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Poems On / About CHILDHOOD  12/17/2014 1:54:38 PM
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Did I tell you about Alicia
my childhood sweetheart?
her beauty bewitching
the lilt of her laughter
invoking a longing for love
the tilt of her graceful neck
invoking a longing for love
her sweet seraph voice
the wake of her sweet smile

Did I tell you about Alicia
childhood vows broken
hushed, hustled promises
sealed in scented envelopes
all gone
with divide of time

Did I tell you about Alicia
my childhood sweetheart?
she died
the big disease wasted her
AIDS emaciated her
before midnight hour
before cock crowing dawn hour
her soul departed here
like echoes in a tomb
accentuating the hurt


as white shroud silently cover her cadaver
my spirit, soul settles silently
as she's lowered deep in grave
i shed tears of hope, love
raising with the dirge
upward with prayers
for am still in love


Have I told you about Alicia
my childhood sweet heart?
she was buried
Manuel Odeny

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Childhood Messages

Swinging in a swing of childhood on Tullo Road,
thinking of my Dad and Mom in a childhood filled
with poverty, happiness and nature.
All-important messages in childhood growing up.
Willow trees swaying, hiding us beneath their
precious leaves and branches.
Apple, mulberry, cherry trees scattered around
our front yard for us to eat when we got hungry.
A little stream cutting across our front yard
where we used to play and try half-heartedly to
catch frogs.
Times of joy that will always stay within my mind,
reminding me of whence I came, and who I have
become today.
All poetry can be traced back to my childhood in
New Jersey.
Bound Brook, Somerville, Wildwood every summer,
Atlantic City, Bridgewater, all holding special
places in my heart forever.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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School Days: A Haiku

School bells are ringing
Hurried feet, birds make escape
Childhood memories

JPM 3/27/09
Jim Milks

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Children are carefree
No need to think of old age
In the childhood years
Margaret Moran

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Poems On / About CHILDHOOD