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The Przewalski Horse

The last true wild horses of Planet Earth of them it has been said
Of stocky build with dark brown mane and coloured brown to red
Przewalski's horse it is their name in the wild state now quite rare
In the Gobi desert years ago they were seen everywhere.

'Tis said they were discovered by the Russian Naturalist Nikolai Przewalski in eighteen seventy nine
The last wild horses it is said of an unmixed blood line
In the Mongolian Gobi desert they have not been seen for years perhaps extinct in the wild state
Those who breed them in captivity save them from a far worse fate.

Long before the historic conquests of the immortal Genghis Khan
Przewalski's horses lived in the Gobi desert independent of man
But for the increase in the human population wildlife always give way
And the Mongolian wild horses only bred in zoos today.

In Mongolia in the Gobi Desert where they once ranged wild and free
The horses known as Przewalski one unlikely for to see
A captive breeding program has saved them from extinction though endangered they remain
And in the vast Gobi Desert they may never be seen again.
Francis Duggan

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THE JUMPING HORSES OF THE CARNIVAL (edited, my eyes are failing me)

Do you still remember
the jumping horses of the carnival
when we were yet small?

Do you remember sometime
in July of 1968?

The horses were made of tin
in different colors,

practically all other colors
which were impossible for real horses
that we knew of
black, gray, white, brown, spotted

there were pink, yellow green
and rainbow horses

(i hope you remember
that you preferred the black ones)

Those horses did not jump on their own
You bet

A hand held their feet

and when your guess won,
you got
a cheap teddy bear

Those horses move with the music
of the old record player
with a harsh and confused voice
like a desert storm

and there was a Big Man
holding the microphone

Dictating who shall move next
till your number won the prize
of your persistence

i called you stupid &

That was the beginning of my criticism
Turned treatise of Reason

Now, i am going back there to obtain more data
Perhaps, i shall then be
Enlightened in black and white, perhaps,
i am not sure anymore

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'Aah' Ad

A pup is born on a horse farm.
A horse becomes the pup's best friend,
A match filled with a bunch of charm.
But then comes time for it to end.
Humans come drive the pup away
To be a human pet somewhere.
The pup's so sad that it can't stay
With the horse - they made a great pair.
The galloping horse does its part,
Stopping the driven truck pickup.
The humans have a change of heart.
Back down the road come horse and pup.

So does the pup stay with the horse?
The T.V. beer ad says, 'Of course! '
Ima Ryma

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Old Black Tom

My dad sold black Tom our old work-horse when he had known a better day
But what happened to him after that I do not know for to say
Suppose he was slaughtered for dog meat few work-horses of old age do die
To say that all work-horses become children pets would be telling a lie
Any way old black Tom would never have been any good as a child's pet
A few nips he gave to me I never will forget
Old Tom he was surely not gentle or quiet
And given the opportunity he surely would bite
Five out of ten for him would seem a fair score
He was a good work-horse that and nothing more
Not the finest equine west of Millstreet Town
For Tom the old rogue horse no such a renown
He was sold to a horse dealer more than three decades ago
And what happened to him after I cannot say I do know.
Francis Duggan

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