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Poems On / About MURDER  5/31/2016 9:04:08 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Criminal Insanity

Living in a sadistic landscape a malevolent voice speaks to me
it tells me to cause chaos, to become one with the murders i commit
to leave carnage in my every wake, the psychotic voice is the madness
and disillution of a tormented soul of an adolecent abomination for whom dwells in the dead and is consumed by the void thus ushering in your demise.
hypochondriac raveaholic atomic cluster of crazy

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Many Exploited To The End

pushed from pillar to Post for being nice
fear is the motto
running around doing authorised murder, with an invisible consent
Not seen just taking it out on fellows by trained killers in our genes
kevin casey

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Living In H$ll My Poem

living in hell a place of pain and turmoil i rebel waking to terror they don't look at what you do good but only errors, don't want to be another useless person out hear trying to excel but being judge by what they see on the outside and not what's in the person. people wishing death up on one saying farewell one more dead for this young black male see all the people i look up to now in jail this is hell i need to prevail runing from what? i need to exhale. born with soul for sale for material wishes.look outside i heard the scream from the halls of a murder scenes by all i new this was a routines living in this world i need to get out of this living and start giving lving in hell

Copyright 2009, Christian B Guice. All rights reserved
christian guice

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No hoes can compare tu me cuz I bet I'm flyer, my qame is insane & my verses be'z da fire! Madd doqq in da streets yu hoes can't qet next tu me, Mrs. Steal yo qirl cuz misery needs my company. I click clack POW leave dem hoes squirminn helplessly, I kill dem fck niqqaz dat was neva any help fa me; a monster in dis qame and aint shame tu take da blame, insane up in my brain, killed all ya fckn lames; I doez dis shxt fa fun, Umbrella be da onez datz hottest unda da sun & dis shxt has jus bequn! ; I spit holes in ya hoes, slick countinn da bankk rolls, cush always on da qo while posta makinn shxt flow! Umbrella we so mean, keep swaqqa on stoopid, makinn da bxtchz cream while makinn da crowd scream; mo hotta dan a bakery, no breakinn but neitha makinn me, not sweatinn how hoes be shakinn me betta yet backk away frum me; I'm tu hot fa tv chanqe da channel turn da dial, I make dem niqqahs reconcile like buddy frum qreen mile, I'm far frum a child but I'm known fa bein wild, I neva qet no complaints cuz bxtchz they suck my style; monster monster monster make dese bxtchz qet real scared of me, wen I blow I qo hard so yu betta stay ahead of me, even if yu tried tu be I'm somethin dat yu will neva be so I murdered dis shxt like I said & did it faithfully...-Classy<3
Classy Boomdata

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Poems On / About MURDER