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The Truth About Flying Horses

Do you remember the fairy tale about
the levitating steed over the deserts of Arabia,
the story of the enchanted flying horse
in the One Thousand and One Nights?

Anyhow, my dear reader, you probably
do not believe in fairy tales. Do you?
Levitating steeds and flying horses? You say.
Nevertheless, you may rest assured, horses
really can fly, at least for a short time.

Artists in the past used to paint a horse
at a trot with one foot on the ground.
And in depicting full equine gallop they placed
the front legs extended forward and the hind
legs extended to the rear, yet all still touching
the ground.

However, the fact is that the human eye
cannot perceive precisely the fast motion
of a horse at full gallop. So the answer
to the thorny puzzle of whether or not
trotting and galloping horses kept their legs
above the ground, or in touch with the earth,
came from the pioneering photographic
studies of motion by Eadweard Muybridge.

In the 1870s Muybridge settled this problem
by recording the quick gaits of a galloping horse
in a series of photographs, showing clearly
all its feet off the ground and its legs
collected under its body. Muybridge proved
that a fast moving horse defies gravity,
it is periodically airborne and momentarily
hovers above the ground.
Paul Hartal

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Fond And Happy Memories

In the middle of February they always came to Annagloor
And parked their horse drawn vans by the by road the travelling Irish poor
They came for the March horse fair in Millstreet Town horses they bought and sold
And a beautiful Pinto to them was a horse worth more than gold.

The coldest part of the Winter is in mid February
And a cold wind blew across the sky in temperatures low as minus 3
Their horses they did not tether on the by road they ranged free
And though that was close to fity years ago those memories remain with me.

And though many Seasons have come and gone since then the memories remain evergreen
Around their camp fire they drunk their illicit booze the stuff known as poteen
And the accordionist played the old tunes and with him they sang along
And they were bound through their cultural links to music dance and song.

Their ancestors were the dispossessed that Cromwells's army had put on the road
That led them to the wandering life of the 'no fixed abode'
Their mothers gave them life in their horse drawn vans and in their horse drawn vans they died
And from birth till death they roamed around the Irish countryside

Outcasts in their own country and homeless and downtrod
But through their music dance and song linked to a greater God
And though they too had their human frailties so too don't we one and all
And fond and happy memories of them I can recall.

Their children and grand children don't live in a horse drawn van
For the late fifties brought great changes to the lives of the wandering clan
Yet by the by road at Annagloor around their camp fire in the moonlight
I still can hear them singing on a cold and frosty night.
Francis Duggan

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A Man Named Kim

I knew a man named Kim.
Who owned a horse named Jim.
And it won!
It ran wire to wire.
Man! Was that horse on fire.

I'll never forget that day.
When Kim took his horse out,
for a work out.
And the jockey fell right off the horse.
What a spill!

But nothing like the day,
when Jim won the purse.
Of course the horse's name was Jim.
And he was definitely owned by a man named Kim.
Kim has seen better days, and Kim has seen worse.
But nothing like the day,
when Jim won the purse.
And life goes on..

Horse Story Poem By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2001,2009..
ALL rights reserved..
Kim Robin Edwards

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Deceitful Nag Profits

horse references
processed packaged
rough shod dues

an equestrian flesh nay
to horse meat sold today
as prime prestige beef

horse meat scandal
horse sold as beef
scheme driven profit

beef is selling at a high premium
enter herd hoof trackless consortium
black market mafia pony delirium

a rat does not look like a cat
a horse does not look like a cow
identity mistake excuse is bird

cheap is horse meat
someone is scooping
nag profits deceitful
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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