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Poems On / About MURDER  10/22/2014 10:43:41 PM
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Discography of The Smiths

Discography of The Smiths


Year: 1995
Tracks: 18
The Smiths: Singles Download
The World Won't Listen

Year: 1993
Tracks: 18
The Smiths: The World Won't Listen Download
...Best II

Year: 1992
Tracks: 14
The Smiths: ...Best II Download
Best... I

Year: 1992
Tracks: 14
The Smiths: Best... I Download
The Smiths

Year: 1992
Tracks: 11
The Smiths: The Smiths Download

Year: 1988
Tracks: 14
The Smiths: Rank Download
Louder Than Bombs

Year: 1987
Tracks: 24
The Smiths: Louder Than Bombs Download
Strangeways, Here We Come

Year: 1987
Tracks: 10
The Smiths: Strangeways, Here We Come Download
Thank Your Lucky Stars

Year: 1986
Tracks: 18
The Smiths: Thank Your Lucky Stars Download
The Queen Is Dead

Year: 1986
Tracks: 10
The Smiths: The Queen Is Dead Download
Meat Is Murder

Year: 1985
Tracks: 10
The Smiths: Meat Is Murder Download
Same Day Again

Year: 1985
Tracks: 14
The Smiths: Same Day Again Download
The Peel Sessions

Year: 1983
Tracks: 4
The Smiths: The Peel Sessions Download
This Charming Man

Year: 1983
Tracks: 4
The Smiths: This Charming Man Download
Hatful Of Hollow

Tracks: 16
The Smiths: Hatful Of Hollow Download
sergejs sinica

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Murder Me

stab me, hit me, slap me
come on just murder me
like u have no feeling
plz end my pain
right here right now
plz im begging u
murder me

here i will give u
this gun come on
all u have to do
is am close ur eyes
and pull the ticker
plz do it
dont u want to end my pain
it will e better this way
no more sleepless nights
no more i want to die
and no more guilty

no more
feelings all gone
sounds good
dont it

plz dont u cry
u want to help me right? .....
i kno i love you 2
but this is to much

i have to go
lots of ppl will be better off
u r just doin this ppl a favor

dont walk
way just
close ur eyes
think of someone u hate
and draw ur finger back
as fast as u can

pretend im on a vacation u will
be fine w/o me
im already
dead inside

let me fly
so beautiful and

just tell everyone
im free

now maybe u will understand
come on jsut do ti
im on my hands and knees
begging u
*click* i will always be there if u need me just close ur eyes and think of me *BOW*
Jazmine Staples

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Little Drops of Murder

Crushing broken nails deep inside my fists
Spreading the blood as visions turn to mists
Weeping inside my mind for what I can do
The gunshot wound I inflicted goes to blue

Awaiting lowly in an alley way after the rain
Moist beneath feet before I conduct my gain
Slowly this stalking has begun another night
Finding her wondering alone, alone her plight

Delicious in her innocence of her unknowing
As her sands in earnest are rapidly descending
I cry a little tear for what I shall always commit
Knocking her to the floor before hit after hit

Her broken body in another bloodied tsunami
Vision engrained as of her final sight of me
Stealing the life from the frenzy and the rage
This world as of my alter this city as my stage

When the blade ripped into the mortal flesh
Gifted into the passions of a murdering rush
Copper of wounds cleansed by the tongue
So discarded and wasted their bodies flung

Clasped hand over mouth in muffled scream
Drawing the blade back and forth supreme
As the blood jettisons to the floor in agony
All hope for them was so lost under tyranny

I know no thirst for the bleeding of my palms
Nor shall I be encouraged by unholy psalms
The prey of mankind and woman now asunder
For all of those delicate little drops of murder
Vision Ghost

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Written In September 2000

A year on in east Timor and they are re-building Dili Town
The houses and the businesses that the Indonesian militia burnt down
These so called emergency soldiers poor East Timor did destroy
Whilst the Indonesian military to stop them did not try.

A year on in East Timor but what's to celebrate?
It came at such a heavy cost the birth of a New State
They can replace the houses and life goes on they say
But they can't bring back the murdered innocents in unmarked graves they lay.

They can't bring back the murdered innocents they are gone forever more
And the poor of poor East Timor no better off than before
Their separation from Indonesia they are still in poverty
Is this the price for freedom for so called liberty.

A year on in East Timor and all is far from well
And the poor traumatized survivors have been through living hell
And though they can replace the houses the dead forever gone
And not much use to them now if their names are living on.
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About MURDER