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Best Poems About / On CHILDHOOD
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Childhood Sky

childhood sky is always bright
flying with colourful birds

one exotic hornbill missed
its way to jungle, flew to town
to rest on a neighbour's roof
exhibiting its full splendour
and forever painted itself in
my memory in refreshing
red yellow, horn and all

a migrating egret flew to
a tree right in front of our house,
stayed there like an old wise
white haired man before
flying away my heart with it

the varied coloured pigeons
that turned the roof into their paradise
mating on chimneys, their wings flapping,
crowning in triumph over a female

and their signature rush to build
their nest, holding a straw in their beaks
the way a scintillating professor
out to build a sky of knowledge
for his brood, would

a few of the pigeons even flew
a few kilometres back after having been
given to our cousins holding dear
our hearts high up in the sky

one magpie sang each morn
away on a little chimney provoking me
to speak with it in excited nurseries

a forlorn pigeon waited and
waited till dusk for its companion
to emerge from the ground
disappointed and flew away
a grey world of disappointment*

childhood sky is
always bright with tales
and rains down memories -
sweet, sad, and joyful
john tiong chunghoo

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Childhood Laughter

It was on a cold, windy night,
That I stayed at your house in such fright.
I had a bad feeling before I arrived,
I just feel lucky that I survived.
Or am I?
Your''e a horrible person with a cold heart,
You took my everything and tore it apart.
I was scared to tell anyone right after,
That you took away my childhood laughter.
But I did and your time will be here,
To be guilty of taking what was dear.
At nights when I go to bed,
I keep playing that night over in my head.
I''m still afraid of the dark,
As smaller kids are.
I look under my bed, afraid you''ll be there,
When I get tucked in all I can do is stare.
My life now is such a disaster,
All I want to have is my childhood laughter.
Nichole Roark

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Mother's Love

Oh! How sweet is a mother’s love,
Starting from the labour room;
Always trying the best to let her baby out without any scratch,
With tiredness after delivery, still asking after her baby.

Always watching over her baby on the cradle bed,
When the baby cries, she jumps up from wherever she is,
Curdling her babe until he stops crying.
Sleepless night became her custom.

When her baby is sick, she becomes sick also,
Training him up in love,
Chastising him when he goes wrong with affection;
Giving him hope and courage, helping him make good choices

Caring for her child from babyhood to childhood,
From childhood to adulthood, from adulthood to manhood,
Still giving her child advice
About the life he is going to face as a man.

From a child to a teenager, from a teenager to a man,
She has always been there, what a wonderful love of a mother!

Mother’s Love is cheering, encouraging and loving!
Charity Osuji

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Our Childhood Reminiscences

But this is how we were when kids;
And this is how most passed childhood;
We dressed and played all kinds of games;
We never knew what risks, life brings.

Our childhood life was best of all;
Our parents met our every want;
What love they gave, we can’t repay;
Our lives went off in dreams and play.

Those pleasant days cannot come back;
The memories are evergreen;
As children we were angelic!
Oh, what a change when now adults!

Those were the days of real joy;
A little pain was there, sometimes;
To most, it was a care-free life;
We wish but can’t go back in time!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 11-27-2007
Dr John Celes

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