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Poems By Poet Emma Jane Rae  7/26/2014 2:06:11 AM
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  EMMA JANE RAE (1988)
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~ Nice Try ~

If i want your opinions or advice,
i'll ask,
your sad and pathetic,
and it makes me laugh,
your jealous coz i got,
what you feel you 'need, '
but i can garentee,
destroying us is something you wont suceed,
see what we share,
is something very strong,
so if you thought you'd split us up,
then im sorry but you thought wrong,
i like his boys,
and they like me 2,
so what we've got,
you don't even come close too,
i may not be perfect,
i may not be a stunner,
but neither are you, why else did he do a runner? ?
maybe if you'd treated him better,
he'd still be yours?
he's have stayed despite all your flawes,
i'm totally different,
i'm no alcy and i don't do drugs,
your just a rotten, nasty, poisinous slug!
so i won't listen to what you say,
not a single thing,
the man is mine,
so it looks like i win,
so go snort some coke,
make yourself really high,
you didn't even cause an argument,
and you wont suceed,
but nice try! ! !
Emma Jane Rae




I'm tired of feeling,
this way about you,
if only it had been a dream,
then none of this would be true,
every night i lay awake,
convinced that all your feelings,
must have been fake,
you bought me up to adulthood,
but you've done things,
i never thought you would,
you watched me as you smashed my heart,
i didn't wana know my mum acts like a tart,
your addiction to cheating,
your addiction to lies,
has led us all to painful goodbyes,
with you not in our lives,
and us not in yours,
if only you'd have shut,
all of those addictive doors,
and now im awake still asking why? ?
you must find it so easy,
to make me cry!
Emma Jane Rae



Anger oversees hurt!

My angers still there,
its been building up inside,
do i step up or stand to the side,
which way should i turn?
left or right?
the air is getting colder,
as it turns from day to night,
i have no idea why you tried to ruin my life,
i thnak god,
i didnt get to be your wife,
why treat me so bad?
did you not know it was so wrong?
can't understand why,
i stayed with you so long!
my whole world shattered,
around my feet,
walking around in unbearable heat,
my heads mixed up,
trying to understand why,
you closed the door and said 'goodbye! '
how could you do that,
just stand there and break my heart,
i should have seen it coming,
you were messing me around,
with some worthless tart!
Emma Jane Rae



Angry at you!

My eyes feel so heavy,
from a distinct lack of sleep,
i get in bed lay as still as a corpse,
then i feel my eyes begin to weep,
you buzzing about,
constantly on my mind,
searching for answeres,
i know i'll never find,
my eyes so puffy and swollen,
from all the tears that i have cried,
so many questions,
i feel like my brain has been fried,
how could that thing,
be worth more than any of us?
yes i am upset,
and damn right i'll make a fuss,
think you can waltz back in,
and take anything you choose?
you've picked me on the wrong day,
for today i only have a short fuse,
see when you were at home,
it was great to have a mum so hip,
but your just a cheating b*tch,
oops, sorry did i let that slip?
yes i am very hurt and angry at you,
but i wont tell you to your face,
your nothing but a scumbag,
a complete and utter waste of space,
you had everything from me,
my love, respect, affection,
but you no longer give me,
that satisfying motherly protection,
i wish i could wipe my memory clean,
or wake up in the morning,
and this will all have been a bad dream!
Emma Jane Rae
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Poems By Poet Emma Jane Rae