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Best Poems About / On OCEAN

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Your Like A Ocean

Your eyes are like a ocean,
Your hiar is the waves that lift the ocean,
Your heart is the core of the animal ocean that feels it up with love for the lovely ocean
Your ful of emotion for your own ocean
Your smile just lights the ocean
By the night it calm and quite even the oceans getting so bright by the day and soul is quite
You will be mine tonight
Me and you can sit by the ocean and you are so close to a ocean as I can get and I love you just like a ocean me and you toghether and the ocean's flour will be your blanket for you.
clayton moore

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The Ocean! Xx

The ocean is a mystery!
The ocean is a surprise!
The ocean is beautiful!
The ocean is a huge monster!
The ocean is never ending!
The ocean is silent!
The ocean is noisy!
The ocean is a time traveller!
The ocean is all about a distance!
The ocean is love!
The ocean is enjoyable!
The ocean is a godsend!

The Ocean is a winner! ! ! ! xx
Premila Patel

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The Mistic Ocean

It's a beautiful the mistic ocean.
I‘m intoxicating because a unknown mystery.
The Ocean feel as my inside world and
the surf break as drops of water.

The soul was very lonely so came to see a the Ocean's kept a dreamed and
It wanted to be similiar to the Ocean.

The wide the Ocean is the native place of everything life very long time ago.
At the Ocean my mind is easy fall in love if exist person that well suit to me.

I felt the cold weather of life so I came to the Ocean.
Here I seek for that The dream of my soul.
Sometimes the Ocean was melancholy and furious.
It shows to we irdirectly that the various foms of the life

I want eagerly that
always as friend I'll do with Ocean and
permenently I'll live to keep the dream of Ocean.
John Kim

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Life Is My Dream And My Dream Is My Reality

I come her to day be cause I tip on the ground and fell in to the ocean as fund something more then the other day lost the tear in the sky as a wind so soft lee dry my eyes as I was lifted out of the ocean that by a wing I could not see as I flayed in to the sky I herd the wind cream then yell in my face as I fell from grace. lost but not blind seen but not spoken I look up to find wind that was crying a poor soul that wind was fading as I tried to help yell in my face again but this time I did not shiver nor fear I holed on to it then come a silence as it stop raining sorrow tears so black I wonder what was going on the wind was gone now some how I started to walk on water I did not ask y I just want on y stop as the fog began to despair I sow the shape of some one crying tear that made this ocean she sow me and stare with will unseen the water started checking the water every I could see what I did steel levis me in a Diaz so how I come back from the grave alive but lost and saved that what I though as some one come out and I was in land of endless sand endless death win something started to rise from the sand what its was could not be sad then if came at me with a sword of sand endless lee falling were every he tip by now I know this was no normal place as I made my sword to bind my fate out of sand running from the wind and from the ocean and all I see that there not one place I know was out of his reach far as I ran I fell sleep again to wake up in a dream were I was walking down the street it was hot like and other day but I was not truly a wake now you your wonder in how I got her if I say how he may a pear and I may wake up then were would I be if life was all ways a dream I may wonder less what do you think the dream is reality and reality is the dream. that y I’m her in this dream I don’t despair or do I fall or am I surprised at all
cortez the dark all seer

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