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Poems On / About FOOD  11/27/2015 11:09:54 AM
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Food is so important,
Food helps you grow,
But too much fatty food can be bad.
All around the world people are starving.
Live 8, are trying to raise money to make poverty history.
And help people grow.
Next time you are stuffing your face with crisps.
Spare a thought for those whom have none.
The cost of one packet of crisps feeds
A whole family with rice for a day
Paul Freiter

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I Want Some Food

I want some food
I do not want food
From anybody
Also true.

I know this mind
Is a product of food
I eat
I want food
Cooked by a person
Of pure heart
I know man is
What he eats.

I want some food.
gajanan mishra

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We eat to live
that's how we grow

We eat to be active
that's how we exercise

We eat to be alive
that's how were hyper

If we never had food
we won't we alive

Food is our gift
from God to us
and from nature to us

I love food,
food saves many lives.

Food makes you
stronger and healthier
thank God and nature for this.
Rununah S...

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Food Is My Friend

Food is my friend,
I eat it everyday.
When I'm all done,
I throw the trash away!

Food is really good;
I like chicken and pizza and fries.
I think that without it,
I just would not survive!

Food can be gross, too;
It stinks when it's gone bad.
But when it doesn't stink,
It actually tastes rad!

Food is the best;
I'm sad when it ends.
But all in all,
Nicholas Ryan

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Poems On / About FOOD