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Poems By Poet Obed dela Cruz  11/24/2015 4:05:58 PM
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  Best Poems From
  OBED DELA CRUZ (October 18,1995)
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Rose In The Garden

Do you know that I’m always waiting for your reply?
And do you know that I always want you to draw nigh?
For always, with beauty and respect I look at you.
I hope and wish that you know that I can see you through.

The garden in which you now live is one of the best
For there you cannot see dry bones or things that are vexed.
You’re one of the best blossoms in the land where you grow.
You’re not a sore in the eye, and this thing you must know.

Please allow me to pick you up in the near future.
So make haste to create your roots firmer and stronger.
Never let your beauty fade in the day or the night.
Dear rose in the garden, someday may you shine with light!

I will never bring your roots in the paths of danger.
As long as I can, I will shower you with water.


Copyright © 2010 by Obed Dela Cruz

(February 13,2010; Marikina City)

(The poem is written and owned by Obed Dela Cruz. To use it in a proper manner, please email him at princeobed_dc@yahoo.com)
Obed dela Cruz



Rule Over My Life O Lord

Depart not from me O Mighty Lord.
Blot out not Your wisdom from my heart.
Let my ears be open to Your Word
Even if Your words pierce like a sword.

In everything, please lead and guide me
For I will always need You beside.
I submit to Your authority.
Keep me safe, let me be always free.

Upon me, please return Your favor.
Let my life be according to Your will.
Instead of shame, please give me honor.
Let me escape from all life’s horror.

Let it be that Your ways be my ways
So that I will never go astray.
Let me run successfully life’s race
Without anyone cursing my face.

In my life O Lord please rule over
And be in charge of my everyday.
Give me strength and a righteous power.
Be with me today and forever.


Copyright © 2010 by Obed Dela Cruz

(February 23,2010; Marikina City)

(The poem is written by Obed DC. To use it in a proper manner, please email him at princeobed_dc@yahoo.com)
Obed dela Cruz



Run The Race And Never Quit

When I start a race,
I must learn to face.
When adders come,
Shall I go run for a ladder?
Or shall I overcome it?

Shall my feet want to be down,
For my face to have a frown?
Or to run miles
To have these smiles?

Yes, I shall goal high than to be burnt coal!

I will fight the race than to fright!
I can rest in a forest
Even in a nest
Just to win that golden crown.

I will never stop
For I want the top
I will make my feet run on mountains,
To be at the finish line.

I will never dream low
But I will dream big to be no more at the last.
I don’t want to be always late
But to be early

I will overcome giants and I will not quit!
I will run the race and never quit!

Copyright © 2009 by Obed Dela Cruz

(To use this poem in a legal way, you could email me in princeobed_dc@yahoo.com but of course, you cannot own the poem because it violates some of the law of informations systems and copyright)

(July 21,2009; Marikina City; 5: 24PM)
Obed dela Cruz




Glancing beyond the shiny stars
And seeing the earth as it is,
Learning more of the galaxy,
Exploring more the Milky Way
Without stress or feeling of haste,
And knowing the source of balance
That balances the outer space.

Asking nature of its nature
In a way that I am careful,
Comprehending the sands of time
And doing my purpose and dream.
Consulting to witty sequoias
On how to be giant and wise.
Owing the secret of the sea
Because it makes me wide and deep.

Observing eagles as they soar
And hearing lions as they roar;
Understanding what power is
And the essence of leadership
To use crowns and scepters wisely,
And to rule applying justice,
Being rational on the throne
And to give the people support.

Keeping in mind that I am me
To live life without pretending.

(dedicated to Mr. Ahmad Shiddiqi, a poet and a friend)
Obed dela Cruz
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Poems By Poet Obed dela Cruz