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Poems On / About CHILDHOOD  5/27/2016 1:02:14 PM
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Warm sympathy feels so misplaced
when all we have to grieve
are childhoods evilness defaced
that kind hearts feared believe
Neil Graham Marsden

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And childhood funny we go to school
and all we want is money
we play games and such intil mom beats u
but is wied how we work and take over turf.
Brianna Eldridge

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When The Manor Is Burning

The Housekeeper a bald-headed senile
Who search his lost toothless comb in a hurry.

* Since his childhood the orphan waged for the baroness.
nimal dunuhinga

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The green of an Emerald, so precious and rare
The green of leaves, fluttering in the air
The green of clover, with all its charm
The green of the grass on your childhood farm
Rhonda Baker

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Poems On / About CHILDHOOD