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Poems By Poet Emma Jane Rae  1/26/2015 12:24:46 PM
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  EMMA JANE RAE (1988)
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'I'm not Magic! '

If i could turn back the clock,
i would turn it back right now,
i'd do it with no hesitation,
if only i knew how,
and if i could i would change a lot,
i'd tell you everything,
nothing would be forgot,
i would listen carefully to the things you said,
and treasure each word,
i'd lock them in my head,
but i can't perform this trick,
i am not magic,
because if i was,
things wouldn't nbe so tragic,
and i wouldn't have to say 'goodbye'
to my best friend,
because i woulnd't have let his life,
come to an end!
no words can describe,
how much you will be missed,
if i had a geenie,
i'd only ask for one wish,
and now your floating away,
as light as a feather,
all my wonderful memories,
ill keep in my heart forever,
and that is something,
NO-ONE can take away!
i just can't find the words,
that i really want to say,
you lived your life,
with all of your might,
i hope your at peace,
now it's time to sleeptight! ! !
Emma Jane Rae



Is blood thicker than water?

You gave me life,
you gave me my blood,
you turned my name,
from gold to mud,
you told me,
you'd be true to your word,
you told me things,
i had never heard,
you gave me strength,
you gave me power,
back then i didn't realise,
your love would turn sour,
you told me,
you'd always be here for me,
but i was looking through thick fog,
and i just coulnd't see,
you were the one,
who gave birth to me your daughter,
it was me and your heart,
that you slaughtered,
you helped me run,
you helped me walk,
you taught me how,
to talk the talk,
and now your gone,
and it's only me,
and throughout my whole life,
i've never felt so lonely!
Emma Jane Rae




Told that your dreams,
Would never come true,
That a double miracle,
Would be needed for you,
To have the gift,
Of baring your own,
You must have felt,
So sad and alone,
Years spent on treatments,
And when they didn't work,
What options were left?
Be left in debt,
Or accept your fate?
The hope inside you fading,
Thinking it was too late,
I knew you were struggling,
But trying to live,
Why wouldn't god,
Give you the right to this gift?
We went out to parties,
You let you hair down,
Drinking and laughing,
When we hit the town,
Sipping champagne and cocktails,
Whilst out on your hols,
But everyone could see,
Your brave face taking it's toll,
On break one day,
I told you I was scared,
A lump had appeared,
And I wasn't prepared,
That's when you said,
'Can you keep a secret Em? '
'I'm pregnant, ' you whispered,
Only 9 weeks then,
You showed me the scans,
I was so thrilled for you,
And of course for your husband too,
It's been stressful incase,
Things went wrong,
You must have had Guardian angel,
Guiding you along,
Each day went by,
And you looked ready to burst,
And today 15th April 2014,
You gave birth to your first!
A beautiful boy,
So tiny and sweet,
At 7.15lb,
All squidgy and neat,
I'm so proud of my best friend,
I really am it's true,
She never believed her double miracle,
Would ever come true!
Emma Jane Rae



Out of sight but always in our hearts!

No words can describr,
how much you will be missed,
i'd bring you back,
if i had one wish,
you were a strong little fighter,
and you fought til the end,
leaving behind,
many grieving family and friends,
and now theres a gap,
in a lot of hearts,
that can never be replaced,
no more sufferung nanny,
your now in a safe place,
not having you here,
makes us all sad,
but atleast your not alone,
your now with Grandad,
so many questions,
we wish we knew why,
sleeptight nanny,
i love you,
Emma Jane Rae
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Poems By Poet Emma Jane Rae