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Poems By Poet Emma Jane Rae  5/27/2016 5:11:40 AM
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  EMMA JANE RAE (1988)
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'I'M Not Magic! '

If i could turn back the clock,
i would turn it back right now,
i'd do it with no hesitation,
if only i knew how,
and if i could i would change a lot,
i'd tell you everything,
nothing would be forgot,
i would listen carefully to the things you said,
and treasure each word,
i'd lock them in my head,
but i can't perform this trick,
i am not magic,
because if i was,
things wouldn't nbe so tragic,
and i wouldn't have to say 'goodbye'
to my best friend,
because i woulnd't have let his life,
come to an end!
no words can describe,
how much you will be missed,
if i had a geenie,
i'd only ask for one wish,
and now your floating away,
as light as a feather,
all my wonderful memories,
ill keep in my heart forever,
and that is something,
NO-ONE can take away!
i just can't find the words,
that i really want to say,
you lived your life,
with all of your might,
i hope your at peace,
now it's time to sleeptight! ! !
Emma Jane Rae



Is There Really A God Up There? !

'Peace on Earth, '
is how the saying goes,
are you watching us,
down below?
while your up there,
on your big fluffy cloud,
me just wishing,
i could shout out loud,
Adam was a man,
and Eve was a lady,
why did you take my mother away,
and make me cry like a baby?
why did you let my grandads die?
let their spirits float up to the sky?
why did you let them suffer in pain,
and why the blood hell,
are you doing it to me agian?
up in heaven behind those gates,
is that also a world,
constantly full of hate?
is it full of arguments,
fights, anger and dispair?
why do you take people away from me?
or do you just not care?
you took away Felix,
something so precious form my life,
made my Dad have a lying, cheating,
decietful wife,
you also took Kayleigh away,
she was only nineteen,
so many things she hadn't seen,
you left her friends and family grieving,
why did you choose to stop her breathing?
where the hell is the justice in this world,
why do you get to choose if its a boy or girl?
why don't you stop all of these wars?
why do we hear about kids doing chores?
you haven't got the answers and you never will,
while we sit and wait,
to hear if another british soldier had been killed,
fighting for a reason they don't understand,
and where are you when they need a hand?
oh there you are taking another life,
making some innocent person,
a widowed wife,
and what about criminals, rape and crime?
your too easy on these b*st*rds,
and they don't even do time!
a slap on the wrists and told,
don't do it again,
then you turn he sun to rain,
why do you make some children so poorly, so sick?
their lives draining away,
by a continuous tick,
before they get to the end,
and they say times up?
what do you say to their parents?
sorry your kids ran outa luck?
it makes me angry,
and it makes me sad,
that you think it's ok to grow up with out a mum or dad!
do you think it's a lesson,
we ought to learb?
that if we play with fire,
we're sure to get burnt!
for all those people he has made our past,
don't frown,
he might make today your last! ! !
Emma Jane Rae



Mad At You!

I'm mad at you,
coz you look but dont see,
i'm mad at you,
coz you dont know what you do to me,
i'm mad at you,
coz your always on a mission,
i'm mad at you,
coz you never take time to listen,
i'm mad at you,
coz it's you i love,
i'm mad at you,
and i've had enough,
i'm mad at you,
coz your never there,
i'm mad at you,
coz you dont seem to care,
i'm mad at you,
and everthing you do,
i'm mad at you,
coz i cant stop loving you!
Emma Jane Rae



Please Don'T Drink Driving!

I am your worst nightmare,
and it's coming true,
i've come back from behind the grave,
and i am going to haunt you,
for i am what your scared of most,
i'm no longer living,
i am the ghost,
the ghost of the child,
who's life you took away,
on that sad November day,
remember i was playing with my friends,
seconds before my life came to an end,
at the age of 7 i felt so alive,
until you decided to drink and drive,
you mounted the curb,
and hit me square,
why me? i felt so scared this isn't fair,
i felt pain and saw darkness all around,
then 1 week later, sad faces,
i was being placed into the ground,
if only i could have one wish,
that one wish would be,
for you not to have been so selfish,
so i could've been set free,
it wasn't only my life that you so quickly snatched,
i was only a tiny chick,
waiting patiently to hatch,
but i didn't get my chance,
to blossom like a flower,
you took away,
all my courage, my strength and my power,
so i'm back to get my revenge on you,
for that wicked thing you've done,
i will be there everyday, to ruin all your fun,
i will always be there in your head,
i'm the one you knocked down DEAD!
you were told it's dangerous,
so please don't drink and drive,
if only you'd have listened to them words,
i'd still be alive! !
Emma Jane Rae
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Poems By Poet Emma Jane Rae