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Poems On / About HERO  2/10/2016 1:49:33 PM
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My Son's Hero

When I asked my son who his hero was,
I thought that there'd be a long pause,
I expected him to say someone like Messi,
On the strength that he always scores!
Instead though he really surprised me
And said Grandad deserved his applause,
He's my hero and someone I look up to
And he's someone he truly adores...
Nick Jordan.

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Hercules Is Here

Hercules is this guy
A super hero
With immense strength
All this strength is to be
Used in a creative way
For only the good and not evil
As hercules is cute and funny too
A super hero forever, till his end.
Rohit Sapra

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September 11

September 11 an ordinary day, wake up to the sound of the alarm.
A husband says goodbye to a wife, a wife says goodbye to husband. A dad says goodbye to his kids, a mother says goodbye to her kids, heading to their final destinations not realising that will be goodbye for ever.

A man, a woman arrives at the towers of doom. To them another tuesday just like every other tuesday, filling out paperworks, answering phones not knowing their lives were about to be deprived from them.
The simple joy of existing, not being able to feel the warmt of the
summer breeze, the touch of a loved one, the sweet songs of the birds,
the beauty of the sunset or all such wonders which we take for granted. Then suddenly BOOM, all those simple joys were gone along with the victims, no heroes of september 11, although gone they will never be forgetten, because they still exist through the hearts of their loved ones.

Dedicated to the Victims/Heroes of September 11
Chrispin Johnson

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Hero Of Poem

If I have truly lived a life of my poems
would that make me a better man.

I would be a hypocrite if I told you so,
for I am no hero of poem.

I live within my dreams and the dreams of poets,
my reality is dark and somber.

Each and everyday, I try and I try...
to be a hero of poem.
Khembottra Oum

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Poems On / About HERO