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Poems By Poet xx charmer xx  9/2/2014 9:04:44 PM
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  XX CHARMER XX (1/29/91)

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Im in over my head
Better off dead
You tell me Im worthless
Your worthless daughter

Im falling further away
It gets worse each day
The yelling; the fighting
Your worthless daughter

I cause you to cry
Your husband to yell
So much hate in this house
Your worthless daughter

You know my greatest fear
Of being sent away
To leave what I call home
Your worthless daughter

If Im so worthless to you
Then why do you keep me
Why do I stay?
Your worthless daughter

I feel so hurt
To know I mean nothing
That you dont care
Your worthless daughter

So I was born lung issues
That apparently doesnt stop you
I really am worthless
Your worthless daughter

Spoiled brat; stupid child
Youre helpless; youre worthless
Just a bit** with an attitude
Your worthless daughter

Ive thought so many times
How much Ive hurt you
Causing so much pain
Your worthless daughter

But you dont know
How much it hurts to hear
What you say to me; what you call me
Your worthless daughter

Why you cant accept me for who I am?
I dont know
All I know is that Im nothing
Your worthless daughter

You feed me pills
To change me and who I am
Make me who YOU want me to be
Your worthless daughter

Its good to know Im worthless
Cause thats all you say
Youre never happy about me
Your worthless daughter

Bad grades
Im never a help to you
When was the last time you said something nice?
Your worthless daughter

Maybe I should say goodbye to this hell
Make you and your husband happy
But not to another home; someplace else
Your worthless daughter

A place you will never know
Someplace where I can find myself
Who I am inside
Your worthless daughter

But I choose to stay
To see if I will ever be more
Than just a burden
Your worthless daughter

I love you mom
And I know you love me too
But Im hurting inside to know that all I am is
Your worthless daughter

Please dont give up on me
Im trying as hard as I can
To be someone; to not be
Your worthless daughter

Im sorry for causing
Im sorry for hurting
Im sorry for being...
Your worthless daughter
xx charmer xx



Wishing on a shooting star

I wished upon a shooting star
As it went through the sky,
I wished upon a shooting star
As it shot right by.

I wished upon a shooting star
That my prayers would all come true,
I wished upon a shooting star
And then I thought of you.

I wished upon a shooting star
And noticed I was crying,
I wished upon a shooting star
And realized I was dying.

I wished upon a shooting star
But my wish never came true,
I wished upon a shooting star
And hoped it would get me through.

I wished upon a shooting star
That the she would still be there,
I wished upon a shooting star
That she would always care.

I wished upon a shooting star
Here in this night sky,
I wished upon a shooting star
That our love will never die.
xx charmer xx



Broken Heart

Im so confused.
You said you loved me but you act so different,
You said things that nobody had said before,
You made me feel special.

Like nothing elts mattered.
We had our ups and downs, our content times,
And our sad times,
The good times and the bad times.

I never meant to hurt you.
I never meant to lie to you,
You were too precious to me to keep a secret from,
I regret doing what I did.

I swam in your ocean. Knowing your feelings,
Swimming through your veins like I was free.
Drowning in the love you had for someone else,
Which was not me.

A lie that came true,
Like wishing on a shooting star,
Feelings that were being felt once again,
Another heart that could not stop beating.

The feelings that stood strong and true,
Knowing that if you knew my secret,
The world would change forever,
Leaving me to stand up for myself.

After everything I said, I changed myself,
Into a thing that you said you would love no matter what.
Things from the past that could not be changed,
But only regretted.

My heart was singing the song of love,
But my mind was singing the cry of lies.
I knew I had to follow my heart,
Do what it told me and tell you my secret.

Take what it comes with and move on.
My heart was yours to do what ever,
But yet you did nothing but love me.
You were kind, sweet, and loving.

Your heart was as precious as glass,
Not knowing I could shatter.
Carefully picking up the pieces,
Placing them back together with truths and honesty.

Hoping you would love me,
Still care for me,
Just like before,
But with a different face this time around.

Talking to you, feeling you, touching you, loving you.
Feeling the pain and regret from before.
A pang of sadness that becomes overwhelming,
Rushes right back to my heart, back to me when I see you.

So here I am saying I love you,
Hoping you love me back.
No more lies, no more deception.
Everything is true,

Even the feelings I still have for you.
I hope you love me because
I know....
I love you.
xx charmer xx



Grab My Hand, Hold It Tight

Grab my hand
Hold it tight
I'm not letting you go tonight

I'll stay by your side
I'll hold you close
Because I love you the most

I'll never leave you
And i promise I'll be here
Even through all of our fear

Through thick and thin
You're more than a friend
And I will wait for you till the end

You're my shining star
The beautiful one that made me see
Made me realize how much love means to me

I promise to love you forever
And hope you do the same
Because I will never change my claim

So grab my hand
And hold it tight
Because I swear..I won't leave you tonight
xx charmer xx

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Poems By Poet xx charmer xx