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Best Poems About / On AFRICA
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I'm gonna take the South out of South Africa

I'm gonna take the South out of South Africa
the home of the slaves
and the land of no freedom

I'm gonna take the south out of South Africa
where George Wallace stood
on the University steps
and said no blacks
no blacks shall enter here
except over my dead
and crippled body

I'm gonna take the South out of South Africa
where separate but equal means
that blacks lived in the homelands
and not in their homes

I'm gonna take the South out of South Africa
where Jim Crow laws
have tried to change their colors
but it's still the same old shackles
call Apartheid

I'm gonna take the South out of South Africa
where young people are detained
...without trials
...without lawyers
...without rights
but never
... without hope

I'm gonna take the South out of South Africa
Oscar Mireles

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Historic And Philosophic Ignorance [REVISED]

Africa’s transport infrastructure requires 5% of the budgeted
GDP while governments invest as little as 0.7% – they want
contractors to build toll roads to fund the deficit so they can
finance arms from state budgets to combat internal strife, all
this instead of investing in their own welfare

Leaders in Africa see themselves as absolute kings who own
everything, their subjects must provide for their own needs
while state coffers are robbed by these monarchs, rewarding
criminals who offer deals enriching the ruler and his minions
by stealing from the state and the people; while education is

Lacking in Africa no Enlightened Leader volunteers to guide
Africa into a new dawn, heads of state are just as subservient
to principles and responsibility as the people they serve; Africa
has not yet moved into political reform, its leaders sell out
their countries and nations to increase their personal wealth

Unaware of leadership principles, morality and advantages of
increasing general welfare; the only thing that interests them
is personal gain, there’s no moral conscience, criminals see
Africa as a golden goose to be plucked without conscience,
but who’s to blame when Africans ignore everything taught

By recent history and philosophy?
Margaret Alice Second

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The Dust Of Africa

The dust of Africa,
Born into the mist of a dusty atmosphere;
What does the future hold for us?
Oh Africa! Oh Africa! ! Oh Africa! ! !
The misty mix of a Black Continent;
From the desert up there to the south,
The wind blows the natural air to all mankind.
On this earth,
We Africans are mixed with a dusty air!
The dust of Africa,
Have you seen it in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco?
The dust of Africa,
What about Algeria, Western Sahara and Mauritania?
The dust of Africa,
Do visit Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia;
Also, down south to Namibia!
The misty mix of a Black Continent;
Oh Africa! The dust of Africa! !
To the outstretched sandy dust of the desert,
This could be sold for money.
What about the West Coast of Africa?
From Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea and Sierra Leone;
From Liberia, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Togo;
From Benin to Nigeria with the same problem of the dust,
The dusty wind changes the colour in our rooms too.
Live in Africa to experience this act,
Shop in Africa to know the facts;
From Cameroon, Central African Republic and Congo Brazzaville;
From The Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Uganda;
From Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique;
From Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Somalia and South Africa;
Our eyes and our clothes do ell it all in Madagascar also.
What about Cape Verde Island, Comoros Island and Mauritius?
What about Seychelles, Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe?
Dusty wind, dusty wind, the dusty wind of Africa!
Edward Kofi Louis

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Beautiful continent by nature
Beautiful people by nature
Africans ebony skinned by nature
Now darkened by the extremity of nature
Africa rich in precious minerals by nature
Precious minerals got plundered
By the extremities of colonisation and decolonisation
Poor Africa now forsaken by its own people
Diaspora homecoming a dream deferred!

Unscathed Africa still stands proud to welcome the second rape
Asian assailants brought with them artificial cake
Paper cake not to be tasted in the presence of barter
African generosity gratified by the restoration of long lost pristine
Mother Africa’s bloom perturbed in the second take
This time by the selling of her soul to a prosperity pipedream

African diaspora forever hooked by the glory of artificiality in Europe’s magic wand
Dreamed of Africa stoicism’s erstwhile colonial hurt
Forever in the dream believe of the so-called Dark Africa
Africa forever in a pendulum state of cry and jubilation
Cry and jubilation, colonised and decolonised
Vice versa in the whirlwind of build and destruction

How long will Africa stand dislocated?
How long will Africa fail to see its own reflection in the mirror of reality?
How long will Africans stop begging standing on the rock of gold?
How long will Africans stop looking over the seas in want of the wonders of artificiality?
How long will the diaspora look over the seas in dislike of the African nature’s wonder?
How long will the diaspora remain satiated with the crumbs of pseud-gold from the masters’ table?
How long, ………….. How long Africa!
N Nkuna,21 August 2012
Niki Nicholas Nkuna

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