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Poems On / About MURDER  10/4/2015 11:58:11 AM
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I Hate The Thought Of Hate Crimes

A crime is a crime no matter how you cut it,
A murder is a murder, a rape is a rape,
An assault is what it is,
A crime scene is a crime with the yellow tape.

If the prisons were to be abundant,
We can then send to jail all are convicted,
We don't have to pardon anyone out overcrowding and time off for good behavior,
We must send all the criminals that indicted,
Guilty as charged that is what should fuel our endeavor.

Are we really up to the cost?
Are we really up to taxation?
Are we saying we have lost?
Are we saying we'll pass another law,
such as hate crimes,
without a suitable explanation?

Joe Rosochacki

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The Martial Courage Of A Day Is Vain

THE martial courage of a day is vain,
An empty noise of death the battle's roar,
If vital hope be wanting to restore,
Or fortitude be wanting to sustain,
Armies or kingdoms. We have heard a strain
Of triumph, how the labouring Danube bore
A weight of hostile corses; drenched with gore
Were the wide fields, the hamlets heaped with slain.
Yet see (the mighty tumult overpast)
Austria a daughter of her Throne hath sold!
And her Tyrolean Champion we behold
Murdered, like one ashore by shipwreck cast,
Murdered without relief. Oh! blind as bold,
To think that such assurance can stand fast!
William Wordsworth

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Murder Music

Music some time
Murder about me...
At my dream
Thril and...

Thril...pop or Rap
Music on radio
At my sleeping time day
Or night
Murder at my sleep...

I did not Breath normal
With with out my sweet
Dreams and sleep...!
otteri selvakumar

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I Do Not Wish To Hear Your War Stories

Do not wish to hear your war stories of battles fought and won
Since I saw on t v this evening a mother grieve for her dead son
Her son murdered by a sniper with a bullet in his back
And I could only feel pity for this poor mother in Iraq
Of war and stories of it I do not wish to hear
Men who declare war on other people are those who rule by fear
Tell me some happy story or otherwise let me be
Your stories of war and war heroes only bore and sadden me,
Of war and it's brutality so much written and said
And in the news headlines on radio I hear of more war dead,
Tell me some happy story laughter in me provoke
Today I need a break from your war stories instead tell me a good joke
Today a mother in Iraq grieves for her murdered son
And I've heard enough of war from you of battles fought and won.
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About MURDER