handled his business and afterwards prayed. Now I’ve been laying here for what it seems like days. An army of one, I guess that means I want be getting saved. War, the America way.
Keith Hardeman

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A Hero Farewell

In a faraway field I lay
A lone soldier with an unknown grave.

Nothing to be said, and nothing to be done
The heart the once had a beat,
Now remains still

The cross is raised and the sounds of guns now long gone.
The trumpets high tone sings a last tone and then fades away,
The tone of one last farewell to the lone soldier in his grave.
Martin Holm Sjφlin

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