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Poems On / About SLEEP  12/18/2014 8:21:48 AM
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Pulls are aging.

As lovers, he lies on his back
And she, with her head on his chest.

As couple, he sleeps facing the roof
And she, with her knee on his thigh.

As parents, they sleep together,
With their backs facing each other.

As elders, the husband and wife
Sleep in the foetal position.

As the old, they sleep separately.
Bonding replaces sexual pulls.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Goddess charms

In nights when suns sleeps
And moon matters
When all sleep and we get up
In your memories,
My eyes play with the sleep
Mind hankers for you, any how
I get the answer, thus, relief
That there she, too, will, be
Sleeping with her pillow
Her voice will also be low
She too wants me as I
Nights spend searching the answers
I get them In her bright eyes
When at morning she says Vishal! get up.
Vizard Dhawan

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Life-Sleep won't Come

It's late at night,
It's time to sleep,

But sleep won't come.

I close my eyes,
Put out the light,

But sleep won't come.

I toss and turn,
I stretch and yawn,

But sleep won't come.
Mary Mc Creath

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I Care Myself to Rest

I cry myself to sleep wondering if caring is the only way to be me

If I really have to give it all to receive nothing at most and brokenness at least

I cry myself to sleep feeling the pain of a hand that grips my heart pressing from all sides

Squeezing, smothering

I cry myself to sleep

Will it stop
Will it go away
Will I know a beautiful day
When the words you say
Wipes away my tears
I cry myself to sleep

Make it stop
Make it dry
Make me care free
Yet be completely me

I care myself to rest
Lindsay Maasdorp

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Poems On / About SLEEP