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Poems On / About AFRICA  3/3/2015 2:49:38 AM
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Best Poems About / On AFRICA
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Beloved Son

The legs of Africa are,
The legs of a struggle;
The hands of Africa are,
The hands of hope;
The eyes of Africa are,
The eyes of a cry;
The head of Africa is,
The head of the unborn;
The tail of African is,
The tail of a mission;
The horn of Africa is,
The horn of pirates;
The face of Africa is,
The face of love;
Like a message to my beloved son.
Edward Kofi Louis

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My African Land

Forgotten trodden past
Hopeful saintful future

I walk in my African land

Africa bears its fruits on crushed branches
Its children bear hope to a tortured yesterday

I walk in my African land

With its tormented heart it loves
With is abused state it sees happiness
With its crushed psyche it looks on caringly

I walk in my African land

I embrace the streets of struggle
Covered by the sands of war from a grieved soul
My African people stride in colourful clothes
As a rainbow ending stormy rage of corrupted seas

I walk in my African land

Tall buildings escalated egos
Fancy cars, classy hearts
Large salaries, tiny compassions
My Africa forgets the hardships endured
My brother forgets Ubuntu
My Africa loses sight

I walk in my African land

My Africa shines with the sun
That burns dry the tears of his people

I walk in my African land

My Africa rises to a new world of liberty
Freedom from chained minds
Freedom from captured dreams
Freedom from limited abilities

I walk in my African land

My Africa bids welcome
As I enter with pride
Knowing that the war has been won
And success awaits

I walk in my African land
Gabi Ngubeni

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Africa Call (Black People)

You are black still your feet
know not Africa soil,

you are black still your
eyes have never witness
how the sun rise and fall
in Africa,

you are black yet you have
never nod or move your hip
to any Africa

How free is your blood?
How thick is it? How long will
you remain slave and erased from
your Africa root?

Come home peace dwell here!

come and taste the runing
water of Africa,

come let Africa free you!
Enyinwa Okechukwu Enyinwa

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Your fauna, your flora, i yearn
In summer, winter or autumn
Yet your deep ravines, vast landscapes
Dwells serpents of the west
That suck from your veins
And reap what they sow not.

Biting into my belly is the pain,
Like a spear through my guts
So is the intruder!
In camouflage, silhouetting:
Like a black shadow indeed!
All but to rob us of our gems!

You ought to save your blood
From the cunning vampires,
That stoop like marino sheep
Yet their souls are bloodthirsty.
Brutaloty, murder, rife on motherland,
Save your people from the gallows.

The gems you gave us,
Were they bestowed in vain or disdain?
Africa, you are on the horns of a dilemma
Until you swallow your offspring
And save them from these masked monsters.
Africa! its now or never.
Tapera Makadho

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Poems On / About AFRICA