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Poems By Poet Emma Jane Rae  10/31/2014 8:59:36 AM
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  EMMA JANE RAE (1988)
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Forbidden Love

I will never be,
what you want me to be,
you don't understand,
how much i wish you could see,
the saddness, the hurt,
that i'm feeling inside,
the loneliness, the pain,
in every tear dropp i've cried,
it seems that everthing i do,
i do wrong,
which makes me a d*ckhead,
an a*sehole, a mong,
i can't take much more,
it's cruching my heart,
why can't you be the man,
that i met at the start?
where you called me beautiful,
it seems now you dont have a nice word to say,
i can feel mu heart,
splitting in two,
which can only be mended by one person,
YOU! ! !
i don't want to argue,
i don't want it to end,
can we sort this out?
coz i don't want to loose,
my fella my bestfriend,
i may be stupid,
i may act the fool,
but that doesn't mean,
i haven't got feelings too! !
Emma Jane Rae



Glad your gone!

On the days,
when i start to miss you like crazy,
i pull the petals 1 by 1,
off of a daisy,
i sometimes think maybe he forgot,
coz it always comes out, with the same result: he loved me not!
i got fed up with his useless ways,
wasting all my nights and days,
waiting patiently for him to call,
he built me up then watched me fall,
kicked me hard when i was down,
but even now im wearing the crown,
maybe he thinks what he did was smart,
but now i have realised,
we are better off apart!
Emma Jane Rae




You messed with my head,
you messed with my brain,
you played with my life,
like it was a game,
made me fee sad,
for weeks thatwent by,
trying to get rid ofmy sorrowful cry,
i try to forget you,
but your always there,
standing in the back ground,
even though you never cared,
why bother now, you out of time,
too late mate, your past your prime!
i wont turn back,
your gone for good,
but you done something,
i never thought you would,
didnt think youd have the guts,
too break my heart,
but you did,
and it tore me apart,
i'm feeling much better,
i mis you no more,
i now feel glad,
you showed me the door!
Emma Jane Rae



Ha Ha i must be Psychic!

I think today has been a real good day,
when suddenly all those nights,
that were full of tears,
seemed worth it,
i know its strange,
but something has clicked,
in this mixed up head of mine,
i felt all that pain and anger be drawn away from me,
out of my body like a ghostly spirit,
it was something i could sense but could not see,
i think i have finally realised,
that i have wasted my time,
my tears and my efforts on you,
coz by the sight of you today,
it couldn't have been your looks,
you looked warn out and tired,
and pretty feb up with your b*tch,
that was when i started smiling to myself,
i got the distinct impression,
what went around has come around,
and your in the middle if it,
but i felt pleased with myself when you,
were looking back at me driving my car,
you face said it all,
you've made that big mistake i said you would,
look at her compared to me,
i look like a model,
i'm slim, blonde and acturly quite a looker,
but shes fat, grotesque with moles on her face,
and looks more like a hooker,
i felt pleased that you finaly got it wrong,
i cant even call you a man,
your just a thing,
and next to your b*tch, you look like a kid,
it's not a pretty sight, it's acturly quite sad,
that your girlfriend looks more like the lad,
well have a nice life in your miserable world,
and think of me each day,
being happier than ever,
without you in my life! !
Emma Jane Rae
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Poems By Poet Emma Jane Rae