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Poems On / About SLEEP  7/30/2014 8:05:40 AM
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Fear in the bedroom
The Certain lady slept alone
has always, been afraid - entire.

It therefore her cousin
is sleeping now at her son.

Because her son was also afraid
He always restlessly slept.

Today everyone are sleeping together
playing with watering gas.

It is Mr Staszek's trifle
what dressed up as the peanut.
Maria Barbara Korynt

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Sleep Return to Me

Sleep has eluded me
leaving me with
a sense of a lack
of awareness
and a lack
of focus.
One nights rest
a multitude
of time leaves
a teetering mind
and a wavering heart
Sleep Oh sleep
where hath thee gone?
I need you
to help me
regain focus through
the rest that you give
Sleep, return to me.
Krazy Rae

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Because I am rocking you to sleep
And the night arrived early to night
And bay
Please understand that I don't have any cotrol over that
The comes when it comes
And by then it is time for us
To go to sleep
Also sleep is not painful
Sleep is necesary for us
So that we can start a brand new day the next day
Aldo Kraas

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Sleeping here forever

Now here I shall sleep.
Sleeping here for eternity.
As to end it all.
I decided to do.

I shall sleep here forever
Maybe sleep in peace.
Here I shall be
Forever more

Asleep in my pit
In my grave forever.
Amy Louise Kerswell

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