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Poems On / About HONESTY  5/27/2015 8:30:29 AM
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B: Xxxxxxxx: Incurred

An honest,
to-be-widely-read poet
with a heart for rhyme
saw honesty increasing his troubles,

exhibitionism expanding
to counter capital punishment, excess imagery
and prolonged suffering before being interred,

troubles increasing his honesty

and his sufferings by honesty incurred.

It worked,
His prayer that pain not silence his word.
douglas scotney

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Limerick 12 (Honesty)

Does honesty always pay?
For sure, crime will never pay!
Best policy's honesty
Your soul and spirit's free
For some it's not enough pay!
Paul Sebastian

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The Crying Of The Sky

Honesty is a problem of mine
I cannot hold back - It would be out of line
The reality of life can be so cruel
If you do not understand you are deemed a fool
Do we want to know the truth- We need to accept it no matter what
Truth in my answer is all that I have got
Honesty, heartache. As the rain pours down
Yet it is the only way to accept what you have found
You have found that you, Cannot hold back
With honesty with answers you do not have a knack
A knack of giving what the person wants to hear
But you do have a knack of shedding light. Excluding fear
So it is important to keep honesty alight
Earning respect, gaining sunlight
Keep your heart alight with your honesty
You'll gain more respect than receiving tears
Smile, breathe, do not think you are doing wrong
Honesty is Truth - There can be no wrong
As the rain still pours down I have accepted who I am
I am not out to hurt anyone
I have not gained I have not won
So the crying of the sky, the coldness of the day
I cannot change my spots in any way

Copyright Reserved May 2014
Lyn Paul

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Praise honesty
comeforward to
give tips
honesty has
wide connotation
and you have it.
gajanan mishra

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Poems On / About HONESTY