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Poems On / About SOLDIER  6/29/2015 6:08:19 PM
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Where There Is Sword Fighting

Where there is sword fighting there is danger.
Where there is sword fighting there is courage.
Where there is sword fighting there is adventure.
Where there is sword fighting there is cabbage.

The soldiers well eat anything at war.
There will be clash and clang of sword and spear.
There will be hoof beats of danger at war.
And the soldier's spear well go through an ear.

Nobody cares for what it does to men.
Nobody hears the cries of suffering.
Nobody cares that it will cause a killin'.
The women well provide for the hurting.

The wives of the soldiers well have to sow
I am against war; I dislike it so.
Natasha Caroline Norville

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Swordsman, soldiers row on row
Lifted leg and flash of boots
General orders. Off they go
Rifle aims. It cocks. It shoots

Soldiers move like marionettes
Orders lead to the war dance
Off to fight in distant lands
For Britain, Germany & France

Uniforms and numbered ranks
Bravo soldiers don't you cry
After all the wars are won
Who'll remember why you die?
sheena blackhall

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Remembering Our Soldiers

When I close my eyes I see a million faces
With traces of blood dripping from their eyelids
Replacing the tears, gathered from the struggle years.

I feel the pain that was caused by the struggle
of wives left at home while their husbands are fighting
of mothers crying, coz their sons are all dying
They're just babies, sent with no choice
Away to the border
to protect someone else's voice.

But no one cared about the soldiers' voice
No one cared about the soldiers' choice.

Today we have to honor our heroes
Remember our soldiers
Coz its us they were fighting for
its us they gave their lives for.
Brendon Langeveldt

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Soldiers of the morning,
soldiers of the night.
You had to protect,
you had to fight.
I am sure you shed many tears,
because of dreams because of fears.
Many had to try,
many had to die.
You all will be remembered.
Because of yesterday there is a tomorrow.
Soldiers...Thank you!
Now we can sleep tonight.
Theresa J Thompson

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Poems On / About SOLDIER