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Poems By Poet Dejan Stojanovic  3/26/2015 5:23:06 PM
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Dejan Stojanovic   Best Poems From
  DEJAN STOJANOVIC (March 11,1959)

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A New Friend

Tell me something less significant,
Something about our biology, for instance,
About what you hear while sitting under the tree,
About lonely lions in the prairies;
Forget decorated generals;
Tell me about Private Ryan,
Tell me something only you know
And make a new friend.
Dejan Stojanovic



A Woman in the Garden of Light

To find the hidden place
Longing freely to explore
Break obstacles and recognize
Invisible sparks emanating
From the deserved discovery
Of nothing between us
Shining longing only
Wakening stars in the Garden
Witnessing the birth of new landscapes,
Future cities and temples
Hearing new stories, falling
From the fountains of the secret art
All old sounds and colors reviving
And you, blindingly bright,
Into new senses are melting me
And into the core I grow
With invisible roots piercing
Touching the core of fire
Traveling far to the place, before
Space and time, and coming back
To this Garden to find you
To see the real you swimming
And flying ahead of the light
To find you where the light never was
And to learn that you are its source
Dejan Stojanovic



Dancing of Sounds

There is a moonlight note
In the Moonlight Sonata;
There is a thunder note
In an angry sky.

Sound unbound by nature
Becomes bounded by art.
There is no competition of sounds
Between a nightingale and a violin.

Nature rewards and punishes
By offering unpredictable ways;
Art is apotheosis;
Often, the complaint of beauty.

Nature is an outcry,
Unpolished truth;
The art—a euphemism—
Tamed wilderness.
Dejan Stojanovic



Don Quixote

We dream and fight
With demons real and imagined;
We only live if we dream;
We grow from our dreams,
From our own La Mancha.
Don Quixote is not an imaginary person;
He is as real as Alexander the Great;
His Dulcinea—as real as Cleopatra,

His windmills are as real as the Library of Alexandria,
As real as scores of languages dead and forgotten,
As real as Attila, or lost Constantinople.
His windmills are lost Ayah Sofias;

His battles had to be won
By sleepy emperors
Too busy to wage them.
We need Don Quixote and La Mancha.

When the whole past is but a phantom,
When many a city fell,
The idea remained—
Stronger than any city, stronger than any empire.

Quixote shines from Lorca and Picasso,
From Dali and El Greco,
From the gloomy View of Toledo.
He was born before Cervantes.

Those in Argentina, Mexico and Peru,
Colombia and the Caribbean
Bear La Mancha and Quixote in their hearts
For he is an ultimate and overlooked Don Juan.

Marquez was not born in Colombia.
He was born in Macondo,
And his Macondo is his La Mancha.
Fuentes and Cortazar are from La Mancha too.

Neruda had his first dream,
First meeting with the Moon and the Sun
In sunny La Mancha, hiding in his heart
Where he learned how to sing like a nightingale.

Don Quixote is not just Don Quixote;
La Mancha is not just geography;
It is our personal territory—
Terra Nostra.

It is not important what happens where;
Where we fall or rise,
What we conquer or lose,
How big or small we are.

All places come and go.
History will be erased in the universal purgatory.
Dreams are our only geography—
Our native land.
Dejan Stojanovic

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Poems By Poet Dejan Stojanovic