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Poems By Poet Abisoye Sejoro  10/31/2014 8:36:29 PM
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  Best Poems From
  ABISOYE SEJORO (11/09/1990)
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Stand out; you can rule your world
Shoot out; you have no limitation
Sprout out; you've got the clairvoyance
Sit up; you're made for the throne
You can; I say YOU CAN

You can be the one you desire
You can build the world you dream of
You can broaden your view without limit
You can stand at the apex of the highest mountain
Believe me YOU CAN

There's none greater than you
No success to compare
No achievement to equate
No talent to challenge
No future as bright and blossom
None but you can succeed.

You can conquer that difficulty
You can cross that ocean
You can move over to the other side
You can clinch to the apex
You can climb to the summit
Only Believe
'Cos you can!
Abisoye Sejoro




Worries are like acids
They eat up your heart
Sorrow are like hammer
They break you up
Joy is like the stream
smooth and cool
keep your heart at peace
Hate is like a shrinker
It shrinks one's heart
Love is like a lock
It shots its door when someone is in
Abisoye Sejoro



Time travel

The past is still alive
The future is living it
The present is stable
Time travel is possible.
Abisoye Sejoro



A Home

A home is a house of faith
lifted by the hands of trust
packaged with the work of love
living by the trust of the future
Abisoye Sejoro
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Poems By Poet Abisoye Sejoro