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Poems On / About CHILDHOOD  5/6/2015 4:26:52 AM
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When The Manor Is Burning

The Housekeeper a bald-headed senile
Who search his lost toothless comb in a hurry.

* Since his childhood the orphan waged for the baroness.
nimal dunuhinga

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The green of an Emerald, so precious and rare
The green of leaves, fluttering in the air
The green of clover, with all its charm
The green of the grass on your childhood farm
Rhonda Baker

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Do Not Snatch Its Childhood

Do not snatch its childhood,
Let him play with dust,
A small child it is.
Bijay Kant Dubey

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Never Tell Anyone About Me

I am not invisible, but Please never tell anyone that I am here or I am over there... All kids, whom I knew a long time ago, Grew older... I forgot the tool of time During my trips and my travels... My dad - My late dad - passed away, but His image is the same The moment I left faraway... Everything got changed around me Only for the worst... I did my best to be, but I won excellently that not to be... That gap between to be and to be not Is so wide to that great extent... I got stuck with many things in our world, but They are all in vain... I am friendly, but Where are my childhood's friends... I am always faraway in my chosen exile... It's difficult to be amid that pressure From that term which is called to be not... I am all alone amid that Silent loneliness in A world does not give what you deserve... To be is something and to be not Is something else... To be always versus that To be not... Life hammers us with its painful and unexpected Strikes... It's better to be a passer-bye rather Than to be a permanent individual In a passing and a transitory world... ______________________________________________________________________

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Poems On / About CHILDHOOD