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Poems By Poet Emma Jane Rae  8/30/2014 11:14:31 PM
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  EMMA JANE RAE (1988)
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Black and White.

Everything you sense through sight,
you only percieve in black and white,
everything that people have got to say,
you ignore them completely-you walk away,
but you need to learn,
your not always right,
see things in colour,
not black and white,
Give people a chance,
listen to advice,
you never know,
so listen twice! ,
don't be the one to start the rows and wars,
don't be the one showing others the door,
please just listen,
please don't fight,
because not everything has to be black and white! ,
so be kind and friendly,
smiles are free,
it's not so hard and soon you'll see,
oneday you'll wish,
you'd have looked at the beautiful colours things are,
against the dark sky,
are twinkling stars,
so when you sit there alone at night,
just remember not everything,
has to be BLACK AND WHITE! ! !
Emma Jane Rae



Can't let go....

id do anything to see your grinning face,
in seconds your life was took away,
such a shame, such a waste,
ill never forget that phonecall,
i recieved that sunday,
to tell me my best friend had died,
i dropped to the floor,
and i cried and cried,
i drove for 4and a half hours to get home,
even with family support,
ive never felt more alone,
i layed in bed at night scared to shut my eyes,
i believed if i stayed awake,
i wouldn't have to say goodbye,
i feel so angry and bitter inside,
why did my best friend have to die?
i went to your funeral,
so many people there,
i'll awlays treasure those moments,
that we got to share,
i went to where you ashes were scattered,
i'm fallin apart my life is in tatters,
i sat on the grass and sobbed my heart out,
i told you things thatonly you know,
and i know you were listening throughout,
if i close my eyes i can still see you smile,
i'll never let go,
i'm still in denial,
i fell bad coz i can't say goodbye,
it couldnt have been your time to go,
why was it my best friend that had to die? !
Emma Jane Rae



Do you ever?

Do you ever look back and regret things you've done?
Do you ever regret becomming a mum?
Do you remember the kisses you gave me at night?
Do you remember tucking me in and cuddling me tight?
Do you ever think and miss my smile?
was what you done really worthwhile?
but i guess you wont admit, your still in denial,
Do you ever think of the laughs we had?
Do you ever feel bad about what you did to Dad?
Do you ever hear my laugh in your head?
Do you ever regret the things you said?
Do you ever miss not drying my tears?
Do you ever wish you had have shared my fears?
Do you ever regret walking away?
Do you ever wish you hadnt led astray?
Emma Jane Rae



don't be a Bully

The sun is shining and it's really hot,
but it doesnt bother them if it's cold or not,
he's being punched in the stomach,
and kicked in the face,
but he still trys to walk,
at a steady pace,
don't worry rise above it they say,
but that doesn't work,
they don't go away,
and you see the little boy sitting in silece,
ready to feel the force of the violence,
wondering when he will get his next beating,
doesn't matter, it never stops,
they'll beat him more if he calls the cops,
his life is now full of dread,
to have this everyday,
he'd rather be head,
instead of a beating and smached in head,
he's got nowhere to go,
and hes all alone,
theres nowhere to hide,
he doesnt feel safe at home,
i can hear his helpless wimps,
and heartbreaking screams,
hes got nothing left,
but his broken dreams,
so he goes home,
and he sits and cries,
his mother just sits looking and sighs,
but now he's older with his own job,
but inside he can still hear,
his painful sobs!
Emma Jane Rae
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Poems By Poet Emma Jane Rae