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Best Poems About / On HERO
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When The Princess Becomes The Dragon

Everything reminds me of you
Every song, every book, every hero to every story.
You could be the hero
You always try to be the hero
You could be my hero
The white knight at the end of my fairytale.
Could have: would be IF the princess wasn't the dragon.

Some people shouldn't be saved
Some people should only save.
Everything needs to be earned
So pardon me if I don't hand myself over to you.
Not that I'm worth all the work,
But it's become clear that I'm worth more than you're willing to pay.

I'm all closed up, no part of me is free.
And your empty promises aren't worth shit.
Those rushed excuses that always manage to put the blame on me for your stupid hurtful actions.

So, I'm sorry for all the shit I've dragged you through
So sorry for all the games.
Sorry that the princess became the dragon.
And I'm sorry that you couldn't be the hero this time.
But being the hero must be pretty hard when the knight becomes the dagger.
Delaney Rose

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Just Life (Part 1)

There are not a lot of things I love about life
One of those things is the fact that everything
I identify with in this life is short lived
Starting with life itself
It sucks to think that everything I am,
and all that I know is temporary
Love, life, relationship all is but temporary

I have always waited to be wise
The coronation of the wise always happens with every passing day
So I lay in wait to write my memoir
I want it filled with wisdom of that of a 100 year old
But then that old lady said
“I still do not know it all at 100 years old”
How much longer do I have to live in order to know it all then?

My biggest misconception is marriage
Its 24hrs and I Still can’t get my head around why people get married
I guess if you find out please let me know
Why can’t they just be who they are?
Why all the celebration?
Am I different or are others asking the same question?
Whose idea is it that people get married in the first place?

The world needs a hero
Are you a hero?
Because real heroes die like everyone else
Real heroes want to be wise like everyone else
And get married like everyone else
And when that hero arrives
The hero is not afraid to be different
David Beckham

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The Hero In White

When my parents slept
I read
Stories and tails
Of places both
Near and very far
About place I could go
And people I might meet
About people I would dream to be
In a castle in the sky
Or a tunnel under ground
I would read about them
In the dark of my house
About people I try to make myself into
Heroes and conquers
Ladies and knight
People who lived in my head
I would paint them a world
Full of beauty and light
A world where they all would
Fight the good fight
With me at the front leading the charge
We would ride off to battle
And not return till we won
We would fight off the monsters that came at night
And save the innocents too small to fight
I was the hero of the great battles that were set
Against all the forms of evil in my head
Id save the day without so much of a threat
That I would lose of forfeit
The game was set
I had all the best charms and looks too
For in my little world perfection was due
I had magic and friends
People who cared
Everyone loved me
The hero, the lead
In my own dreams
My paints grew complexed and hard to manage
Till the world yanked me out
By the collar
With no thought
To the damage
Done to my world
The one in my head
Now my land is dark
And my heroes dead
There is nothing left of the world in my head
My paintings blank
And locked away
By society trying to sow me the way
To being grown up a responsible being
Without thought without meaning
No worlds in the heads of today's youth
No room for that in this worlds view
So all I have now is useless knowledge
About stuff that brings me no joy
Just college
Were you learn more about less
Till there is nothing left
No hear
No soul
No heroes of old
No hope or dreams
Just expectations and rules
No more worlds that are hiding in the back of your mind
Safe guarded like precious jewels
Now five yous latter I try again
To build back my world
The one in my head
But the people all laugh cause they forget
And society shakes its heavy head.
So now I'm back to reading alone
When the house is dark and no one is home
To see me lead my arm into the fight
To see me
The hero
The light
Jackie Hughes

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I Don't Want To Be A Hero

I don't want to be a hero renowned for my bravery
All I want is heaps of money and of my worries I'd be free
To pay my bills I have to struggle I live close to poverty
I don't want to be a hero what use would that be to me? .

I don't want to die in battle and be honoured posthumously
And be seen as an example and left for posterity
And the crazy army general say there's none so brave as he
I don't want to die a hero what use would that be to me? .

I don't want to die a hero I don't yearn for such renown
But I would like to own a big house on the outskirts of the town
With a rolls royce in my car port and I sunning by the swimming pool
And a nice dip in the water just to keep the body cool.

You would like to die a hero fighting for your Country's pride
And a stone plaque to your memory and your fame known far and wide
Millions of brave men died in battles they like you believed the lie
That your name will live forever if for your Country you will die.

You would like to be remembered as one of the noble dead
But I don't want to die a hero bullet through my heart or head
I don't want no crazy general saying there's none so brave as he
All I need is heaps of money and of my worries I'd feel free.
Francis Duggan

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