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Poems On / About COURAGE  7/23/2016 4:09:56 AM
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Courage is doing
What you are afraid to do.
Courage is overpowering the fear.
The child touching the snake is not courage.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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We All Need This

love is something we all want. even if you say you dont you do secretly want it. we all crave that undescrible emotion that has no bounds and endless meaning. to me love cross all emotions cause you will fell that emotion at one point in time or another. love is happiness with sadness. courage and fear. crazy and calm. cause love makes you do things you never thought you would do. it clouds your vision yet it lets you see the clearest in your life. love will drive you to the brink of insanity for and bring you back. true love is never ending. we all seek this emotion as if it was perfection. striving to reach it no matter what it cost. it takes courage to love for you put yourself out there in the open for another to see you for what you are good or bad. they will see things that you never thought you would let another see. that causes fear for you dont want to let that person in and then that person leave you knowing all your secrets and desires. it takes an even more courages person to let another in after that has happened. so love is courage and fear. love will take you to another level of existance. one that you think is almost unbelievable and startling all at once. it leaves you in awe of love's threshold of your life. without love life seems worthless as if your dead. those who reject love become a lifeless shell cold and bitter, lonely in their despair. they question why they are there and beg for their life to make sense. while those who love venture to new places that they thought wasnt there. sometimes you gotta take a chance and love cause it may just be the best thing in your life that youll ever experience. those who have loved one and are no longer with that person dont be bitter for there was a time when you truly loved that person and love never dies it just gets burried deep beneath pain and sorrow. always know that you can love more than once in your life just remember to be happy that you loved the ones before cause they helped you out in life or in my case taught me how to love. just be happy if they find another they can love and they should do the same. love binds us all together and helps make tomarra a better place. a littlebit of love does alot of good for all and can make someones day or even life. love with all your heart and enjoy the road that it takes you down.
Jacob Courtney

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Courage Under Fire

I ask the lord do you think i can do it lord, he ansewers i knew you could befor you got here.
How i ask how could i beat the evil the world brings, the lord said courage never beleave you cant becuase a chapion is one who never quit.
I ask what if i lose dont that mean im a loser, the lord said if you never quit you will alwas be a winner have the courage and never fear what life brings its called courage under fire i take you though hell to get you to heave my son.
I dont know what to ask im stuck, the lord says you cant speak becuase you know it is true i know i made you i know whats going to happen tomarro if i take you its becuase you have done your job but you got to do more befor i take you speak of this to people let them know that i am here and that i can hear and the son will come soon as fast as lighting stricks to the east to the west i will come let it be knowin.
stephen vega

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Tap in, Tap in
Yeah, tap into my sharpened senses
I have the courage to speak
I have the courage to think
I am me, today and tomorrow

With courage we engage
Bringing new things to life's stage
We remove excessive baggage
As we try hard to be above average

Tap in, Tap in
Yeah, tap into my sharpened senses
Don't attempt to break down my defences
I have the courage to encourage
I rage upon those who discourage
For those who clap their hands in pretence
At my courageous expenses give out only offense

Courage has built me a new image
I feel as if I have entered a new age
I stand out now as I have come out of my cage
Making a difference as I get rid of blockages

Tap in, Tap in
Yeah, tap into my sharpened senses
Courage is great
Courage is the way forward
Courage sets the stage for change
Today is only today because of the courage of others
Sylvia Chidi

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