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Poems By Poet Obed dela Cruz  3/29/2015 4:18:37 AM
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  Best Poems From
  OBED DELA CRUZ (October 18,1995)
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Secured In My Father's Arms

When grave attempts to wrap my flesh with a cold embrace
To make me fall in its tomb left burning with ashes,
Your light will be there and give me warmth throughout always
For You shall not let my body lay in the darkness.

When mirrors close - longing no more for my reflection
As no man understands the face that I have chosen,
There I see my identity as I look upon
Your Eyes Of Truth where diamonds cannot be broken.

When nightfall comes without the promise of tomorrow
As the breeze of fear finds me walking in the forest,
There is nothing for me to be scared of for I know
You are with me, making me feel and have all the best.

Secured in my Father's arms, there's nothing to worry;
For there, the sun shall never forbear itself to shine.
Comfort and safety throughout endless eternity,
Yes! While I'm in my Father's arms, all of these are mine.

http: //www.poemhunter.com/obed-dela-cruz
http: //www.poetfreak.com/poet/ObedDelaCruz
http: //obed-dela-cruz.blogspot.com/
http: //princeobed.multiply.com/

Copyright © 2010 by Obed Dela Cruz

(July 7,2010; Marikina City)

(This poem is written by Obed Dela Cruz. To use it in a proper manner, please email him at princeobed_dc@yahoo.com)
Obed dela Cruz



She's 16

Tell me, what could be more exciting for her
Than to know that she has turned sixteen today?
A girl whose face is like the brightness of day
Yet heart is so pure like a crystal water.

Please, I want to know her secrets, her desire
And the things that make her laugh or blush to smile
Because she’s a princess, one who can inspire
Like this lovely poem that makes you worth the while.

And if you’ll ask what would be my wish right now
My prayer, my hope is that inside and out
She’ll be more fairer, a soul who does not pout
A spirit, before God, makes a graceful bow.

For just like the rose planted in a garden
Which I could not pick until the right season
I want her to keep the freshness of Eden
That pleases her Maker as the years move on.

http: //www.poemhunter.com/obed-dela-cruz/
http: //poetfreak.com/poet/PrinceObedDeLaCruz296
http: //obed-dela-cruz.blogspot.com/
http: //princeobed.multiply.com/

Copyright © 2011 by Prince Obed de la Cruz

(December 24,2011; Marikina City)

(This poem is written by PRINCE OBED de la CRUZ. To use it in a proper manner, please email him at princeobed_dc@yahoo.com with the subject “PERMISSION TO USE”)
Obed dela Cruz



Song Of The Bridegroom

(A Friend of mine asked me to write this for His Bride.)

Far from My enchanting voice you have wandered alone
While other singers and musicians play for your love,
But promise Me that you shall make their music unknown
And the cry of My heart shall you consider above.

When you hear the hymns from the choir of paradise birds
As their sound lead you from the edges of doubts and fears,
Hear Me as I sing with them and listen to my words,
Behold the fading of the deepest darkness that stirs.

And if in the labyrinth harmony lost its way,
Stuck in the maze without a Guide to lead the way out,
I will sing and give to you the golden sky of day,
And make nature reveal the sound that casts away doubt.

My music is far sweeter than the harp of David,
More passionate than the words of ten thousand lovers,
For in the innermost part of Me its roots buried,
Whose blossom shall endure even past the universe.

Come back to Me and let Me fill your head with the song,
The unending chorus to express My love for you.
Sing with Me throughout eternity for life is long,
Each lasting music creates a fresher morning dew.
Obed dela Cruz



Spare The Smile

(Imagine if God tells this to you)

When beauty was yet kept from the eyes of any man
And the masterpiece was yet a Breath of Life away,
You were here in My heart when summertime first began
After the spring gave its first bloom in the light of day.

For you I gave a lasting warmth in a world of ice
Where winter threatened throughout eternity to yield.
I was the One who made it clear for your blinded eyes
To see that I prepared for My love the flow’ry field.

So would you please spare the smile and reserve it for me?
The dawn breaks as light springs forth to appear before love,
But if without your heart it seems things are vanity,
For in my heart, you’re the bride I will bring up above.

Spare the smile and the heart; let them be completely Mine.
I will make you own the start you dreamed of possessing.
Everything shall bow after our pledges combine
For the dominion is ours for our own cherishing.

Share with Me your tears and gladness as you spare the smile.
Drink with Me the wine, which forever shall not taste vile.
Obed dela Cruz
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