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The Laughng Toad

The smell of lavander
Bees humming rounds its tall soft tips
The water flowing over the rock
Trickles down my eyes
Shallow ripples; koi pond's surafce.
Chlorinated water; unlucky toad's fate
I saved it! I saved it!
Released from pool to pond
Where he shall be
Free to bathe
Laugh as toad's laugh
Returning in pride
I search for him
Make sure he is clean and laughing
All I see is the resident frog
A gluttoned frog
Two protruding legs
Of my laughing toad
Raised upwards to the heavens
Jutting from the fatted
Frogs mouth.
I emancipated; hence enslaved
Intentions dont determine
Vincent Cibelli

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It’s cold and dark everywhere
The clouds kissed the mountains near
The hungry rivers are shouting and swelling
Help! The grassland is drowning

The dampen bird ceased to fly
An old horse prayed to calm the sky
In the other end, there’s the disgusted mare
The frog’s endless cry she claimed to beauty is bare

The angry thunder in heavens begun to roar
But the lighting is quick and warned to moor
To the overly drunk trees in the forest
Hold tight the dampen bird to your chest!

The night falls but of no distinction
The day’s sun is as dark as the midnight moon
But in the gloom, a circle of light appeared
It’s from a hungry feline’s eyes dazzled red

Hours, days, nights, weeks, birds, frogs, horse passed
Oh dear, the torment has ultimately stopped
The dampen birds found hope and start to hop
The old horse hugs the mare and slashes the loop

Sadly, no singing frog welcomed the new day
Because the hungry cat ended his song instantly
And the mare slept well all that night
The next morning is a goodbye to the bird’s faraway flight.
Ayi Escalona

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The Frog and the Dragonfly

From the pond they both came
Hatching and making their debut
Both a gift from the water’s edge
One hopped and the other flew

As the frog searched for sustenance
He spied a bug and waited patiently
In a flash he swallowed with a gulp
He digested his treat quite efficiently

The dragonfly’s wings beat at a rapid rate
Mosquitoes offered an array of delight
Hovering momentarily, then plunging…
The dragonfly seized its dinner in flight

Then one sunny day it came to be
That bulging eyes anticipated a feast
The amphibious one was famished
Soon the dragonfly would be deceased

In a fleeting second, the action concluded
The sleek winged delicacy was out of reach
Too fast… too quick to become a banquet
The disappointed frog returned to the beach

As a shadow from a feathered predator was cast
A leap and a splash secured appreciated safety
Suddenly sympathy recalled the dragonfly’s escape
Now the frog understood the food chain in its entirety
Theresa Ann Moore

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La Rana (The Frog)

I sit on a boulder in the Trinity River and make peace with my fear
of the bear. I will leave it here with the tadpoles around my ankles,
speckled stones, tall grass and the frog’s eyes just above the surface.

I will try to sit in stillness like that frog and watch water rush over fallen firs,
duck my head to avoid a swallowtail flying into me. One eye
is on a garter snake swimming S’s and the other on a lizard

beneath the coolness of a redwood shadow. There are greater
fears out there, a parent’s death, a terrorist’s threat. The river deafens
all sounds save the truth of rapids, the croak of a frog, the splash of a foot.

Maria Garcia Teutsch
Maria Garcia Teutsch

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