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Poems On / About MURDER  7/11/2014 9:21:44 PM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Suicide Is Forbidden By The Koran

There are war profiteers and warwagers of other faiths
who are either ignorant of the Koran or intentionally deceive...

Many of the socalled suicide missions have been acts of murder accomplished by kidnapping or by drones.

When women and men are found handcuffed to the steering wheels of cars
loaded with explosives and driven by remote by their kidnappers
into a building, these are not suicide bombers.

When Matrix and other datamining pick names from their billion
profile data bases for WTC bombing planes.. stealing the names of people in Europe
and calling them hijackers.. it is murder not done by Sauds but
by nonMuslims.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are being waged for
oil theft, for control of the heroin (poppy) trade, for
geographic area control, and by professional haters.
O Anna Niemus

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I murdered the inocent
to avoid pleating guilty.
Stood smirking at it΄s grave,
pretending it didn΄t matter
to me.
Murderously good at it
i went on.
Yet there΄s only a mirror
held in front of you.
Oh break her into thousands
of pieces, wound yourself
in the process.
Nobody can be blamed
for that, nor that you didn΄t
like what you saw.
But even when you erase
all your tracks,
disappear covered with wounds.
We still love one another,
for one reason:
Everything else is already gone.

Written in memory of the live of Theo van Gogh,
who was murdered for trampling on anyone
whom he did΄ not aprovve of.
And that where quite a lot.
So let us remember that we all mirror eachothers
lives, wheter we like what we see or not.
Ruerd Visser

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Reconciliation Day

A long, long walk,
More than A Long Walk
To Freedom.

Some of us
don’t know,
didn’t know,
can’t know,
want to know,
... are afraid to know...

We are a miracle country,
a real country,

a country with scars
and tragedies
and real blood
and stabbings
and burns
and gun wounds
and murders
and past tortures
(and some still hate
and some still murder)

but we are also
a country with
hope and heart,

... but...
the most precious thing
we have

as fleeting
as butterfly breath
and as substantial
as a mature whale

is the forgiveness
that many
so many
have heart-given
to their perpertrators
of such evil atrocities.

I stand in awe
I bow my head in reverent silence
I cannot own that ability for myself
for I don’t think that I could do it
if I had had to walk your path

but I own it by association
for I am proud to be a compatriot
I am proud to say,
”I am a South African.”

(16 December 2005)
Diana van den Berg

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point of no return

the point of no return is near
cries of children is bringing fears
living in the whole and watching the
world crack up, loose and shackled

the gas chambers of today exterminating
the mental states of our kids creating
the ideology that makes the concrete
jungles and creating the war zones of
false intentions

prescriptions of murder murder kill
we attack and we never back down
and never treat the patriotic false
thats giving birth to kids and letting
the rest of world down by making it the
dark side of the moon bright as heck
while we plunder and destroy the
resources of our world.

drama along the lines of Mesopotamia
and bring in the hills of the temples in
its evils abundance
that feeds the springs if no retreat no
going back down through the years of lost
times only that which exist and the children
of the evolution hearing the selfless moments
a tear dropping hearing the man crying.

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