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Poems On / About SEX  3/27/2015 5:10:39 AM
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Best Poems About / On SEX

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Sex Where?

Sex in the kitchen
Sex on the counter
Sex against the fridge
Sex in the sink

Sex in the living room
Sex on the couch
Sex on the coffee table
Sex on the carpet

Sex in the laundry room
Sex on the washer
Sex in the dirty laundry
Sex on the dryer

Sex in the dining room
Sex on the table
Sex on the chair
Sex on the plate

Sex in the garden
Sex by the roses
Sex on the clovers
Sex in the daffodils

Sex in the office
Sex on the desk
Sex by the computer
Sex on the printer

Sex in the bedroom
Sex on the balcony
Sex on the wardrobe
Sex on the bed
Stacey Stevens

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Sex is passion
Sex is desire
Sex is hot
Sex is fire
Sex is fast
Sex is slow
Sex is to much for kids to know
Sex is pain
Sex is pleasure
Sex is warm no matter what type of wheather it's on
Sex is ambition trying to achieve a goal
Sex is enthusiasm interesting to the soul
Sex is wonderful
Sex is great
Sex is can be the strongest thing to make your back brake
So sex is not just a word it's somthing that people do
and before you have sex dont forget to strap up to.
latasha anderson

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How can you live without sex in your life.......
Sex in the morning
Sex in the evening
Sex at night
Every minute of the day

Sex is great
sex is bad
Do it hard when you get mad

Sex today
Sex tomorrow
Sex everyday when you're in sorrow

Sex on the bed
Sex on the floor
Have it everyday you will want more.
Dwayne Earle Gordon

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Sex is

sex is fun
sex is like the sun
sex can not run

sex is good
sex is fine
sex is yours and mine
sex is never time

sex is grinding
sex is always rewinding
sex is a glass of wine
sex is an addiction
sex can never be a prediction
Sex is...
Tissa Calvert

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Poems On / About SEX