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Poems On / About SLEEP  2/5/2016 8:28:38 PM
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I am laying here in bed with the crazy thought of this being the end running in my head. Had my wish came true and if so did it that badly hurt you i wish i mayed and i wished i might be the one with you at the end of the night this isn't for any certain person just to help me go to sleep because the the guy that sings me to sleep couldn't make it tonight so i turned on my silly purple light and i write and i write and i write tile morning comes and i can close my eyes cause last nite i was dealing with one heck of a ride
kryston fowler

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When I

When I'm here laying down typing, worries go away...mind relaxes...muscles go to sleep.... But my thumbs have a mind of their own.... Always doing something never sleeping..my Left thumb says' I bet I can type more words faster than you' to my right thumb. Their battling.... Feelings turn Into blood on this note...victory! ! ! Right thumb wins! ! ! ? Jay?
jay vanness

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Lullaby Of The Iroquois

Little brown baby-bird, lapped in your nest,
Wrapped in your nest,
Strapped in your nest,
Your straight little cradle-board rocks you to rest;
Its hands are your nest;
Its bands are your nest;
It swings from the down-bending branch of the oak;
You watch the camp flame, and the curling grey smoke;
But, oh, for your pretty black eyes sleep is best,--
Little brown baby of mine, go to rest.

Little brown baby-bird swinging to sleep,
Winging to sleep,
Singing to sleep,
Your wonder-black eyes that so wide open keep,
Shielding their sleep,
Unyielding to sleep,
The heron is homing, the plover is still,
The night-owl calls from his haunt on the hill,
Afar the fox barks, afar the stars peep,--
Little brown baby of mine, go to sleep.
Emily Pauline Johnson

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My Angel, I Love To Watch You Sleep........

When the night comes then your voice calm down
When the moon begin to sail in the sky
then your eyes are closing down to sleep
You fall asleep while dim light illuminates your room
I love to watch you sleep my little girl
You sleep like a little angel within your dreams
Your hair falls both sides of your face and
your hands folded in to the blanket
Your pillows and bunnies are speard around you
You breath soft and low while your innocent heart
beat slowly to the merry tune
I love to watch you sleep my little baby
When I want to kiss you to say good night in your sleep
then you toss your head and stretch your little body
and turn around sleep again while holding your pillow
God brought you to me and given you as his gift
and today you are the greatest treasure in my life
Someone to laugh and dance and sing in my home
I love to watch you sleep my angel

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka

Copyright @2004 Ravi Sathasivam
Ravi Sathasivam

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