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Poems On / About COURAGE  7/23/2014 9:10:00 PM
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Courage Is Hope's Last Friend


Courage is Hope's last friend
Against all the fear and failing that we know
The inevitable declines and losses of Old Age-

Courage alone
Indifferent to odds and probabilities
Scorning terrible certainties
Can lift us from Doom and Depression
To carrying on for those we love
With dignity
Through the difficult end.
Shalom Freedman

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A thing called courage

a thing called courage
it will only open a new page
if i did not crose the oceans
i would have been left alone
i would have been lost
and i wouldn't have seen
what lies beyond the oceans
the road to heaven
is paid with righteousness
for i was lost in the wildness
a thing called courage
that which unleashes you from the cage
the body is just a vehicle
transporting the soul
for there was nobody to love
nobody to talk to
wondering what to do
a thing called courage
it will only open a new page
Matt Ancient

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Courage's Test

Don't close your eyes on the world
And don't feel down and blue
And know that in this aweful place
There are many who cares for you

So have faith in your ownself
And believe that dreams come true
Because your dreams are shared
By the Gracious Lord, who loves you too

So have courage to walk in
Even in the foggy clouds
And learn to wipe the tears of
All mistrust and the crazy doubts

And then surely a day will come
When things will be for the best
And then you'll have the courage
To face world with courage's test.
Seema Chowdhury

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This Lifes Journey

The Spirit gives Courage
to fainting hearts.
A seed is planted,
Watered by prayer,
Courage grows-
Reaching ever toward the light.
Standing in God's love
Risks can be taken-
Without fear of failure,
And without fear of success.
Courage is
Walking this lifes journey
With no fear of others
Or fear of yourself
Kit Leamy

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Poems On / About COURAGE