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Poems On / About MURDER  7/25/2016 10:56:33 AM
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Best Poems About / On MURDER
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Spies 3

There are hit men and women spies
who live not with truth but with lies
who cause others in pain to die
and then are murdered by other spies.
O Anna Niemus

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Eight hours of work each day,
Eight hours spent cutting grass and weeds,
Work murders time before my eyes.
It's lost forever: gone.
Daniel Nairn

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Lifes questions are tough to answer.
To doubt ones self can make a 'what if' wonder.
The color of love is red but so is the thought of murder. One persons perception can be anothers deception. What is constant? What will remain? Some think time will end and others that heavens promise will begin. Can you tell me the definition of love and who really created hate? Can you tell me what friend will always be there no matter what? What about the enemy you should always keep close? Are they truely your enemy then? What is the meaning of a tear? Does it mean you are no longer sad when you have none left? I know love, have experienced it first hand. God has given me that. I still wonder about the original plan.
Shane Clift

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What Kind Of Wourld

what kind of wourld are we living in when there are so many people crying because there loved ones are dying by the hands of another.what kind of wourld are we living in when chilldren are killing each other.what kind of wourld are we living in when parents murder there own child showing no worry about the crime they have done to there own blood.what kind of wourld are we living in when we cant even go out of our homes because of fear of dying by some one taking there anger out on the innocent.what kind of wourld would it be if we dont stand up and say no we want go to our grave because of some one elese who has a problem with a mother or father or child or stranger. what kind of wourld would allow so much hert and pain it is our wourld and we should be ashamed of what kind of wourld we have created for our future generation what kind of wourld.........

kristie brasher

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Poems On / About MURDER