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Poems On / About AFRICA  12/18/2014 10:21:03 AM
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Best Poems About / On AFRICA
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Heaven Too Far

That Heaven must be this far
When Africa needs it desperately
Whilst Africans are for blood hungry
For none other than black blood
Drawing machetes and pulling triggers
With a lot of sense that is nonsense

There is just too much nonsense
The reason Africa is this far
Injustice sires and hatred triggers
Selfishness and egocentrism infecting desperately
Promoting for no reason bad blood
Always eating ravenously, yet ever hungry

Time needed for feeding the hungry
Is utilized in debates full of nonsense
Provoking each other and drawing blood
Without realizing how far, far is far
Virulently taking on each other desperately
Planting bombs and pulling triggers

The deafening sound after pulling triggers
Frightens life out of the weak and hungry
Fighting for power persistently yet desperately
And crippling African power with idiotic nonsense
Seeking allies from overseas and far
Thirstily in a crazy rush for fellow blood

In our departed ancestors’ blood
There is a cry that shame triggers
But Africa is ever to busy and far
To heed that cry so hungry
Occupied in futility and nonsense
Whilst our ancestors plead desperately

Voices from black cemeteries try desperately
Urging Africa to stop spilling its own blood
But Africa mistakes the voices for nonsense
Charging further with warring triggers
Whilst African children still hungry
Depart to grab and kill from near to far

Black insurgents pulling triggers desperately
Their nonsense is pushing peace away too far
Blood is spilling while Africa remains hungry
David Munene wa Kimberly

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A-z- Unborn heroes of Africa

To you unborn heroes of Africa
May your eyes filtrate things drawn to them?
May your lips pass effective flames of creative juices?
Juices to conquer the continent of Africa,
May your heart be a riverbank of love for loving?
To keep love to the atmosphere of Africa,
May your mind be a Dark Ocean leaping wide?
Welling and swelling to bear the tides.
To you unborn heroes of Africa, moving
Or pausing, it is our dynamic dream,
May this dream be an unbroken chain
Of ancestors who ever lived to join
All future generation;
A dignity to satisfy our dreams,
A solemn tone to raise our ego to be still,
A sorrow to fortify our heart braveness
Beauty and vividly vision of truth is
Dedicated to you unborn sons of Africa,
Leave behind nights of terror and fear
Into a daybreak that is wondrously clear
Bring the reward that ancestors gave,
Be a dream and hope for the African slave,
This aims; growths, transformation, love, are
Heart-centered aimed on you unborn heroes of Africa
Phinda Mkhonta

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Peace - My Beloved Country - South Africa 1994

Somewhere an eagle flies
soaring o'er the dappled skies of Africa
Somewhere a tortoise cries
ploughing through the vast disguise of Africa.
A springbok dies and a day is born
The sun comes up to greet the dawn;
A child is sighing like a bird
And a nation is sounding a very new word.

Somewhere an apple train
waddles through the winding plains of Africa.
Somewhere a sparrow feigns
acting out the birthing pains of Africa.
A lizard leaps to his mother's scorn:
'Farwell, ' she says to her first born
A breeze is lifting a newly-fledged bird
And a nation is sounding a very new word.

Somewhere a new sunrise
burgeoning before our eyes in Africa
Has seen our childrens' weary sighs
bursting into happy smiles in Africa.
An aardvark snuffles through the corn
And winks an eye at a golden fawn
A sunbird is singing like you've never heard
And a nation is sounding a very new word.
Margaret Kollmer

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And Her New Name Is...

Oh! I see a very chaste maiden
risen from the dust of obscurity
to the very height of prominence
and taken her rightful place with glee
amidst love songs and tears of joy

who is this peerless virgin?
defiled yet still remains untainted
pillaged yet still remains bountiful
sucked dry yet flowing with milk
bled to death yet unconquered
made childless yet still fertile
ridiculed but remains unabashed
threatened yet remains unafraid
envied and wooed yet not flattered
trampled yet still waxing strong
Eurocentric by force but is afrocentric
darkened by society but still shines
ruthlessly made hopeless yet hopeful
mortally wronged yet full of pardon
rejected, scorned yet accommodating
cursed yet stubbornly remains blessed?

her old name is Africa the brave
Africa the new world united giant
Africa the dark but bright continent

and her new name is ….Nkoyeni!
not the United States of Africa
not the United Nations of Africa
Nkoyeni is the true African identity
a true picture of infinity on canvas

there is power in the choice of name
Nkoyeni is Africa’s new African name
youthful and rejuvenated replica
of the raped and pillaged former identity

let it known,
the tent of God is with the lowly and meek
for they posses the key to the halls of infinity
Dela Bobobee

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