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Poems On / About CHILDHOOD  11/21/2014 8:36:39 PM
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Reviving Childhood

Femininity must have tapped
Childhood's scrapbook. Pink-colored scrapbook.
Inside it
Lies Childhood's vibrant drawings

Under thin plastic blankets. Where is she now?
The brown-haired
Tan one
Or was she the blonde?

How many eras it's been since
I've seen her last!
Being Imagination herself
I flip through

The scrapbook like a photo album.
My friend Childhood's markered-in picture
At me stares

Back at her
Date with Fate.

Her blonde and brown short hair
Sweeps horizontally across her forehead.
Her wings remind me of her
Angelic Death

But I place a pale
Frail finger on the plastic
Blanket over the cream paper.
Over Childhood's darker cream hand

Holding it
Pulling it out of the captive page
Smoothing it over like folded clothes
Until the fingers uncurl

Long enough to reach Freedom's moon.
Amy Marie

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School Days: A Haiku

School bells are ringing
Hurried feet, birds make escape
Childhood memories

JPM 3/27/09
Jim Milks

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Children are carefree
No need to think of old age
In the childhood years
Margaret Moran

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haiku - 33

autumn leaves -

grandpa leafs through

childhood tales
Chandrashekar a posy poet

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Poems On / About CHILDHOOD