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The Woman In God's Waiting Room

The woman in God's waiting room her hair is silver gray
And she is over ninety and has known a better day
The mynas in the back garden they sing their Winter song
Her days are quiet and lonely and her nights are dark and long.

The woman in God's waiting room is lucid for her years
And for her many memories she does not have any tears
The clock upon her mantlepiece it keeps on ticking slow
As she recall her childhood years some eighty years ago.

All those she went to school with she readily can recall
To the 'grim reaper' they have gone and she's outlived them
On her chair in God's waiting room they visit her again
And her school friends from her childhood years young in her heart remain.

The woman in God's waiting room quietly sits on her chair
And for one over ninety she's lucid and aware
The clock ticks on the mantlepiece, birds in the garden sing
And new buds on the claret ash tell of an early Spring.
Francis Duggan

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The Blue Tit's Nest

Some childhood memories with us seem to linger
And I recall when I was nine or so
Of seeing blue tit fly from hole in standing tree stump
One April day more than forty years ago.

I stood on tip toes and tried to look inside the tree stump
But all seemed dark in there I needed light
I hurried back home for to fetch a flash lamp
And what I saw a memorable sight.

A little nest of moss and hay and lined with feathers
And nine pale eggs with freckles brown to red
Laid by the little bird with yellow unders
Blue wings and tail and tiny blue cap on head.

I marvelled at this wondrous sight of Nature
How one small bird so many eggs could lay
The memory all those years has remained with me
And I still can picture what I see today.

I still can picture forty five years later
Nine speckled eggs in nest of moss and hay
Some things from childhood always remain with us
And from the memory never fade away.
Francis Duggan

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Woods and Wildflowers

Wandering back to my childhood days
Memory serves up delicious scenes -
Days spent roaming the silent woods
Gathering wildflowers and bruises;
Bloodroots, trilliums, jack in the pulpit
These were my favorite ones
Some were in plenty, some were scarce
Some easy conquest, others more daring
High on stone ledges just above reach;
Clinging to branches.......stretching....................
Lying on leaf covered ground strewn with acorns
Sweet smell of moss warming under my nose
Gazing aloft through the leaves overhanging
Breeze blowing gently to birdsong and bugs;
Sticky and dirt covered, trophies in hand
Wandering slowly back home
Elbows and knees bleeding and scratched
Back pocket hanging by threads
Mother was waiting there by the door
Ready to scold, yet to kiss
Accepting my offer of sweet smelling petals -
How could she reprimand this?
Those were the days of carefree abandon
Never a doubt in my wandering ways,
I often return in my daydreaming moments
Back to those sweet childhood days.
Linda Ori

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Gentle Child.

Gentle Child of loves sweet passions,
Bring happiness to this loving pair.
Let both have bounding compassion,
Through that childhood that both do share.
Love and laughter be always with you,
Parental strength guide your faltering way.
Happy tears like fresh morning dew,
Will help you on life's path to stay.
A Mother's love a Father's care by day and by night,
Will help you grow into a child to bring joyful delight.
Thrive Gentle child born of loves sweet passion,
Thrive, grow strong, and fulfil your purpose in living.
Remember your childhood's parental compassion,
And live your life in joyful giving.
Bernard Shaw

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