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Poems On / About MURDER  9/2/2014 6:38:54 PM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Suicide Is Forbidden By The Koran

There are war profiteers and warwagers of other faiths
who are either ignorant of the Koran or intentionally deceive...

Many of the socalled suicide missions have been acts of murder accomplished by kidnapping or by drones.

When women and men are found handcuffed to the steering wheels of cars
loaded with explosives and driven by remote by their kidnappers
into a building, these are not suicide bombers.

When Matrix and other datamining pick names from their billion
profile data bases for WTC bombing planes.. stealing the names of people in Europe
and calling them hijackers.. it is murder not done by Sauds but
by nonMuslims.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are being waged for
oil theft, for control of the heroin (poppy) trade, for
geographic area control, and by professional haters.
O Anna Niemus

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****Fractured Violence

The small girl was sold like a slave
The middle man cuddling her with a candy
The fat house wife suffered blues
From the riches in her neighbors
And those obese relations and friends
She felt terribly jealous of the free spirit
Of the small girl
She needed some one to look down upon
Whenever she would see her ugly face
And her bear belly
Her husband was a notable
Who would take his son
And to make him grow like himself
The small girl would share food
And chewed bones of the woman
With cats and dogs
Her smaller ego would get a boost
Her husband proud of her command
And one day in fog
In terrible cold
The fat woman ordered the small girl
To wash the floor
All bare
The small girl fell ill
Her nails were broken
She screamed mother hundreds of times
In minus cold
She screamed blanket hundreds of times
She just got an echo of her voice
From the cold walls
God like every one else was sleeping
At the time
And the nature watched
The moon and stars
She was murdered in the dark of the night
The husband and the fat woman
Had so many curses for her
The people
Did nothing
And the God was still sleeping

Written in the memory of Shazia Maseeh,12, a child worker in a house who was brutally murdered

Sadiqullah Khan

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The Red Sky

One who cannot see,
cannot seem to be,
will not accept a life unworthy,
cannot be who he is not,
will not accept he is one of an unstable mind,
one who gives up on himself,
to prove he can and will.

He goes outside,
stares into the sky,
a blue sky with many clouds,
in his eyes, the sky is red,
there are no clouds,
there is a storm present.

Lightning strikes him many times,
only in his head,
but his insanity,
it makes him believe,
he is what he's not.

He falls to the ground,
believing he must be dead,
his insanity killed him,
his beliefs have committed murder,
a murder of one who cannot and will not.

The next morning, he wakes up dead,
only to realize,
he was struck by lightning.
Stephen Rogers

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Goka And Five Others

Tossed to and fro with my mind,
One father to all to share a view;
But murder she wrote on this love.

The moment of grief and the moment of love,
And of their bodies in blankets without DNA test;
For we are now greeted by the ghost of our past!

Godwin Mawuli Dra Goka,
Yaw Brefo Berko,
Kojo Kyeremeh Djan,
Samuel Charles Aforo,
And Richard Charles Koomson;
Murder she wrote but,
The killers are still living among us.

Goka and five others,
In miniature coffins were their names inscribed on!
And this is the monument of my grief at last.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Poems On / About MURDER