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Poems On / About SLEEP  9/22/2014 7:11:44 AM
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Dream On My Pillow

Just suppose that you took my pillow,
Will you let me, in your dreams, follow?
A soul of make-believe, that's me,
Class A, romantic fool, per se

How about, giving me yours to sleep
Will in my sleep, dreams of you I'll keep?
In world of bloom, so beautiful
Flowers for all, so plentiful;

How about, if we both sleep on one?
Seemed better than all sleeping I've done,
Might you think, there's more to whine,
As dreams, of ours, might all entwine?
Reyvrex Questor Reyes

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Why am I the only person,
Sleep cannot find,
I want to sleep,
I wish to sleep,
But it abandons me behind,
But it will not come,
My body aches,
Hoping sleep will come soon,
So I write,
To pass my sleepless night.
Listen Listen

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Demons of the Night

The sleepless nights,
The constant fights,
Sleep eludes me,
But people don't see,
The thoughts constantly running through my head,
That refuse to relent as I'm lay in bed,
I close my eyes and try to sleep,
All the things I've buried deep,
Get free from their cage,
And run around in a rage,
People say I sleep a lot,
But don't see the demons that I've got,
All this never leaving me be,
All the pain that's made me, me,
Is rising its ugly head,
I put them back one by one,
Until at least for that night its done,
Everything's buried back down deep,
And i fall into a long and fitful sleep.
Lizzie O'Neill

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Nature's Sleep

Hands of rising sun hugs the early dawn,
With chirps of birds and gentle breeze,
Cradles the fading night to sleep.

Twilight welcomes the darkness again,
Putting back the day to sleep.

The end of this sleep cycle
Is the End of the World,
Dare not to disturb the Nature's Sleep.
Alas everything needs rest! ! !
preet Nav

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Poems On / About SLEEP