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The Frog and the Dragonfly

From the pond they both came
Hatching and making their debut
Both a gift from the water’s edge
One hopped and the other flew

As the frog searched for sustenance
He spied a bug and waited patiently
In a flash he swallowed with a gulp
He digested his treat quite efficiently

The dragonfly’s wings beat at a rapid rate
Mosquitoes offered an array of delight
Hovering momentarily, then plunging…
The dragonfly seized its dinner in flight

Then one sunny day it came to be
That bulging eyes anticipated a feast
The amphibious one was famished
Soon the dragonfly would be deceased

In a fleeting second, the action concluded
The sleek winged delicacy was out of reach
Too fast… too quick to become a banquet
The disappointed frog returned to the beach

As a shadow from a feathered predator was cast
A leap and a splash secured appreciated safety
Suddenly sympathy recalled the dragonfly’s escape
Now the frog understood the food chain in its entirety
Theresa Ann Moore

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Finch & Frog

The finch trills in the apple tree
His: Tiriliree!
A frog climbs slowly up to him,
Up to the treetop's leafy rim
And puffs right up and croaks: "Hallooo,
Ol' chum: see, I c'n do it too!"

And as the bird his song of spring
So sweetly to the world doth sing,
The frog chimes in with sassy tones
And interjects his bassy drones.

The finch exclaims: "O Joy, hurray!
I'll fly away!"
And springs into the azure sky.

"Hah!" cries the frog, "Well so kin I!"
He makes a most ungainly bound
And splats onto the bare hard ground.
He's pancake flat, and that's no joke:
He's croaked his very final croak.

If someone climbs laboriously
Into the branches of a tree
And thinks himself a bird to be:
Wrong is he.
Wilhelm Busch

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Frog Or Is It A Toad (Fun Poem 22)

The fairy tale says,
that every time you kiss
a frog or is it a toad,
it turns into a prince or a princess,
depending on which story you have heard.
I thought that I would test the theory.
First on a frog, I tried,
but nothing happened there.
Then I grabbed the biggest toad,
gave it a great big kiss as you know.
All I ended up with was a big wart
on the end of my nose.
So if you are looking for a prince or princess,
do not kiss a frog or toad,
because you might end up like me,
with a big wart on the end of your nose.
David Harris

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Frogiven (no thats not a typo)

Not quite a Prince Charming
with your propensity to stick
the glass slipper
in your little green mouth
But alas if when I kiss you
you do not turn to my prince.
I guess I will have to love
an adorable frog that
occasionally acts as a toad

As many times as I kiss
your adorable green face
your still my adorable frog.
A prince of one indeed
but green and bumpy all the same.

Leaping through most days
sometimes you miss the lillypad
Splat you submerge
only'to swim up again.
When surfaced still no prince,
but toads dont swim

So 'ribbit, ribbit, ribbit'
let me get out babel fish and give you
the frog to woman translation
'Your frogiven for evermore'
try, if ya' would,
to channel your inner prince
and not be such a toad!
Sandra Dodd

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