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Poems On / About MURDER  9/18/2014 2:41:17 PM
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A Pool of Blood

A pool of water causes us to play with words,
Inner feelings may conceive an exalted frame of mind.

A pool is like radiation, all the yawning is converted
Into a character of good, a conversion has been made.

A pool is of blood, a real royal boredom of blue blood,
A spoilt man is issuing secrets that kingdoms do love.

When murder is bloody and minded by the some
We crave, destruction is the key, for almighty freedom.

A pool of immediate appearance is before my own eyes,
My ears are against my sight, for I have no idea of sound.

What is the murder when pools of bright blood stain the floors
With the anger and hunger of a killer, a sentinel of alien rudeness.
Naveed Akram

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For His Warped Dreams Of Fame

Someone should have told him he should not murder others and then kill himself for fame
Since all he left of himself is his legacy of shame
A gun in the wrong hands can cause sorrow and tears
And the kin of his victims left to grieve for years.

For decades of years they will grieve for their loss
The burden of sorrow is a heavy cross
That the families of his victims are obliged to bear
Of the consequences of his actions he was not aware.

The kin of the dead gunman deserve sympathy
'Twas hardly their fault he lacked in empathy
He was old enough for to know right from wrong
He will not be remembered in story and song.

Mass murder by gun is no longer rare
Many unstable people with firearms in the big World out there
For his warped dreams of fame the innocents had to pay
They were in the wrong place at the wrong time that does seem sad to say.
Francis Duggan

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On The Beijing Olympics

The Chinese Government never should have got the Olympic Games their culture to celebrate
News of crimes against humanity filtering out of Tibet of late
The Chinese Government ordered their troops against unarmed demonstrators with the orders of shoot to kill
As human rights go nothing has changed in China and suppose it never will.

The Olympic Games is about peace and World harmony and human rights in that include
But the pathway to justice by the Chinese Government has never been pursued
China should never have been given the Olymipc Games that's my truth anyway
Though others on the matter may have different to say.

To shoot to death unarmed demonstrators is a foul and a cowardly crime
But for the riot troops of China this is not the first time
That they have deliberately murdered civilians in an act worthy of shame
Though for their needless murdering they won't be taking any blame

Giving the 08 Olympic Games to Beijing I would say a huge mistake
But the Olympic Governing Council must stand by the decision they did take
In affording the Chinese Government such an honour but it does seem sad to say
That in a tainted Olympics for their mistake they will pay.
Francis Duggan

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the chopped women

now i need not blame the culprit
of this chopping incident: the head thrown from a cliff
rolling down
the deep part of the river below
a taxi driver did it
where blood of some fish
try to conceal
the stink of the the human blood
of two women

their four arms
wrapped in black plastic bags
apart from their thighs
thrown in different
places of the town

the police officers found
some other human parts
under the bridge
far from the others finally located
in the canal
of a distant barrio

i read the papers
the headlines of the city
about a cold murder

the killer said
he admitted the killing and will serve the sentence in jail

all because of the woman's word
demeaning his manhood
all because she wanted him out of her life

the words that finally know how to kill
to chop and throw the mouth, the lips, the teeth, the tongue
the arms and legs
and thighs

apart from each other

i do not mean to side with the killer
we simply have to be careful with the word that also knows how to kill

simple courtesy could have avoided
a cold murder
a kind word could have make a better place
a world of peace

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Poems On / About MURDER