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Best Poems About / On CHILDHOOD
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Again and Again

poetry in progress

childhood days are roses and thorns
they comprise memories light as
the roll of one marble as well as
heavy as a bag full of the blue white
gleaming rolly pollies sitting so
quietly in the old store room

childhood is full of schemes
marbles - we made sure the other boys
are emptied of theirs
kites - we made sure the string of
their kites snap, kite flying away
like a helpless chinese princess
pigeons - one was downed by us so that
its mate waited for it one whole day
on the precipice of a roof
one memory i wish to tear to shreds
dragonflies - in my hands they ate
each other up

childhood is festooned with lessons
both inside and outside the classroom
with the two legged, four legged, the hornbills,
doggies, and those with no legs but then
morphed into the best hoppers - frogs, toads
and grasshoppers to teach us never
to underestimate the poorest of anything
arithmetics, music, football or paintballs

childhood lane
a ball floating and sinking
a patch here and there, a lake, a stream,
a river - so many fishes had splashed
their tails and now only concretes
to make the memory jump

a cry, a lane, a walk, a pet, a church,
a school, mother's hand holding so tight,
shaking, and still elucidating her
discomforts, and those yelps of puppies
there, here, here there we had more than
five doggies all those years

winding through there, here
a range of sepia, black and white, chromes,
working themselves into an abstract
marbles rolling onto empty canvas -
light and ever so desirable these bonuses
at children's alleyway dates
- rolling ever still rolling
the drive that reels and roils the mind
going back is the same as moving forward
there is never a point in time we can rest on
john tiong chunghoo

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Childhood Revisits Me

The childhood days of my life so gone, unforgettable days
The childish fights in the end I sure did get my way
Innocence and freedom the world seemed to be fair
With happiness and no worries not a single care
Love was pure, always there and I do so clearly recall
The many celebrations parties endless just on a call
When sorrow knocked on my door came in gifts a plenty
Smiles that never did fade away and with kindness a many
The freedom of pictures, the many famous stars on my wall
The fridge with chewing gum. chocolates and that's not all
Collecting butterflies and fish, picking flowers for my hall
The many impish doings laid for the brothers to trip and fall
Sore knees, sprained ankles and wrists playing hide and seek
Stung by bees and the catapult by the boys we didn't freak
The cycle race. cricket matches, fun and frolic it was till into bed
Enjoying mum's pastries and cakes it was always a grand spread
Our favorites never denied as we each had a special taste
Always planned with dιcor, love and care it never went waste.
Childhood dreams dancing on the streets making great friends
Breezy beaches, watching the trains, childhood days soon it did end
Memories many, the chats with dad, mum, siblings runs through my mind
As the days of my childhood visits me my eyes wet and I go blind! ! !
shirani ibrahim

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I Want To Go To The High-Veldt

I want to look up into the pale-blue sky,
stand next to the green hillocks

and I want to walk on the red sand
when the stormy weather rises
and barefoot leave my tracks there,

I want to raise my eyes to the heavenly lights,
and at night look at the bright stars.
I want to go to the high-veldt,

leave marks that betray my presence,
see the blue-white sparks jump
when the stormy weather rises,

smell the falling rain,
see how the wet ground looks,
stand next to the green hillocks

where nature pays homage to the Creator
and I want to experience the world of my childhood days,
see the blue-white sparks jump

and fold my hand around beautiful stones
and like marbles stroke over them.
I want to go to the high-veldt,

leave no place unvisited on my hike,
find all of the old secret places again
and I want to experience the world of my childhood days,

follow the sun on its bright white orbit,
to where the most distant horizon is,
stand next to the green hillocks

and blinded in the eyes of a child
live out moments of my childhood days again,
find all of the old secret places,

just walking on and on
without diverting from the old footpaths.
I want to go to the high-veldt,
stand next to the green hillocks,

for moments be woven back into the fabric of time
and I want to walk on the red sand,
live out moments of my childhood days again
and barefoot leave my tracks there.
Gert Strydom

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Childhood Remains Within

The younger years may fade but childhood remains within
Like a constant trace which can never be erased by time.
Always bound to a paradise that is evergreen
Where all poets never lose any enchanting rhyme.

I remember the time when the glow calls attention
As the nightingale and robin join in one chorus,
The sea reflects the glory of the blue horizon
And the harmony combines with no one to refuse.

The energy I spent in games has never been lost.
Everything I did rewinds unto me like a dream.
I have gained experiences that I can proudly boast,
For they are treasures to keep when comes the moonlight gleam.

O my friends! I can never forget those faithful years,
The times we wished upon the stars as we share our joys!
I cherish the times we group to dry each other’s tears
And satisfy the mute and silent with friendly voice.

Rest assured, all these things I can never forget,
For they are simple precious gems unworthy of trade.
Childhood sings with me in a legendary duet
Like the old times when history is perfectly made.

Thanks to Him who taught me to live and gave what I need.
Now I bear the fruits of summer from being a seed!

(Here's a version with Mr. Luke Easter)

Childhood Remains Within

Where are he younger years and how dare they not remain?
Fleeting, as the flowerbed seems like it went before it came,
Usually a constant traced that can never be erased by time,
Until black/brown turns to gray, clouds covering up my mind.

The juvenile days of marshmallow roasts abandon the stream,
From a paradise bound to be a forest forever no longer green,
Where poets remain like Anacondas, silent enchanting rhyme,
Yet everything must yield to Mother Nature, even Father Time,

As nightingale and robin join in one chorus to usher the moon,
Ocean’s reflect the glory of a blue horizon the sun is too soon,
Their harmony combines where no other species might refuse,
If it was downtown Chicago you would swear it was the blues.

The energy I spent in games never won has never been lost,
Everything I did rewinds with me like a dream there is a cost,
Gained experiences from childhood that I can proudly boast,
At a midnight sandbox I repelled Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Who ever heard of Witch’s and Goblins not making you fear?
O my friends! I’ll never forget those faithful childhood years,
One night we wished upon the stars in the middle of a storm,
Because good friends huddle together & everyone was warm.

Rest assured that all of these friendly memories I shall forget,
They are special precious gems unworthy of trading and yet,
For one more childhood hoop and holler in a legendary duet,
Would I relinquish my wealth for old times, hell yeah you bet.

Thanks to Him who taught me to live and giving what I need,
Now I shall plant the summer fruits for my coming little seed,
To satisfy vicariously from daddy’s offspring one day I’ll see,
Spirit joy filled laughter my parents experienced through me.

Is that not how growth begins and expands within the earth?
Nothing begets anything unless a seed of life is planted first,
Only what is planted will regenerate and determine it’s worth,
Silent darkness of the underground or warmth of the hearth?

Seasons oh seasons, dragging on forever, fall, winter, spring,
As ushering in the summer seemed like your only good thing,
Will always remember my first little league homerun I was 10,
No matter how many years flee, “Childhood Remains Within.”
Obed dela Cruz

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