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Poems On / About AFRICA  5/30/2015 3:05:20 AM
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Best Poems About / On AFRICA
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South Africa Is Also My Country

From my birth South Africa is my own country
and my people can flee to an island
but my own culture and language stays holy
although this place is not safe,
I still trust on a much higher hand,
from my birth South Africa is my own country.

From my birth South Africa is my own country
even if the struggling government gives me resistance,
do oppress me with unfair laws,
even if nothing can stop the disintegration,
even if I am not safe against the onslaught,
from my birth South Africa is my own country.

From my birth South Africa is my own country,
even if some act with effrontery against my people
I come from a noble heritage,
I am proud on my Afrikaner lineage,
even if people and buildings are set alight,
from my birth South Africa is my own country.

From my birth South Africa is my own country
with no other place I have such a deep bond
and even if here I will never have any job,
I believe in God and a Christian church,
God himself still keeps my ways intact,
from my birth South Africa is my own country.
Gert Strydom

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Rich With Natural Resources

Africa is a continent rich with natural resources!
But, its nationals are hungry;
However, the confindential acts from my pen will always write,
For you to read about the muse of Africa.
Oh Africa! !
With the muse of 'Madam-Easy-Life' affecting many;
With the paths of the lines taken only for easy money,
To get rich quick than, following after the laid down rules.
Once a while i do think about it!
About the very ways of the youth today;
Many have to learn; but, others do not know! !
Living in a continent full of natural resources.
The earth is full of stories and, Africa has its own stories as well;
With leaders saying things which are not clear to the minds of others,
Leading to the brain drain.
Image, encourage, age, courage, stahe, page, advantage, vantage, marriage, carriage, miscarriage!
As the heavy rains came in to wash away the choked gutters;
But, Africa is a continent rich with natural resources,
However, the pains of life are much seen in Africa today.
Oh Africa! !
Like the days of slavery with a heavy chain on one's neck;
But, where lies the future of the nationals of Africa?
Natural resources! !
But, for how long will the African leaders sleep with them?
Edward Kofi Louis

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Africa Is Calling (Passionate Breeze)

Africa is calling, come mwana come.
Ululating village women have their arms open, ready to embrace me.
The cracked, dusty African earth is ready to receive my footprints.
Africa is calling “halala”.

Africa is cheering, come ngwana come.
The sunny skies have opened up and are applauding.
The barefeet village children are ready to run and hug me.
Africa is cheering, ” huya huya”.

Africa is hailing, welcome umtwana welcome.
The tantalizing scent of mealie cobs is drawing me towards motherland.
The dry, savanna mountains have their shadows ready to salute me.
Africa is shouting, “ngiyajabula”.

Africa is singing, hello, child hello.
The beautiful Shona, Xhosa, Ndebele, Venda and Khoisan dialects are alluring.
The men at the market whistle and bow, ready to greet me.
Sele, kwaito, mbakumba, patapata, I’m ready to jive.

Motherland is humming, ngiyakuthanda, keaorata, ndinokuda, I love you.
The sunset is beaming and captivating keen to cuddle me.
The lion, ostrich and zebra will not feed until they say welcome.
The wind is whispering, “mauya”.

Africa is calling, Nature is calling.
The trees are swaying attractively eager to cuddle me.
Motherland is calling, ekhaya is calling.
Kumusha is calling, it has been long.
Audrey Kanyera

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Son Of Africa

Listen Africa listen!
Listen to the words of a stallion
Listen as I speak of a giant,
An African giant
A giant entangled by his own hand made snares
Yes! Indodana ya se Africa
Un-wax your ears and Listen

Great warrior of the chimurenga,
Phela you stood against white powers
And liberated black wishes
Against the Blairs and Bushes you stood.
Courageous, you battled the spite of the Smith.
Now listen Ndodana ya se Africa
Hear this young stallion galloping towards the truth.
In Limbo you stand snared by your own snares
In Limbo, you warrior remain just a memory

Hau lalela son of the soil,
It’s your people who go under the soil
Their calabashes are dry, they go under the soil.
Under the soil their bellies lie empty
Hau lalela Ndodana ya se Africa
Listen son of Africa
Do not stand as proud as death
Do not let its sting be your companion
An African warrior you must once more become
Adorn the spirit of Madiba, No easy walk to freedom

The Ndukus and the rocks, Africa’s weapons of old
Now Son of the Soil’s desires battle against Africa
Hau listen son of Africa
David Lekoba

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