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Poems On / About SLEEP  10/23/2014 10:46:52 AM
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Rainy Days, Sleepless Nights

my dog is sleeping
soundly on my bed
while i'm struggling
to find sleep
but Morpheus has
abandoned me

outside the rain is
pouring consistently
as it had been for
the sun has not shown
up for a while
maybe it has forgotten
how to shine

funny how the rain
shares my misery
but when sleep comes
and the sun remembers
i will miss its company
only my dog will be
sleeping soundly
beside me
Eloida Capuno

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Go soft, go slow
Over the azure sky
And woods below.
By the streaming, shining sun
As far as one can run
And there at Dusk-fall
Leave behind all.
Sleep in soul, in body, in mind.
Sleep and sleep and sleep today
Wake up fresh with sun's ray
Wake up soul
And wipe out tears
Bury all dirt,
Envy and fear.
Think you're strong and stronger now
To win the World at one bow.
anjan sarkar

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Symphony for the night

Close your eyes
let me sing you a song of the night

When the sky is dark,
And sweet cold winds blows,

Dream it for me,
let your heart sleep,
To wander in magic,
Flying trough sea of stars that shimmering

Let the moon smiles,
Greeting you trough the sky,

Let the clouds go with you,
Let us sail trough the night!

Let them,

Let the stars, blanketing your night sleep

Let the wind, blowing for your dreams

Let the symphony in, filling your heart,
Putting you, a good sleep trough the night,

Lei it be,
Dream, oh dream it for me,

Till the dawn, let you sleep.
Jose Lu

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Why am I the only person,
Sleep cannot find,
I want to sleep,
I wish to sleep,
But it abandons me behind,
But it will not come,
My body aches,
Hoping sleep will come soon,
So I write,
To pass my sleepless night.
Listen Listen

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Poems On / About SLEEP