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You Are My Hero

you make me laugh
you make me smile
all i need is you by my side
you are my hero

you heal my blue days up
you are my angel
that guides me thriugh the right path
you are my hero

i see the truth because of you
i believe in myself
i believe in you
you are my hero
kara leigh pono

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I Want To Have Your Babies

My handsome hero,
Marry me and let me have your babies!
For that is the way love goes,
And i want to have your babies.

Oh my darling, oh my darling!
I want to have your babies;
So let me be your wife on this muse of love,
For you are my handsome man and my hero.

You are lie the Oak Tree of my life,
And the Valley of Love to my heart;
So my handsome man and my hero come and marry me,
For i am dying slowly in the name of your sweet love!

Forest and trees,
Love and passions,
Knowledge is part of us as a cure,
And i really know the questions in your mind.
Edward Kofi Louis

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The Pain Of The Earth

DOES the earth grow grey with grief
For her hero darling fled?
Though her vales let fall no leaf,
In our hearts her tears are shed.

Still the stars laugh on above:
Not to them her grief is said;
Mourning for her hero love
In our hearts the tears are shed.

We her children mourn for him,
Mourn the elder hero dead;
In the twilight grey and dim
In our hearts the tears are shed.
George William Russell

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On Meeting A Hero

I met a hero yesterday
In silver, bronze and polished gold,
Just back from spending time away,
From doing all that he was told,
By donkeys bred at public schools,
The playing fields of Eton's mess.
Our hero followed gilded fools,
A pawn in Britain's game of chess.
His Captain said, 'that man must die! '
And so our hero takes a life,
For his was not to reason why,
Nor tend the lonely, weeping wife,
Who wondered why her choking love
Was sacrificed to free a dove.
Alastair Buchan

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