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Poems On / About HOMEWORK  4/28/2016 10:56:51 PM
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Best Poems About / On HOMEWORK
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First Homework

Tis the day I got my first batch of homework
From where you ask?
From my first grade class of course
I wonder how I should start

From the days my siblings warned me of this
I have always forever dreaded this
And now the time has finally come upon me
to open the books of doom

So as I sit there waiting patiently
Hoping a way to succeed
I decided to finally start this
For else the end is near

As I finished the homework I see
i realized it's not so bad
maybe I'll enjoy this once in a while
The dreaded homework no one seeks
Venus Fire

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I Ate My Homework For Brekky

I ate my homework for brekky,
whilst tying on my shoes.
I had a sidecourse of spaghetti,
but my poor dog had the blues.
'My homework was really yummy'
I said as I headed out the door,
'positively scrummy, I'll be coming back for more! '
But when I told my teacher,
She went positively insane!
Gave me twenty-two detentions,
and chucked me into the rain!
And so I went back home again,
thinking i'd done a sin,
but then i realized,
with a groan,
I'd chucked my new homework in the bin! !
Abdul Naheesapolotomis

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Home Work

I started on my homework,

but my pen ran out of ink!

My hamster ate my homework,

and the computer's on the blink!

I accidentally dropped it,

in the soup, my mum was cooking!

My brother flushed it down the toilet,

while I wasn't looking!

My mother ran my homework,

through the washer and dryer!

Oh, an aeroplane crashed into our house,

and my homework caught on fire!

Tornadoes blew my notes away,

Volcanoes struck our town!

My notes were taken hostage,

by an evil killer clown!

Some aliens abducted me,

I had a shark attack!

A pirate stole my homework from me,

and refused to give it back!

I worked on these darn excuses so long,

my teacher said ' I think you'll find it easier to do the work

Adam Davis

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(021) My Luck Abandoned Me

Ever since I set foot in school for my new academic year
It looks like luck has abandoned me
My bus came late to pick me up for school
So guess who is punished, me!
In the first few days we were given so much homework,
So many projects to make,
So many tests to prepare for
I thought my head would break
The teachers are very strict
And on craft items, my pocket-money I will have to spend
And nowadays the level of homework given has increased so much
That doing your homework is the latest trend
What’s more, to make matters even worse
My best friends have been shuffled now
I want to see them, but where’s the time
To them how can I talk, how?
And these days I am always
Forgetting to do my homework
Now my memory’s failing me
And all I can do is sulk
I can describe class V
In nothing but a deep sigh
Wait I just remembered I forgot,
To do my homework. Got to go. Bye!
Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

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