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Poems By Poet Emma Jane Rae  8/1/2014 4:48:35 AM
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  EMMA JANE RAE (1988)
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Please don't please don't break my heart!

Don't let her in,
Don't be a fool,
Don't believe her lies,
she isn't cool!
she will try her hardest to tear us apart,
please don't please don't
break my heart!
i've never felt how i feel for you,
i know your feeling are the same for me too,
Don't be taken in by her charm,
she is dangerous,
she will only cause harm,
shes just a get around,
a grubby little tart,
please don't please don't,
break my heart!
I love you babe,
more than you will ever know,
more than actions will ever show,
i'd never lie or hurt you,
everything i've said is true,
Don't listen to the lies she tell,
she'll make our lives a living hell!
she was jealous from the start,
Please don't Please don't,
break my heart! ! !
Emma Jane Rae



Puppet on a string!

I am your puppet,
and you dangle me on a string,
you gather round crowds and audiences,
and give me a song to sing,
a melody so bitter sweet,
you make me dance,
on broken feet,
you get people to applaud my act,
I am your puppet,
it's a well known fact,
hy don't you allow,
me to show my real voice,
but this is how my life is,
i wasn't given a choice,
so go ahead,
and slap a smile on my face,
because of you,
my life has become a waste,
what am i doing,
this isn't who i want to be,
I want people,
to see the real me,
no longer am i your puppet,
you can't dangle me on your strings,
I will not let you open my mouth,
and give me songs to sing,
I am my own - no longer yours,
you can't make me dance,
with broken feet, on wooden floors,
I am no-ones puppet,
so i will cut the string,
and with my own voice,
I will learn to sing!
Emma Jane Rae



The game of life!

To others my lige,
is just a game,
to be played with by people,
and let them cause me pain,
my life is like,
a pack of cards,
you might be nice,
but you never try to hard,
you dont wana be seen with me,
the looser of the bunch,
i feel i could hit you,
but your not worth my punch,
they say keeps friends close,
but stay tight with your enemies,
you know this is true,
the bond - the chemistry,
my life maybe like a game,
but i will always be the winner,
coz i know your only jealous,
that i will always be much thinner!
Emma Jane Rae



The right poem!

A poem to me has to flow,
and be a pleasure to read,
either slowly, quickly,
or at a great speed,
but your guess,
maybe as good as mine,
that a poem can be great,
and it doesnt have to rhyme,
a poem can be truthful,
and inside it may ring a bell,
but if you read carefully,
every poem has it's own story to tell,
all of my poems,
relate back to me,
and if you look closely,
then you will see,
that each word in each line,
is a chapter in my book,
so please open up,
and just take a look!
Emma Jane Rae
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Poems By Poet Emma Jane Rae