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Poems On / About RACISM  4/27/2015 5:11:51 PM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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The Black And White Zealots.. Reality In Ferguson

The sad reality of Ferguson
Tragedy is any death
A young man was shot and killed
But before the investigation was over
Zealots stormed the room
Black zealots and white zealots
Racism Racism cried the few
Inciting violence
Justifying looting
Destroying whatever lay in their way
Racism Racism they cried louder
Not allowing time for the truth
Was the cop at fault
Or was it the fault of the young man
Most people are good
They wait for the truth to be answered
Then judgment can be held
Who was at fault can be accountable
Justice is served
Does not matter now
Violence overtook the land
More victims are claimed
Chaotic destruction
More shootings
More arrests
More lies to escalate the madness
The truly innocent are hurt and raped
Because the zealots are in the wake
The facts become fodder
Because the zealots scream louder
Both parties guilty
The few whites and blacks
Who cannot wait to attack
Find this to be their open door
However please remember most people are good
No matter what color
And faith needs to be restored
Dimitri Jagodinski

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Racism Is Better

I would prefer to be
out of racism
than to be
by my own countrymen
rommelmarkmarchan beyond poetica

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Racism all great foolishness to those that perish,
Black and White,
God the Master Plan for flesh and blood,
Ain't nobody telling me black and white hast that distinguish,
In my own understanding,
History is a Beauty of Humanity to live and to see,
The simple life we lead,
So short and hard by our own making,
What is the basics of racism?
Like Nietchze said,
We are the gods to wash the earth,
If we kill the black or white,
When will we see the power of God in us,
Since a power of god is revealed in man,
Let us see the earthly volition as Dynamic,
Half and half,
We all are people that share the same earth,
This planet is so Beautiful,
Whilst many waste time saying of racist,
That power will fade,
But love in secret will never perish,
Love hast that unlimited,
No half missing,
Most intellects be half missing,
But to release the burden of racism,
Let's all improve on our character,
That the positive vibe's may make the Sword increase,
Love is power of the Word,
All race one,
All blood from same brothers and sisters,
Can't you see that you can never fathom all the secrets of the world?
If we all say we all know,
Surely we all say that we all insane.
maxpoet beauty

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Racism has nothing to do with color or religious place.
The moment one places themselves over or better than any
Is the time they realize their need for self-integrity.
The man that is equal to all and respector to many is
The man that goes far and is looked up to by all.
Jeff Rushton

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Poems On / About RACISM