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Poems On / About RACISM  7/12/2014 8:50:26 AM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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It's a Disease

It spreads
It takes all of your energy
It can be seen in drastic amounts
So what is it?
It is racism.
It is laziness
It is sexism
It is all the problems of the world that we try to hide.
Can you tell the slave boy that he cant be free?
Can you tell the families that their daughter is never coming home?
Can you or will you develop any courage to take a stand?
So why is it?
It is racism
It is laziness
It is sexism
Lets be the doctors and cure the world.
Or can you turn around and block it all out?
Face it.
Thus it will be the future
Christina Byrd

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Be frank


Let us be frank
And thank
To all those who preach
And privately teach

Spread the hatred
And be kindly led
Like fools
As we are all bloody full

World is still believing
Pain still not relieving
Racism raises head
To send us in gallows as dead

White is nice color
Black is no inferior either
Still prefer to go after bright skin
To have beautiful company and very much keen

This is universal truth
No one can deny as such
World may never change
Even we may grow old with age

What are we teaching to kids?
What thoughts we feed?
Nothing more special to impress
On the contrary dark picture before their face

We may talk of advancement
But in fact it is dismal movement
We are where we were
Nothing to surprise and no more to dare

* Note: - Poem is composed by me
hasmukh amathalal

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We Would All Be Brothers and Sisters

We would all be Brothers and Sisters

In my perfect world there would be no war
People would communicate, and work their problems out diplomatically
All nations would be allies
People would wear smiles
And no one would ever know what a gun was
We would all be brothers and sisters

In my perfect world there would be no racism
People would be judged based on the content of their character
We would all hold hands
We would all be friends
We would all be brothers and sisters

In my perfect world there would be no heart ache
Families would love unconditionally
Lost love would become friendship
Friends would have no troubles, only fun
And no one would ever be lonely
We would all be brothers and sisters

In my perfect world there would be no worry
There would be no wars
There would be no racism
There would be no heart ache
There would only be occasional tears of joy
We would all hold hands together, as brothers and sisters
marie souline

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It Is A Tragic Time We Live In

It is a tragic time we live in with the violence in the World of today
For God and for National fervour the price in death is huge to pay
Two wrongs never ever make a right or words to that effect the wise say
It did take more than one side without a doubt to start the war of us against they,
Our political leaders are our reflection mirror for our predicament we have ourselves to blame
By giving power to the fear and war mongers some seek glory in acts of shame
Patriotism and Religion have led to more deaths through violence than any other two things one could name
And human blood it is shed by the barrel for the power hungry in their lust for fame,
In a World of redneck racism the rose of peace is in decay
They cannot be brought back to life the dead people in their graves forever they lay
Billions are spent on the manufacturing of war weaponry whilst people of hunger are dying
For the making of deadly weapons of mass destruction the gift of life to others they are denying
And because of Racism, God and Patriotism millions are condemned to suffer and die
And war by the so called good waged on evil is such a despicable lie.
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About RACISM