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Without Him

A platform...
Childhood fear haunts me still
Leaving papa, on rolling wheel.
Kingshuk Chakraborty

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I Am

I am to be or not to be, No one cares about me Simply because People care about your money, your situation, and........................, I am a human being Who cares about others' pains and sufferings Anywhere and everywhere, There are people, in our life, Who don't care about you Because they live their life as they like, I Care about any kid whose soul was perished Unjustly here or there wrongfully or under Any injustice with the missiles of treachery By the planes of treachery, I am not like anyone, but It hurts me to see the death of childhood in Gaza or in any other place, I am not selfish to that extent in which I Get mean to prevent myself from seeing kids' Scattered pieces of flesh, women, and men, My fingers get tired typing about pains, sufferings, and even about poverty, Poverty is an industry and A human being never comes to life poor, I am aginst this usless idea, Poverty is made by those who make to others, I am existing when I feel the other people In words and in action, I am not sitting in my ivory tower To talk this way or that way looking for Those might believe in my lies here and There, Who made these ivory towers to those Hundreds of those big liars in The daytime? We are like one body if a member of that body hurts, then the whole body hurts, These are wonderful words said by our messenger (Peace be upon him) , where are we from these words? It hurts me a million of times everyday And I feel ever kid's pains he or she got From the hatred's arrows, There are a lot of bubbles around us that Fly away, then they explode As when a newborn baby farts, Those who don't feel people, then They don't belong to these people, Pains and sufferings are, in our time, a must and are necssary, Where am I from that time? ! Regardless of all that, ' I remain as is without that ' Igo ' Because we're all human beings From Adam and Eve, We are all from dust, We're all from a handful of dust, Only a handful of dust suffices man's eyes, Only a handful of dust...., Only a handful of dust... _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Images From My Childhood

We used to play with the American woman's sons Jamal, Ali, and Faisal, We were little kids at that time, We used to pick the best boys and the best girls to play together, We used to play in the Patos Orchard, It was mostly in Summertime because all schools used to shut down, My mother used to make all of us sandwiches, It was the football games that we used to have at that time, Some used to be in ' Hide and Seek ' groups, I took part in all games at that time, Some of us were naughty boys because they used to climb the high walls Over there, We used to dig deep pits to sit in them and we used to protect Ourselves from the the hot sun, I liked all the boys and all the girls who participated in all Different games, We used to pick some fruits and some vegetables from the Patos Orchard to eat them with our food, There were many funny things shared together by us because we used to Be one team and one family, It was a pretty life to be with your friends and some of your Relatives, There were some camels, there were some cows, there some cats and Some dogs in the Patos Orchard's stables, There was an artesian well that used to be the source of our water, It was a different place in which we used to spend much of our time, Our childhood was a source of creativity and was the path towards a Pretty choice of our future's life.

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OUR DAYS ??????

Our days, From cradles to graves, Are as they're: Misery, unhappiness, and wretchedness, .... We were not born wealthy, Our life starts as is Unconditional or without restrictions! Since our childhood, We're trying to be the best, but.... A lot of stones, a lot of stumbling-blocks, A lot of headaches, and a lot of...., The more we try to be the best, The more we get in the worst and so on, Nothing succeeds in our life Except our failure, That is the worst failure On all levels, Not a love goes on neither Any studying course goes well, Never anything! Pains, aches, grief, stress, unhappiness, and Over all that, The cruelty of life, All is dead-end! In spite of everything, We say thank God! Our sufferings are infinite, Our pains are increasing day by day, We die while we're alive and We live in death, We're almost dead or closer To death, We eat without being replenished, Our houses are isolated With broken ruins, Everything is dark around us, Over our houses, There are dark clouds chase Us by day and by night, Our loved ones left us Looking for faraway countries, Everything got turned into distress and Grief, We're dead while we're alive and We're alive in death! We're nothing! We're nothing! We're only numbers on graves! We die a thousand, thousand million of Times because We suffer and we feel the Stress of life and the cruelty of life! We don't know from where we start neither Where we end! These are our days! These are our days! These are our days! *********************************************

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