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September 11

September 11 an ordinary day, wake up to the sound of the alarm.
A husband says goodbye to a wife, a wife says goodbye to husband. A dad says goodbye to his kids, a mother says goodbye to her kids, heading to their final destinations not realising that will be goodbye for ever.

A man, a woman arrives at the towers of doom. To them another tuesday just like every other tuesday, filling out paperworks, answering phones not knowing their lives were about to be deprived from them.
The simple joy of existing, not being able to feel the warmt of the
summer breeze, the touch of a loved one, the sweet songs of the birds,
the beauty of the sunset or all such wonders which we take for granted. Then suddenly BOOM, all those simple joys were gone along with the victims, no heroes of september 11, although gone they will never be forgetten, because they still exist through the hearts of their loved ones.

Dedicated to the Victims/Heroes of September 11
Chrispin Johnson

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Be A Hero

Are you ok if tomarrow is the end? Would you be a hero for someone in need? Would you care, or stand and watch? If you knew you could make a difference, would you? If you were one vioce, and this was the last chance to be heard, would you take advantage of the moment and scream out your the word? Would you help someone who you dispised? Would you help someone when you have enough on your plate as it is? Would you help a homeless person find a home, and give them food? If you were with your friends and they were making fun of a person who would be considered a geek or nerd, which side would you be on? would you sacrafice your time to help another, no matter how late it is or who it is? The world would be a better place it we just helped each other...I know that sounds impossible, but in reality...nothing is impossible if we just put our minds to it and stop being selfish. If we took the time to help someone, then they would probably take the time to help someone else and so on. But it takes more than one person to make a diffrence. It takes all of us. If we did this earlier we might not have had so many wars, therefore so many deaths. If we took the time to do something that really matters the world would be a safer and nicer place to live. I might only be sixteen but that doesn't mean I don't know anything. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that we have to care in order to make the world a better place. here are some facts that will maybe encourage you to send this poem to others so that we can make a difference and save some lives......1.) In a recent national survey of students in grades 6 to 10,13% reported bullying others,11% reported being the target of school bullies, and another 6% said they bullied others and were bullied themselves. 2.) Teen bullying can lead teenagers tense, anxious, and afraid. Some teens feel compelled to take drastic measures, such as carrying weapons to school for protection or violent revenge. Others in desperation even consider suicide. 3.) By 2002,28% of the woman who had reported depression symptoms in 1995 said they'd experienced dating violence or injury from a partner, compared with only 18% of woman who didn't report depression. 4.) 1,439 teens will attempt sucicide in the next 24 hours.6 of them will end in death. 5.) Remember that any ongoing conflicts between a parent and child can fuel the fire for a teen who is feeling isolated, misunderstood, devalued, or suicidal. Get help to air family problems and resolve them in a construcive way. 6.) at last count, there were more than 24,500 different gangs around the country, and more than 772,500 teens and young adults were members of gangs. Some gang members are as young as 12, the average age is about 17 to 18 years old. 7.) Teens join gangs for a variety of reasons. Some are seeking excitment; others are looking for prestige, protection, a chance to make money, or a sense of belonging.---If we make a chioce to be the voice for those who won't speak up for themselves, how many lives would we save? If it was ur kid who got shot because of a disgruntal teen was being picked on and decided to bring a gun to shcool. so please spread the mesage to care and be a hero.
Jessica Elizondo

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Everyone seems to have a hero
But, I don't
It seems no one wants to save me
They want me to keep running
They want me to be afraid of every corner
I don't want to be afraid anymore
So please, If you are my hero
Come Save Me
Alyssa Ray

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Fade To Black

Fade To Black

©Copyright 2008 Sarah-Laney Long: All Rights Reserved!

Over Generations afar and throughout time, there have always been heroes.

Rugged and narrow was the path that they chose. We believed in them and hoped they’d remain… These heroes lived for their cause and died for our gain.

However, some of them failed and left our hearts. They died with old dreams and they scattered in parts. They died right along with the life they once lived…they were corrupted to death by the things they did.

If only the Angels could pay for their soul…to quickly bring back what the darkness stole. Through toll and torture of character that came, they lose everything and forfeit their name.

Memories they have, but hearts they lack. Once as white, they fade to black.
SarahLaney Long

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