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Poems On / About AFRICA  7/27/2016 9:48:54 PM
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Africa Is Dark

Look at that poor child
He is the face of Africa!
Black, snot-nosed, hungry and filthy.

You are oblivious to the petty politics of this
Glorious wasteland, yet you sing its praises warmly
With hand over heart.

With a hungered hoarse voice you scream God bless Africa.
But to what end?
Your mother is a drunkard and hovers around the townships
And your father left when you were still a thing in your mother's Womb. Now there you stand, lonely portrait of Africa.

There is no hope for you here at the tip of Africa.
We wait only for white men to take pictures of you
So that they can proclaim to their countrymen that Africa is dark.
Anand Brown

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A Lost African

From africa my mama, my very old jelly hardened, when i wander beyond the borders caring if the sun burns my dark skin. When mother would roll rapper, flagging handkerchief like feathers of white peaches. And make several turns like a landing huwk and grasp the radial rythm of a coloqual music. To foreign hands my mama: breaths of the flutists of africa, vallies strolling beside mountains'africa until now where find your remains'. In vultures nests my mama; this precious beeds of africa'your egg have been scratched by foreign fingers and he fears to reveal you to these intruders' O! but i will not deny, the tender care of mama my.
Ezekiel Geoffery

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Titanic Tale

Our life in the hand of the insurgence, we have heard of boko in some year ago.so stand you tall Africa, stand you cling Nigeria.they have made our Goodluck, badluck in the titan history of west africa.making our leaders emergence titular, of kolanut.we cry for the deaths of our beloved great future leaders, when death is busy screaming i want no more death. Haram thugs in the jungle with our girls, thrashing out tears from their eyes.therming the country in tempest swelter.now we have to do some thing but not with our force, not with our leaders but the question here is! With who.cause our negotiation have paid a price to our corruption. We only have necks to fight this anomic stars, but have no head to see.but with our inner quizzical soul we can win our fight with trust.
Egbe Chris

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Greetings From Africa

Lost, cost, post!
Greetings from Africa;
Transgress the laws and face the wrath of the rod.

Pot, plot, slot!
Greetings from Africa;
Let my poetry speak.

Dot, spot, lot!
Greetings from Africa;
And, to be the one for you.

Text, test, next!
Greetings from Africa;
With the magic of the African forest.

Nest, best, pest!
Greetings from Africa;
With the muse of light verses darkness.
Edward Kofi Louis

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