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Poems By Poet Obed dela Cruz  12/21/2014 8:43:37 PM
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  Best Poems From
  OBED DELA CRUZ (October 18,1995)
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Take Them Not Against Me, For I Was A Child

Take them not against me, for I was a child;
Those wrongs I made when I started to explore
A dark, gloomy world that had my heart beguiled
When I touched the knob of a forbidden door.

For I was enticed by the moving shadow
Of the beast who I assumed to be my friend.
And every night I struggled for tomorrow,
Thinking it was necessary for my end.

I wore a covering on my face to hide
The creature whose eyes wished to rid of its soul.
For the devil's greed birthed by deceptive pride
Was the fraud behind my spirit's empty hole.

But I am not one of the devil's children.
My soul, my youth are not among his victims.
And my name would not belong with the fallen
If I choose not to give in my foolish whims.

Therefore, I unmask my face to show the truth
And let my eyes, the soul's mirror, confirm this
That I have already grown, though still a youth
I can weigh reason and know what to dismiss.

So may all hell now fear this revelation
That it cannot anymore profit from me.
For the child who they thought had their devotion
Already repented, now their enemy!
Obed dela Cruz



That Flower And I

I can see a flower and it is rare.
Its beauty is far greater than Venus
And its fragrance is the most wonderful.
But that flower’s roots are not yet that strong
That’s why I should not yet dare to have it
For even I have not yet earned such strength.

If that flower must still grow… so am I.
I’ll wait for the right moment to have it
And when I have it, I’ll keep it so good
And that flower and I will keep growing.

Copyright © 2010 by Obed Dela Cruz

(January 7,2010; Marikina City)

(The rights and ownership of the poem belongs to Obed Dela Cruz. To use it in a proper manner please email him at princeobed_dc@yahoo.com)
Obed dela Cruz



That Shiny City In The Future

Imagine a city,
Filled of gems and luxury.
Death does not exist.
Sickness, again won’t moist.
From heaven it will come.
This truth is not a sham.
All pains and troubles
Shall be expiring as fast as bubbles.
They that dwell there
Are immortal forever!
Everyone shall be able.
All is available.
The streets are made of gold,
Because with care, it has been molded.
Everywhere are life zones.
You’ll never see bloody bones!
It has more aesthetic beauty.
Because there lives love and tranquility.
All can endure,
Because the Supreme One has the rule.
All power and glory,
Belongs to God Almighty!
This city is made for the saints.
So live your life with holiness.
Obey God’s commandments.
Sin less and love God more.
Life and salvation, God is the author.
That shiny city in the future
Is very imaginative.
All you see, you can lure.
Also, all are positive.
From everlasting
To everlasting
Life will never die
And death is ever dead.
Obed dela Cruz



The Best Sculpture

I have seen sculptures and these ones are the best.
There are made using Earth’s most expensive dust
Because there’s no spared expense when they were made.
I just pray that their quality will not fade.

But is it worth it that they are still living?
Because today, some of them are life-taking.
I just hope that one day they would realize
That they are humans who should let peace arise.

Copyright © 2009 by Obed Dela Cruz

(November 9,2009; Marikina City)

(To use this poem in a legal way, please email the author at princeobed_dc@yahoo.com but you cannot own the poem because you will be violating such in computer ethics, information systems, intellectual property, copyright, and other rights)
Obed dela Cruz
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Poems By Poet Obed dela Cruz