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Poems On / About KISS  9/22/2014 5:15:12 PM
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I Can't Kiss You

I can't kiss you as one drop
my lips are a boat that loves to wave your ocean
I can't kiss you as one match
my lips are the matchbox that lights your lips' fire

I can't kiss you as one moment
my lips are the clock that loses its hours
I can't kiss you as one lips' graze
my lips like to write long carmine stories

I can't kiss you right now
my lips need a romantic cosiness
I wouldn't like just to kiss you
my lips would like to pad into your lips' flower
ata augustyn

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Love her Kiss.

she wants to kiss me,
her lips are red as a newly bloomed rose,
a glazing gleam reflecting off of beautiful blue waters.
She secretly quietly utters I want to kiss you,
Her seduction her kiss of beauty that only be taken from
The heart, I grasp my breath my heart, my every being,
The heart races faster and faster as are kisses meet her kiss so sweet,
As of honey in spring, the warmth of the sun, the happy
Laughs of joy, the beautiful dreams we dream, how the
Stars cluster over us, and the moon so close so bright,
And she softly sweetly lovingly says I want to kiss you.
Rocky Romance

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Her Kiss

In her lips i see my heart beating,
In her eyes i see my love breathing,
In her skin see the blue blood passing through my veins,
In her heart i see cupid arrow flying.

Her kiss is mystrious,
When she kiss
wings grow in hand
And fly to the sky.

Her kiss is priceless,
when she kiss
The sorrow and pains
fly away from me.

Her kiss is wonderful,
When she kiss
It do wonder like rod of moses.
Ejalonibu Abraham

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One Little Kiss

One little kiss, infinitely sweet,
Is all I'm asking for.
Without that kiss I'll taste defeat,
One little kiss, please I implore.

One little kiss from your red lips,
Sweeter than any wine.
Will have me doing backwards flips,
And tell me that your'e mine.

One little kiss, just on the cheek,
I'm not that brazen yet.
That's all the comfort that I seek,
One little kiss, yes, just like that.
Juan Olivarez

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