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Best Poems About / On PEACE
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Peace Be With You (Latin-Pax Vobiscum)

Oh God! I need a quiet place,
Where flows the nectar of peace,
Not that kind of dead peace,
In the grave, one finds with ease.

I went to the Himalayas Mountain,
But peace there was no certain,
As the solitude tore my mind,
A little peace when I tried to find.

I heard good spiritual lectures,
Those from eminent preachers,
For peace, I left no place unturned,
But with a perturbed mind I returned.

Tell me, oh God, that unknown place,
Where lies that elusive peace,
What I need, now I can find,
So, I’ll have peace of mind.

God answered, “Hey you fool,
First learn to keep yourself cool,
Don’t search elsewhere out,
But dive deep into your heart.”

“Peace isn’t an object that lies outside,
But it’s a feeling that’s generated inside.
Learn to cultivate peace in your heart.
To enjoy this peace, better you now start.”

“Know this I’m in your heart.
I fill it up with peace quite a lot.
This divine peace when you merit,
No need to go elsewhere for it.”
Rajaram Ramachandran

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From The Cantata For N. F. S. Grundtvig

His day was the greatest the Northland has seen,
It one was with the midnight-sun's wonders serene:
The light wherein he sat was the light of God's true peace,
And that has never morning, nor night when it must cease.

In light of God's peace shone the
he gave,
The spirit's course on earth that shall conquer the grave.
Might of God's pure peace thus our
mighty way
Before us for example and warning open lay.

In light of God's peace he beheld with watchful eye
The people at their work and the spirit's strivings high.
In light of God's pure peace he would have all learning glow,
And where his word is honored the 'Folk-High-Schools' must grow.

In light of God's peace stood 'mid sorrow and care
For Denmark's folk his comfort, a castle strong and fair;
In light of God's pure peace there shall once again be won
And thousand-fold increased, what seems lost now and undone.

In light of God's peace stands his patriarch-worth,
The sum and the amen of a manful life on earth.
In light of God's pure peace how his face shone, lifted up,
When white-haired at the altar he held th' atoning cup.

In light of God's peace came his word o'er the wave,
In light of God's pure peace sound the sweet psalms he gave.
In light of God's pure peace, as its sunbeam curtains fall
To hide him from us, stands now his memory for all.
Bjψrnstjerne Bjψrnson

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Doesn't everyone want peace?
People always want peace for anything.

I want peace to be everywhere,
to the world the most.
Some kids want to be free from school.

The countries who have wars
need it more than us.
They want to be free so they can do what they want in life.
They pray so hard to get peace.


Peace is about love,
and happiness.
Peace from our hearts to our minds.

Lets all have Love, Peace, Happiness.

Peace is in the air,
in the sky,
in our minds.
Peace makes us think
of the love ones' that we lost,
of the friendships' that we have,
of the family that we got.
You half to be proud that God
gave you this,
and brought you to this beautiful world.

I pray so ahrd to give peace to people
who really need it.
Sometimes it can make people cry,
who don't have it.

Pali Girl S...

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Is peace in the pigeons which fly above our heads
On Independence or Republic day?
Or, can it be found in memorial speeches
Does Gandhi’s day or Children’s day give us peace
Or have they become mere commemorations
With no relevance or feeling!
Is peace to be found on pavements
Or do they sell it in the supermarkets?
Is peace found in money, a secure life?
Is it found in friendship – how many true?
Is peace something you search for in pieces and parcel
Just enough for your present daily need
Or, is Peace a part and parcel of your whole life?
Does peace come with pleasant news,
What about the wars around – communal strife
Violence, poverty, illness and war?
Do they disturb you or do you live peacefully
Unaffected as long as nothing disturbs you.
Do you sow seeds of jealousy and wrath
On the path you walk along
Or do you plant seeds of tolerance and peace
Watered by your loving care and concern,
If you truly want peace, you will search,
Not look somewhere outside, but,
Deep within yourself, if you seek in silence
You will find Peace, waiting with
Forgiveness, acceptance, sharing and
Other virtues true in retinue
Do you want Peace? Then, ask yourself,
For, no one else can give you peace
Other than your own Self!
Angelina Pandian

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