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Poems On / About SLEEP  6/30/2015 11:49:16 PM
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Best Poems About / On SLEEP
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***i Thought You Were Sleeping

I thought you were sleeping
When I brought you roses in the dark, duty free!
I remember you breathing softly in your sleep, turning
Before I got a drink, texting, those nights - just creeping
I could have sworn you were turning for me
…I was sure you were sleeping

When I got in and left a kiss on your sleepy lips, with glee!
I remember you turning slightly in your sleep, smiling
Before I turned to the phone and spoke quietly, laughing
I could have sworn you were smiling at me
And … I was sure you were sleeping

I thought you were sleeping
When I turned to you and you were cold, shivered, ashen!
I remember you smiled in slumber, softly, gracefully
Before I realised you’d gently walked out of the door, carefully
I could have regretfully sworn you’d left the window open
Baby… I didn’t know you weren’t sleeping

Sylvi Sylva

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World Sleep Day

In 2013 this day is March 15.

Sleep is a special form of the existence

It gives strength to a daytime wakefulness.

A healthy person wakes up with a feeling of freshness.

A good sleep maintains physical and mental health.

And everyone knows that it's the main wealth.

Minimal level of brain activity and reduced reaction

Brings your body after sleep to the normal action.

It is proved that long periods of 'sleep deprivation'

Brings to losing sense of humor and isolation.

Deteriorating memory, perhaps worsening of disease

Sleepless nights can only irritability increase.

However, to sleep a lot is also harmful.

Eight hours is enough for me and the day is cheerful.

So, let this holiday be one more reason

On this tiresome early spring season,

To pay attention to your sleep and, consequently, health

Which you won't be able to buy for any wealth.

Pleasant, healthy sleep!

Let it be beautiful and deep!

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

The 15th of March,2013
Larisa Rzhepishevska

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Come Sleep

Come and sleep with me dear,
not sex but true peaceful sleep
wrapped up snuggling in each others arms.
I have eaten a bit and am too tired
right now to clean up.
Come join me dear and holding each other sleep.
Just you and me smiling contentedly.

Come and let's sleep my only one,
I need to be in your arms and I
need you to be held tightly in mine.
Then with some big kisses close our eyes contented
surrounded in the shared loving warmth.

So come and sleep with me dear not for sex
but Gods honest healing sleep.
I love you so very much
and desire to end every day within your loving arms
then waking to that Angelic beautiful smile.
You are the peaceful Angel I so desire.
I love you my darling and I'm so very tired
come now and let us sleep holding
each other in deep contented peace.
Michael P. McParland

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A Bed For Sleep


Sleeping sleeping first and last
Resting testing nights sleep
Living beings sleeping best
And yawn it’s nice peep

Child comes out with morning
Old goes along with the evening
No one avoid a chance of rest
Also in world of sleepless nest

Nature make the flower bed
And man form the cotton bed
Water bed brought by river
Woolen bed gave by sheep

But I cannot sleep on these beds
All are uncomfortable for my sleep
I felt a nice bed on the heaven
That will be stuffed with fairy tales

If I not get a bed I will rest
At the bed of my heart
That I could get not in worst
I am searching for that dream bed.
lino john

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