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Poems On / About FOOD  7/28/2015 12:39:52 PM
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Hunger - Trouble Shooter

Hunger is the main
Trouble shooter here
For food everybody wander
For food you are receiving punishment
You are also driving out for food
Sometimes you are receiving a little food to eat
It is your desire that make you wander
In different species of life
Sometimes it is high
Sometimes it is low
You are going to heavenly planet
You are going to hell
O my dear, remember
Only for food.
gajanan mishra

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Food Is My Friend

Food is my friend,
I eat it everyday.
When I'm all done,
I throw the trash away!

Food is really good;
I like chicken and pizza and fries.
I think that without it,
I just would not survive!

Food can be gross, too;
It stinks when it's gone bad.
But when it doesn't stink,
It actually tastes rad!

Food is the best;
I'm sad when it ends.
But all in all,
Nicholas Ryan

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Returning Food

(This is a fictional poem)

You keep sending your food back because you aren't satisfied.
If you send it back just once more, we are going to step outside.
You say that my food stinks but you don't realize that I'm a great chef.
My meals have caused food poisoning but they've caused no deaths.
You said that your bacon was burned and your eggs were runny.
I'm going to kick you in the crotch and you won't think it's funny.
You keep complaining about your meals, nobody likes a whiner.
You say that I cook worse than that chef who owned Mel's diner.
I'm getting pissed because of the meals that you return.
I hold the worlds record for food that causes heartburn.
Randy Johnson

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We eat to live
that's how we grow

We eat to be active
that's how we exercise

We eat to be alive
that's how were hyper

If we never had food
we won't we alive

Food is our gift
from God to us
and from nature to us

I love food,
food saves many lives.

Food makes you
stronger and healthier
thank God and nature for this.
Pali Girl S...

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Poems On / About FOOD