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Poems On / About HOMEWORK  3/30/2015 5:34:13 AM
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Poetry for children: Homework

I'll do my homework tomorrow,
I'll complete it in a flash!
I'm going swimming now,
Ma! you should see me splash!

That night, when I was sleeping,
I saw a shadow loom;
It towered tall before me,
in a corner of my room.

I trembled uncontrollably,
I tried to shout for help;
but all that I could manage,
was a very squeaky yelp.

And so I made a dash for it,
and raced right up the stairs;
Jumping over footstools,
and toppling over chairs.

What utter pandemonium!
What terror and pure fright!
As that awful shadow chased me,
in the darkness of the night.

'I am your undone homework! '
It shouted in a shriek;
'You should've had me done,
at least before last week! '

I very nearly fainted,
So stupefied was I,
As my homework glared at me,
with a baleful, angry eye.

And all the time, it chased me,
it kept on growing bigger;
'You really should've finished me! '
It chided with a snigger.

It chased me round the garden,
through a misty, grey, wet fog;
That nasty, horrid homework,
It went and ate my dog!

I howled in helpless disbelief,
as it grabbed tight hold of me;
I tried to shake it off and woke,
to see it was Mummy...

I bounded right out of my bed,
and raced to my note books;
As Mum and Dad watched me,
with very perplexed looks.

I completed all my homework,
before breakfast that day;
Now I do my homework,
before it's time to play.
Roann Mendriq

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My Dog Does My Homework

My dog does my homework
at home every night.
He answers each question
and gets them all right.
There's only one problem
with homework by Rover.
I can't turn
in work
That's been slobbered all over
Kenn Nesbitt

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Homework oh Homework how i hate you so I wish i could kill you but you have no life i wish i could explode you to a million little pieces but then i could be wasting money i wish could wash you down the drain but then my book would be gone what can i do to get rid of you
Carson Miller

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Inside the classroom

Empty Faces
stare back at the desk
they sit in
those are the tired ones

Faces Full
of happiness
laughing at a joke
their friend just told
those are the happy ones

Faces of Concentration
trying to reach their perfection
by completing their homework,
no one else seems to be doing
those are the determined ones

every few seconds
glance at the clock
hoping the class will be over
but to them
it won't come soon enough
uder pressure

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